20 Days of Giveaways – Day 17!


It’s Day 17 – almost time for the end of our 20 days of giveaways! Today we give you the chance to fill someone’s stocking (or your own!) with the gift of music. Particularly, music from one of our favourite local acts Meanwood. We caught up with frontwoman Viktoria Belle to talk a little bit about the EP, her personal style and Fresh Collective.

Meanwood is a very new band. Can you tell us a bit about how and when you all came together?
I moved back to Toronto from living in England. I had written the skeletons to Sister Sin, Mercy, Fisher and all the others. I was dear friends with Mikey (our drummer) and bumped into Steve at a party. I told him about the songs, he came over one night we played them, worked on them, drank a bottle of wine and they were whole. We called Mikey the next day and Harley the day after. Finding Eric took a bit of time but we knew the right bass player would come along eventually… and that was the beginning of Meanwood. We are all very different people and we all like different kinds of music, what holds us together is our love for what this band can produce and how amazing it feels to perform together. Our live shows are where we all really come to life.

Your sound is very nostalgic but still unique and modern – who would you say are your biggest influences as a musician?
Meanwood’s sounds come from all over the place- but myself, my biggest influences have always been classic country, R&B, spooky garage rock and Leonard Cohen. I love the simplicity of country, I love the fluidity and romance of R&B, I love the cheekiness and rawness of garage rock and I adore Leonard Cohen and everything he writes. All the lyrics I tend to write are dark, ghoulish, funny and I promise sincere.

What is your favourite track from the Trials EP and can you tell us a bit about it?
Sister sin. It was one of those songs that I wrote with three chords, a broken heart and a lot of whiskey. It’s a story, I love stories in songs, a story about getting away with the perfect revenge. I’ve sung it 100 times now and it gets better each time for me.

How does your style change from off-stage to on-stage? Do you enjoy playing dress up?
Looking back on some Meanwood photos, I definitely made some terrible choices! Usually on stage I stick with black black and black. it makes me feel comfortable, strong and like one of the guys. I don’t like to stand out too much, we’re a team and I don’t want what I wear or how I look to influence how people see me on stage, I want them to walk away talking about how I sang rather then what I wore. Off stage- I love simple, structured, classic or retro pieces. On a perfect day- I’ll wear my favourite black jeans- my cowboy boots- my simple black and white loose fit striped shirt and red lipstick. I love Emma Stone she always looks fantastic. For me, Its a good day if I brush my hair.

You’ve been dressed by FC before – can you tell us a bit about your thoughts on Fresh Collective?
Fresh Collective is a place for real women to buy clothes that make them look and feel wonderful without feeling like they are trying too hard. There’s really something for everyone- clean basics and also fun quirky stuff! I love Fresh Baked Goods and the beautiful peasant dress- it’s flattering, it’s comfy simple and beautiful. With some red lipstick, messy hair and a good pair of shoes it’s a classic keeper.

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ALSO – if you haven’t figured out your NEW YEARS EVE plans, Meanwood has you covered (click the poster for the Facebook event)!



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