20 Days of Giveaways – Day 10!


Modern care for the laundry you love.

As you may well know, Soak was created by knitwear designer Jacqueline Sava. Originally intended as a wool wash, Soak has since expanded its empire to include the care of all of your most precious clothing items. Whether you are pampering your loveliest lingerie, softest sweater, leggings, tights or a delicate dress, Soak has you covered.

Our mission is to support you in wearing the things you love most. We found that people often don’t wear their favourite sweater, whether cashmere or vintage reconstructed, as often as they’d like, because they feared washing it. With Soak, your treasured tops are safe.

Soak is perfect for hand-washing.

Add about a teaspoon (or capful, or swirl) of Soak to a basin of cool water. If you don’t like using your only sink for Soaking (sometimes someone else really wants to brush their teeth at the exact moment your dress got dunked), check out our basins, Carrie and Phil

They’re perfect for Soaking. Make sure there is enough water around the garment to fully saturate it with water. The flow of the water helps move Soak around, gathering all the sweat and dirt from your garment. Use room temperature water. Hot water isn’t ideal, it makes too many suds, plus it’s bad news for wool. (Ever wondered how a cute wool sweater felts? Hot water.) Cold water isn’t comfortable for your hands, and after all, we’re trying to make the Soaking experience fun.

Let your garments Soak for about 15 minutes. Swish the water around. Check out how much dirt is lifting from the garment by accessing the colour of the water. If you’re washing vintage (or a favourite sweater for the first time) you may have lots of dirt in the water. In that case, rinse and repeat. Otherwise, after you’ve Soaked, carefully lift the garment out of the water, squeeze gently and remove excess water by rolling the item carefully in a towel. Make sure you support the weight of the garment with your hands, don’t let the weight of the water pull on the garment- especially vintage items, as older seams can be delicate.

Place your garment to dry, as per the instructions on it. Hang dresses and shirts, lay knits flat to dry. In any case, make sure the fabrics aren’t under duress when they’re put to dry. The weight of the water can pull or distort your favourite fashions.

You’ll be back in action with your favourite frock sooner than you had ever imagined. Clean clothes last longer. Frequent washing helps extend the life of your wardrobe. This is especially important for those timeless treasures you’ve purchased at Fresh Collective.

Not up for hand-washing? Soak is perfect in the machine, even an HE washer. Every week when I do my laundry, the rough stuff goes in with the heavy duty detergent, the super fine stuff gets hand-washed with Soak, and my favourite washable gems are tossed in the machine, on the delicate, cold cycle with Soak. My favourite t-shirts, little dresses, workout gear, tights and sweaters have never been happier.

We wish you a happy, fresh and well-dressed holiday season, from all of us at Soak!



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