Our TOP IT OFF Event starts NOW! March 19th – 31st

To celebrate the start of spring, we’re bringing back our much-loved TOP IT OFF Event, happening online and in-stores from March 19th – 31st!

As all pieces are uniquely hand-crafted, collage may not reflect current Bauble jewellery selection.


During this time:






When shopping online, we’ll surprise you with a beautiful piece that matches the tops you purchased!






Some conditions apply:

*Promotion is valid for regularly-priced tops only (discounted tops do not apply)

*Purchase cannot be combined with other store promotions

*Applies to Bauble jewellery valued up to $20

*This promotion ends March 31st



3 Ways to Help a Syrian Refugee Family!

by Laura-Jean Bernhardson

Since 2015, I’ve been active in sponsoring Syrian refugee families come to Canada.

From now until February 8, I have 3 ways you can help one particular family! 

10% of all proceeds of The Stef Dress and The Catherine Dress go directly to the family.

Shop Stef here and Catherine here

or drop into any of our three Toronto boutiques to shop in person!

I also have a lipstick fundraiser on Facebook!

This amazing long-lasting lipstick comes in 50+ gorgeous colours and lasts all day! 

Find out more by joining this Facebook group!

It’s vegan, not tested on animals and really works! I’ve never been so excited about makeup in my life!

50% of all sales until Feb. 9 go directly to the family!


Meet this lovely family here! 

Nour, Khaled and their little boy Jad look forward to a peaceful life in Canada after living through years of war.

You can also make a direct donation to the family here.

Other ways you can help include sharing the You Caring page on social media or sharing the Lipstick Fundraiser or Dress Fundraiser

Thank you so much! Your support means the world to this family!

The Great Wardrobe Makeover Giveaway!

To celebrate a new year, we’re giving away

100 FREE Wardrobe Makeover
Style Consultation Services!

In this one on one session,
you work with a Fresh Collective Style Coach
to discover your personal style that suits your figure, your personality and your lifestyle. 

You bring in some of your favourite pieces from your closet that you’d like to get more wear out of, and we use items from the store to experiment and try new things. 

Our Style Coaches educate you on what silhouettes, colours, necklines, fabrics and styles work best for you and why.

It’s a new year! Is it time for a new you? 

We promise increased confidence,
self-love, inspiration and fun. 

Book now! This is a limited time offer! 

Use Promocode NEWYEAR at checkout when booking online.

Return to Peace with Minerva Maharajh

written by Laura-Jean Bernhardson


Minerva Maharajh is a Spritual Life Coach who joined us as a Fresh Collective Role Model in 2017. Here’s a little inspiration from her as we go into the holidays!


Stef Wrap Dress in Charcoal (also available in Burgundy, Sapphire Blue, Forest Green and Black!) from Palette by Laura-Jean; Necklace by ZSISKA


Minerva helps clients understand how to find their own unique brand of spirituality and use it as a practical tool in everyday life.


Carmen Scarf Sweater in Wine (also available in Charcoal and Navy) by Toronto label Mandala; Earrings by ZSISKA


She also leads retreats several times a year, giving people a wonderful chance to unplug and tune into nature and into themselves.


Porto Lexi Collar Dress by Toronto label Studio Fresh; Necklace by ZSISKA


Her techniques help clients overcome stress, a lack of motivation or whatever is standing between them and the life of their dreams.


Angela Dress in Navy (also available in Purple, Pine and Burgundy) from Palette by Laura-Jean; Necklace by ZSISKA


Teri Reversible Tank Top in Crimson (also available in Black, White and Sapphire) by Arianne; Dark Grey Side Line Pants by Toronto label Studio Fresh


Many people find the holidays stressful. The busyness and family expectations may easily cause upset, so the video below is about choosing to return to peace when things set you off. This is a good chance to remind ourselves that how we react to things can be a choice.


Cashmeer Twisted Cold Shoulder Tunic in Blush (also available in Black) by Brenda Beddome; Necklace by ZSISKA


Dogs Print Tera Top W/ Long Patchwork Sleeves by Toronto label Studio Fresh; Earrings by ZSISKA


Here Minerva lays out a simple and practical 3 step process to return to peace. Enjoy, and have a wonderful and peaceful holiday!



