20 Days of Giveaways – Day 8!


It’s Day 8 of our 20 Days of Giveaways fun! Today we offer you the chance to win 2 tickets to see singer/songwriter Liam Titcomb this Friday (December 7th) at the wonderful Hugh’s Room as he celebrates the release of his latest album Cicada.

Liam was kind enough to answer a little Q&A for Fresh Collective. Here’s what he had to share:

Tell us a bit about your latest album Cicada. What is the significance of the title and how does it translate to the songs on the record?
The title came from the song of the same name. I was inspired by Nashville’s 13 year cicada cycle to write a song using that word and their cycle as a metaphor for emotions laying dormant and coming back as strong as they ever were. I later realized that the cicada’s cycle also kind of applied to how I felt in music career, it had been about 5 years since I’d put out a record so I had a feeling of coming back around again.

You just got back from a tour across Canada. What is your favourite part of being on the road? What’s your least favourite?
Favourite part would be just the pure elation you feel when you’re playing in a great venue to a great audience. There’s nothing like it and it’s the one single reason that keeps me coming back for more. Least favourite is the last week of tour when all you want to do is go home and you know you’re still a week away… Oh, and in Canada, I hate the driving. Too looooong.

What do you love about the city of Toronto?
So many things! It’s funny, being a musician who travels to a lot of great other cities, I’m always preparing for the day that I come home and think Toronto isn’t that great but it still hasn’t happened. I love how multicultural it is. I love that you can find good food at an affordable price. I love the music scene. I love Queen west and Kensington market. There’s too many things to list!

What is your relationship to fashion? Would you say you have a signature style?
I have a big appreciation for good design. My mother and my sister have always had an interest so I learned by osmosis through them. There’s nothing like a well cut piece of clothing that sends a little unique statement out into the world. If I have a signature style, I guess I’d say it’s a mix between world war 2 era, simple, american made, utilitarian clothing and artsy fartsy with a dash of the 70s thrown in for good measure? Maybe? Hard to pin your own style. If it’s fairly simple and well made, I’m usually sold.

2012 has been a great year for you, what’s in store for 2013? Any resolutions?
Hmm, I’d have to think. I have lots of personal, musical career goals that I’m set on achieving, Like, touring in the states and europe. This new album is the first time I’ve had an international release so it’s really important to me to get out into the world with it. I’ve also decided that I want to start treating my body better. I recently got a gym membership and have been watching what I eat. It’s incredibly easy to slide into an unhealthy lifestyle with this job but you feel so much better when you’re taking care of yourself. If I can’t sleep regularly, I might as well try to eat well. 


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