Window Display Internship Available

We have 5 positions available in a real-world training program for window displays. Successful applicants will receive training and the opportunity to create windows for all three Fresh Collective fashion boutiques as part of a team being trained and supervised by Fresh Collective’s Window Display Leader.

Please note: This is an unpaid legal internship for the purposes of training. We work closely with educators to ensure that students receive training and valuable experience while being part of our team, and to ensure that all legalities of internships are complied with.


Build your professional portfolio and gain important career and technical skills in Fresh Collective’s internship. Our windows are your blank canvas.

Fresh Collective is committed that our interns get a valuable experience, a powerful reference and ample portfolio material.  This is an unpaid internship for students or professionals looking to gain experience in the industry, and the time commitment is 10 hours per month.  No previous experience or training is necessary.  This program can jump start your career if you’re crafty, committed and creative.  Interested?  Read on!

During the program interns get:

  • up to 1 year of experience creating and executing exciting windows in a real world environment to build their portfolio – our store windows are the team’s blank canvases!
  • a budget for materials
  • a coach and manager committed to their success and training
  • opportunities to create in-store displays, blog entries about their work and to otherwise create their own program and projects
  • opportunities to win awards in community competitions put on by the Business Improvement Associations

 Upon successful completion interns will receive:

  • a full report rating them on the key career skills of reliability, promptness, leadership, initiative, causing teamwork and communication as well as creativity and skill in executing the displays
  • a reference letter from the Merchandising Manager detailing their successes in the program

What we expect of participants:

  • interns commit to a minimum of 3 months at a time and are welcome to stay for up to a full year, renewing their 3 month agreement each season
  • commit a minimum of 10 hours a month of work and are welcome to do more as needed and desired
  • cause teamwork- take leadership in empowering the group to complete work as a team and use each other’s skills to the fullest
  • reliability, promptness and follow through on doing what you say you will do

*** Please note, there is flexibility to customize this program based on the needs of your college or co-op program.   Please get in touch and we can discuss what your needs are and how we can fit you into this program.  *****

Application – email with:

  • cover letter explaining what you would want to get out of the internship and what you have to offer
  • resume
  • photos of your work


Application deadline:  July 15, 2014 for our first team;  September 30 for our second team

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Style Profile – Carrianne Leung

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the third edition of our style profile series, Carrieanne lets us in on her life, her thoughts on style, and how she rocks her favourite Fresh Collective pieces.

Style Profile

Name: Carrianne Leung

Occupation: Academic, Student Support Services, Business Owner, Writer, Mother.

Age: in the wilds of the mid-40s

Lifestyle: fast mo/slow mo/fast mo/slow….


Carrianne 1-1

Carrianne is wearing The Andy Dress by Rita DiCesare, Now $96.00; Amelia Boots by Miz Mooz, $160.80; Necklace by Curious Oddities, now $35.20!


What’s a typical day like for you?

If I can get my kid and myself out the door in time, both of us clean, dressed, fed and with lunch in hand by 8:45 AM, then the hardest part of the day is over.

What in your life is really important to you?

My family.

Social justice.


Laughing so hard until I double over and my stomach hurts.

What would you like to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being generous – with time, spirit, love and friendship (even money when I have it!)

What role does fashion play in your life?

I have always loved fashion. I grew up in the 80s with the likes of Cyndi Lauper as a style influence, so I appreciate a particular whimsy in clothes. I was also a Goth for 5 minutes in the 90s and will always have a love for the melancholic fashion statement. In other words, I have range.

Carrianne 2-1

Beaconsfield dress Address Apparel, now $90.00, Amelia Boots now $160.80

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? 

Where do I start? I am sure that at least half of my wardrobe comes from Fresh Collective designers. Being a 40 something woman who must juggle multiple roles – I work at OCAD university, I co-own an organic grocery store, I have a 6-year old kid, I just got a novel published and will be doing many readings – I need clothes that can fit all these scenes. The pieces that I get from Fresh are able to do that for me.  I love the colour, the prints, the amazing cuts and shapes of the clothes and how well they are made.  They are also classic in an unconventional sense – they outlast the other 5-minute trends in fashion and still come off as very current years after purchase. I also love that they are made and designed in Canada.

What else do you have going on in your life?

I just launched my first novel. It’s called, “The Wondrous Woo“, and can be found on bookshelves at your local book store as well as Amazon.

I also have an organic grocery called Multiple Organics on Dundas West. We are “fresh” too!


