An interview with Laura-Jean Bernhardson on creativity in business and her secrets to success

“I was excited to be invited to be interviewed on Jamie Ridler’s podcast about creativity in fashion, style, business and everything!

Creativity is my greatest strength and I’ve worked to explore and nurture it as it’s my best tool to create new and exciting ways to add excitement to my business and solve any problem that comes my way.

Creativity is my fuel and adds joy and fun to every day, so of course, I’m going to be excited to talk to anyone about it.

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But, to be clear, Jamie Ridler is not just anyone! She is an #FCRoleModel and a Creative Living Coach at Jamie Ridler Studios. She has created a business where she lives and breathes creativity all day, and helps her clients discover, unlock and nurture their own creativity.

How frickin’ cool is THAT?! And really, when I think about it, it’s very moving. Stifled creativity helps no one and contributes nothing to the world. And people are shut down and suffering, too afraid or too out of touch with what’s possible to begin the vulnerable journey of expressing themselves.

There is so much in life that is out to stifle our creativity every day!



It’s that voice that says, “Who do you think you are?”. That memory of a teacher telling you you’ll never be a great singer. That one person who made fun of your painting, and after you packed up your art supplies and stuck them in the closet.

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And creativity is in NO WAY limited to the arts. When creativity is flowing, it’s a whole new way to deal with any of life’s challenges! That’s what gets me REALLY excited!

It’s looking for that win-win in business that no one else can see because they are focused on the problem but I know (because I’ve been trained in nurturing my creativity and seeing possibilities where others see none) what’s missing from the situation that would open up a whole new experience.

I hope you’ll sit with a cup of tea and listen to the podcast, allowing your mind to open to what it has to offer you. There are also a couple takeaways at the end that you can start to use to open up creativity in your life. Thanks for tuning in, and I wish you a wildly creative day!”

xoxo- Laura-Jean Bernhardson
CEO and Founder of Fresh Collective and Wildly Creative Businesswoman.


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