10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Camyl ~ from Soia and Kyo


Every year we stock this coat from Montreal brand Soia & Kyo, and every year we sell out!

It’s really an incredibly well-designed coat and here are the top 10 reasons why!

10. It’s super warm!

With 90% Duck Down, 10% Feathers and a water resistant outer fabric, plus all the design features, this coat is designed in Canada for Canadian winters!


9. Its slim silhouette

Usually, with all that warmth, you end up looking like the Michelin Man.

But this coat is designed so beautifully, that you can be cozy on the coldest days and still look awesome!

Just look at this fabulous back view where you really see the lines and silhouette.



8. So lightweight! 

For this much warmth, you might think you’d be weighed down with a big heavy coat.

But nope. The Camyl is so lightweight you won’t believe it.

7. An extra layer!


There is an extra zip-up layer from below your belly button to right under your chin.

This zipper is overlapped completely by the second layer when you do the coat up, which means not even the tiniest bit of cold air can get in!

6. It’s the perfect length!

On most women, this coat below mid-thigh, which looks great, keeps your butt warm and allows a lot of movement whatever your busy life has you doing.


5. Two Way Zipper


Sometimes you want a bit more movement, to ride a bike or climb on the streetcar, and the heavy duty two-way zipper allows that flexibility.

4. The hood when worn down



3. The hood when worn up


For a coat that looks so fashionable, you’ll be absolutely shocked by how much function is built in for Canadian winters!

Then again, Soia and Kyo is a Montreal brand, and they know harsh winters! 

2. Water resistant and water repellent fabric

The signature brushed fabric shell is water resistant for all-weather wear.

1. Three great colours to choose from


Three go-with-everything colours!

Brushed water resistant and water repellant fabric and all this warmth and style! 

What are you waiting for? Order online below, or come into any of our three Toronto locations to try one on.


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