Carrianne 3-1

Mandala Design Snake Print Slit Neck Dress in Turquoise now $76.80, Amelia Boots now $160.80


Roncesvalles Gets A Reno

I’ve been working at the Roncesvalles store for almost two years now and I recently got the urge to create something new and special in the store, especially for the holiday season. For those of you who have been into Roncesvalles, you know that I love to change things around.

While talking to Laura-Jean about my love of change, we came up with the idea to freshen up the jewellery displays and create an easier way for our guests to find the perfect piece for their favourite outfit.


Jewellery has always been a major attraction at the Roncesvalles store, with such great designs from Curious Oddities, BurfurtART, Vanessa Yanow and Sailor Girl. At this store, the jewellery displays were along one wall, mounted in place. Laura-Jean and I started the wheels turning on how to change up the cases for the season and give the store a new feel.


After a couple months of planning and then changing our minds, I came up with an idea that allowed us to have more product in the store, and keep the cases while showing the product in them, in whole new light.


On December 2nd, we closed up the store early and along side our handyman, I got to work on the transformation.  I had no idea what kind of fun I was in for!  What was supposed to take four hours to complete, resulted in us being at the store until after 1am, but the result is fantastic. Man, those cases are heavy and there was a lot of dust but the pain and the sneezing was worth it!  Handyman Geoff even let me use the power drill!

power tools


The store looks and feels amazing and the new homes for the jewellery cases add to the clothing. You can now find that perfect dress and matching jewellery all in the same place!

new home

Come check out the hard work and love that went into this project and experience the new Roncesvalles Fresh Collective.

– Joe

Talking Business With The World’s #1 Small Business Guru – Michael E. Gerber – Part Two

Our CEO and founder, Laura-Jean recently had the opportunity to spend time with her business mentor, Michael E. Gerber. In part two of the two part series, she shares the advice she received from Michael and the impact it’s had already!

Continued from Part 1

 Never, in all those years, did I dream that I would sit down and have a conversation with Michael E. Gerber about my business – about Fresh Collective – for almost an hour.  In this conversation, he just GOT everything I’ve been trying to do and articulated it in his magical way.

Michael meeting participants at The Art of Small Business

Michael meeting participants at The Art of Small Business

As I sat transfixed and reminding myself to breathe, I said

“Yes, this is everything I’ve been trying to do and build and create for the past five years or so and it just came out of your mouth.  I can’t believe it.”

He chuckled and said,

“That is the next thing for you to do.  That’s it.  The secret sauce.  And you will do it.  You can do it.  And you’re going to do it.  And I know the next thing you’re going to ask is ‘But Michael, how do I do it?” and I don’t know.  But you do and you will.  You’re a natural.”  *

Yes, he’s right!  I do know – and I will know.  That’s the next thing for me to do -and I’ve already started.

* (Quotes are approximations of what was actually said.  I didn’t take notes.  I mostly tried to not faint.)

Michael Gerber delivering his talk at The Art of Small Business conference

Michael Gerber delivering his talk at The Art of Small Business conference


As I was working on this blog post, an email came through from Mr. Michael E. Gerber himself, in response to a thank you email I sent to him through his assistant.  This is an exact quote, copied and pasted:

 “Bret sent me the delightful email you sent through him, and it was truly delightful.  As are you, Laura Jean.  The fire in your eyes betrays the vitality that lives in your heart and soul.  Share all with everyone unstintingly, Laura Jean.  Without fear.  Without self-recrimination. Without any limitations whatsoever.  Give them all the room to do what they so naturally do, and to be touched by you and your innocence.  Yes, innocence, Laura Jean. There is nothing more spectacular than innocence.

Love, Michael”

You see, what Michael understands about business that so few others do, is that for those of us who approach it with passion, with all our heart and soul and treat it as a purpose for living, as I do, that it really is an art, a creation, poetry.  It comes alive and through businesses that are created in this way, humanity is celebrated.

The business becomes less about the “stuff” that is bought and sold, and more about the how and why around the stuff.  Why is it there? How was it made or sourced and why? How is it sold?  How is the business a celebration of what is essentially human about living our lives on this earth in this time?  How does it bring people together?  How does it express love, joy and beauty?  So few business owners dare to take on these big questions, and yet, what an amazing inspiring world it would be if business owners did!

I’m curious.  What do you think it was that he – the world’s #1 small business guru, seller of 8 million books worldwide – said were my next steps?

What do YOU see as the next step for Fresh Collective to build into our business?  I’d love to hear what you see is there for us to work on. Please email me here with what your thoughts are! (select my name from the drop down menu).