Want more videos from Minerva? Visit her website. You can even sign up for a free Clarity Call!


Palustris Tunic in Teal by Toronto designer Jennifer Fukushima; Necklace by ZSISKA


Designer Meet and Greet At Roncesvalles! Friday Dec. 8 – 1 pm – 7 pm

On Friday Dec. 8, join us at our 401 Roncesvalles Ave. location for a 

Designer Meet & Greet with Jennifer Fukushima!

In October we hosted Jenn at our Beaches location, and it was so much fun we’re doing the same kind of event at our Roncy store. 

She’ll be bringing a special selection of her one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces, as well as a great assortment of sweaters, tops and accessories. 

In addition, Jennifer will be bringing samples and past seasons’ merchandise for a special sale at 40 – 60 % off!

(We’re re-using the videos from our October event! Just know that this event is at 401 Roncesvalles Ave. on Friday Dec. 8. Jennifer will be there from 1 pm – 7 pm.)


In this video, Jenn shows us some examples of the one-of-a-kind pieces in her upcycled collection that will be at the event.

Here Jenn talks about making eco-conscious fabric choices as part of her brand’s commitment to sustainability.

And finally, we get a peek at Jennifer’s studio where all the magic happens. She’ll be bringing similar styles to our Dec. 8 event at 401 Roncesvalles Ave. plus more!

New accessories, tops, sweaters and blazers too. 

Meet the Talent: Candice Levine and The Candi Factory

Customers are always asking us for more information about the brands and designers behind our collection of clothing, so today we’d like to highlight one local label that’s been part of our Fresh Collective family from the very beginning: The Candi Factory!


Candice Levine, founder and creator at The Candi Factory


If you’ve shopped at any of our Toronto boutiques or browsed our pieces online, you’ve likely come across The Candi Factory’s whimsical, brightly-coloured designs. Locally-themed and uniquely Canadian motifs make The Candi Factory’s pieces extremely popular gifts, souvenirs and happy grabs for out-of-towners and proud locals alike. And if you’ve ever owned a creation by this awesome label, we die-hard fans are willing to bet it won’t be your last!


Enjoy Ontario Tank from our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Toronto Neighbourhood Tee from our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection


The Candi Factory is a family-run business and Toronto-based fashion designer Candice Levine is the talented mastermind behind the name. Happy (and funny) imagery and loud colour combos are her signatures, and dresses, leggings and light linen jackets alike give a nod to symbols of our Canadian heritage. Moreover, all of The Candi Factory’s pieces are made in Toronto, from start to finish.


Candice Levine, founder and creator at The Candi Factory


Yet perhaps what Candice and her Candi Factory owe most of their pride and success to is their amazing line of men and women’s artisan underwear!

Toronto Map and Skyline Undies – Pink

Smarty Pants Men’s Undies – Grey


Within their collection, you’ll find just about everything from animal prints and crossword puzzles to Toronto skylines, hot dogs, math equations and even Justin Trudeau—all in bold, sunny prints and colours to make you grin!

Seamless Trudeau Women’s Undies

Hot-dog Men’s Undies


But her cheerful – and often cheeky – designs are most definitely not the only reason our customers adore The Candi Factory’s underthings so much! Made of breathable fabric that neither shrinks, fades nor pills, these undies offer all comfort and functionality you could hope for, and they’re built to last. Their men’s boxer briefs have been such a long-standing hit at our boutiques that they’re one of the only “guy things” we carry! Women just love buying them for their boyfriends and hubbies!

Seamless Whale Print Women’s Undies

Crossword Puzzle Men’s Undies

Owl Women’s Undies


But what’s so special about the ladies’ line of seamless and trimmed undies (besides the fact that they’re absolutely freakin’ adorable!)? The magic lies in their incredible “anti-wedgie” technology! We aren’t even kidding.


Moose Women’s Undies

Women’s Hockey Undies


Wear them on your bike ride, to yoga class or even just for a simple grocery run and you’ll be amazed to find that these undies don’t ride up your butt, thanks to their special memory design! And really, at the end of the day, what more could a sensible underwear shopper want?