Curious Oddities: Treasures Lost and Found

Ever wonder how designer Kat Shura creates the beautiful pieces in her Curious Oddities collections? We journey with her on her travels through Belgium, Nevada and Ohio to seek out the gorgeous found treasures she includes in her line.

Curious Oddities: Treasures Lost and Found

“C’est combien?” I ask the man leaning over the table. He looks down at my grubby, outstretched hands that display a chaotic mess of aged paper, bits of brass, keys, broken glass and hardware. “Quinze” he replies. Struggling to match his Morrocan-Belgian accented French to my own very limited, grade 11/12 French, I play it safe and handed him a 20 Euro note. Stuffing my change into my pocket, I take the brown paper bag of treasures and move to the next stall to dig through another mound of boxes. Littered with old buttons, ancient wooden spools and shoe forms, this one’s an exciting collection, cleared out of an old garment factory.
From the outdoor junk market in Belgium to the wilds of the Nevada desert, from a crystal mine in California to an antique mall in Ohio, collecting is the most delightful part of my job as Curator for the Curious Oddities collection.

Curious Oddities Treasure hunting

Working with salvaged materials is a wonderful challenge: to combine materials and finishes, to breathe new life into cast-away pieces. Exposure to a variety of antiquities also serves as an inspiration for the pieces that I compile from new material, providing a reference for surface treatments and design.
It’s lovely to be able to share both my found treasures and the new pieces that I compile. I hope that the Curious Oddities collection inspires in you the stories of our history, the stories of your family and of your imagination.

Curious Oddities decorus globosa bulb

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