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Made in Orangeville, Ontario, this line of luscious bath & beauty

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Style Profile: Lisa McLatchie

Name: Lisa McLatchie

Occupation: Personal Stylist

Age: 41

Elle Top – Teal (NOW 50% OFF!) by Toronto’s Studio Fresh; Necklace by Canadian jewellery label Curious Oddities

You used to work as a TV reporter! Why did you decide to change course and go into the business of personal styling?


I have always loved shopping and using clothing/outfits to express who I am. My colleagues were always asking me where I’d purchased a certain piece or would compliment my outfit, and then ask me to go shopping with them to help them purchase new pieces and put outfits together.


I quickly realized I loved doing that way more than reporting on the local news, so I quit and started my Personal Styling business. That was back in 2008 and I’ve never regretted that decision for a second.


And Sleeveless Dress – Gold Fish (NOW 50% OFF!) by Toronto’s Studio Fresh

Do you advise women on their seasonal palettes and body types?


I used to do that early on, but not as much anymore.


I obviously choose clothing for women that will make them look and feel their best, but try to avoid these types of “rules” as I think they are kind of outdated and just make women obsess even more about what they can and cannot wear.


What is one universal “fashion sin” we all commit that you’d like banned forever?




What sort of services do you offer? Are your services open to men, children or teens?


I offer a variety of services that I like to customize to the client. And yes, I work with men and have worked with some teenagers as well. No children, though.


Where can we find you on social media?


Business Page: lisamclatchiepersonalstylist

Facebook Group: thestylesociety

Instagram: lisamclatchie


Sunny Dress – Digital Linen (NOW 50% OFF) by Toronto’s Studio Fresh; Jewellery by Toronto label Torched Studio



How would you define your own style? Which considerations dictate your clothing purchases?


I’d say my style is something akin to ‘Suburban Chic’ with some sort of twist/quirk. I don’t want to look like everyone else. I love texture, details, colour, prints and patterns, and it’s important to me that my clothes make me feel happy and excited to wear them.


When it comes to making a clothing purchase, I want the item to be functional for my lifestyle as a Personal Stylist and busy Mom, but I also want it to say something about my personality. And it should also be able to work with pieces I already own in my wardrobe.


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?


I love that the pieces are unique, ethically produced, and that when I am shopping there, I am supporting local business.


There are plenty of women who feel stuck in a rut and would like to transition towards a different career path. As someone who’s taken the journey, any advice? 🙂


Oooh, that’s a tricky one. I am a “leap before you look” kind of girl who believes everything will work out, so I would just say go for it! As cliche as it sounds, life is too short and you will regret the things you didn’t do.


Sweetheart Dress by Blue Platypus Clothing (SOLD OUT!); Jewellery by ZSISKA

I feel like I’ve already figured out which colours and cuts look good on me in general. Can I still benefit from your styling services?


Of course! I think most women already instinctively know which colours make them look good and which cuts flatter them most. The majority of my clients do. What they struggle with, though, is putting complete outfits together.


For example, they may know they love that skirt, but when it comes to what top to wear, whether it needs a layering piece, what sorts of footwear to match it with, or accessories – that is where they get stuck. And that is what I love to do!


I love showing women new ways to wear what they have as well as new pieces they can get to make the most of their wardrobe. And how to wear everything in a variety of ways. That’s my area of expertise.


Dress (SOLD OUT!) by Toronto’s Studio Fresh

You’ve actually received career coaching from our very own CEO, Laura-Jean! How did she help you with your styling business?


She has helped me in SO many ways! From structuring my service offerings, to making tweaks to my systems and operations, to keeping me focused when I get “shiny object syndrome”. She has been a great mentor and cheerleader who has now become a dear friend.

Book your FREE Colour Analysis Mini Session with Angela

Have you ever wondered what colours look best on you?

Have you made expensive mistakes buying things you end up not wearing because the colour makes you look … just yucky?

Book your FREE Colour Analysis Mini Session with Angela!

Angela is our Superstar Store Manager at Roncesvalles and a trained Colour Analyst!

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Choose from times and locations below! 

** We do ask that you commit to your session and put it in your calendar as soon as you book.

Since spaces are limited, please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or re-book. **

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Beaches location is at 2116 A Queen Street East.

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Beaches location is at 2116 A Queen Street East.

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Roncesvalles location is at 401 Roncesvalles Avenue.

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Kensington location is at 274 Augusta Avenue.

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Roncesvalles location is at 401 Roncesvalles Avenue.

Sessions are 30 minutes. The Roncesvalles location is at 401 Roncesvalles Avenue.





Spring Outerwear Event happening until April 15th, online & in stores!

Until April 15th, get a FREE SCARF when you purchase a regular-priced jacket from:




Lola Jeans

Emerson Wind Breaker by Soia & Kyo

Our collection of beautiful Canadian designs includes both fashionable and functional pieces that can carry you through spring ’til early fall!

Athena Stretch Cotton Spring Jacket – Oatmeal – Water Repellant by Soia & Kyo

For ladies ordering online, we’ll include a scarf that matches your choice of jacket!


If there is a particular scarf that you’ve seen in our Facebook videos or on our webstore that you’d like included with your purchase, simply contact us via Facebook to inquire about its availability and we’ll do our very best to pair it with your order.


Amaya Jacket by Montreal label Schwiing



Our promo applies to both in-store and online purchases. For the time being, our widest selection of scarves is available at our Roncesvalles Ave location, but fresh scarves are on their way to our Kensington Market and Queen East boutiques and we will keep you ladies updated about their arrival!

Also, remember that if you shop at a Fresh Collective location that does not carry the product you’d like to try or purchase, you can ask us to send it to your preferred boutique within a week’s time, free of charge!

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