Designer Spotlight: Kyle Osnack

kyleHi my name is Kyle Osnack

I am a Jewellery designer who specifies in Chainmaile, Steam Punk & recycled Vintage/Antique Jewellery , Lapidary (faceting and polishing semi-precious stones), Wire Jewellery & Wire wrapping stones I polish myself.

I love hunting for new product to use, Have it be an auction, a thrift store, bazaars, antique shoppes or even online. I tend to keep away from all the made in China Jewelley components and sway more towards; American, Canadian, Austrian, European and Antique/Vintage Parts.

Its all about who has the best quality to me so I can ensure my pieces are built to last and will not require repairs with normal use!

Some of my Favorite materials to use are;

1.Anodized Aluminum Jumprings:
aluminum jumpringsUsed for the majority of my Chainmaile pieces. A lightweight , strong, non-tarnish metal. Similar to Gold Filled in the sense of 10% of the the metal contains the colour so it will not rub off like gold or silver plating does.


2. 92.5 & 99.9 Silver Wire, Jumprings & findings:
ring 1Silver is usually everyone’s favorite, It looks great, low tarnish, dosen’t cause many allergic reactions, and its a fraction of the price of gold or other precious metals

Check out my Sterling Silver Chainmaile Rings – available at Fresh Collective Queen location! They can easily be sized to fit and can be custom made with any colour Swarovski Crystal.
ring 2
3. Clock Parts!
Yet it be a Vintage German Coo-coo clock, an old 50’s wind up Alarm clock, A Pocket Watch or even an old mantle-wall mount clock, I’m there and I’m taking it apart!
clock closeI love taking watches and clock and re-working them into pieces of jewellery. It never gets old looking at a ticking clock with all its moving gears.

Some clocks stay whole and others end up with their insides out so they can be re-purposed into something else.
crystal clock necklaceGear Guard. Vintage alarm clock, Real amber, Chainmaile, Indian Spikes, Gears and Swarovski Crystals

TinkerBellsAntique German Coo-coo clock, Vintage Indian Brass bells, Swarovski & Precosia Crystals with Jewelers Brass chain Hand linked (Chainmaile) by me. 

clock insides Taking apart any wind up clock can be very dangerous! The larger clocks have over 60 feet of steel cord wrapped up inside, and the second you take the last screw off and give it a nudge it will all spring out into action , gears will go flying and the sound it makes usually leaves me with a bit of an adrenaline rush afterwards!

4. Natural stones:
clear quartz reiki
Vintage Brass Bullet shell, Faceted Clear Quartz, Precosia Crystal. Reiki Infused on a Braided Cotton cord.

I love the raw minerals, unpolished or polished they are all beautiful. Stones all have natural healing properties which is why I infuse my stones with Reiki. This way the stone has been pre-programmed to do what it does best and it also wont need to be cleared of stale energy.

Here are a few pictures of my Reiki Infused Bullet Pendants at Fresh Collective and come pop by this weekend if you have any questions or if you would like a specific stone to aid you in your quest!
denim crystal reikiVintage Brass Bullet Shell, Gem Quality Blue Kyanite RFaceted by myself. Denim Blue Swarovski Crystal.Reiki infused

green reiki

Vintage Brass Bullet Shell. Faceted Green Adventurine stone, Erinite Swarovski Crystal, Braided cotton cord. Reiki Infused.
I am currently in the market for some new machinery and I will be introducing my Lapidary jewellery line very soon!

If you’re interested in seeing me create a piece from the start and see the work that goes into it please check out a blog I wrote about Creating a cabochon stone:

That about sums up what I do and what I’m about!
I hope to see you all at my Trunk show at Fresh Collective Queen this weekend!
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