FC Designer Spotlight: Odd Bird Designs

Odd Bird jewellery is decidedly quirky yet fun to wear.It is a collection consisting of random items such as game pieces, geometric shapes, lockets, cuffs and whatever else catches the designers eye.The pieces will get noticed, therefore perfect for those who want to stand out from the flock! The Odd Bird is actually a human named Tara who is a long-standing member of the Fresh Collective and also works in the animation industry.


Brass cuffs featuring Alphonse Mucha’s zodiac lady and a greyhound. I chose the Mucha art image not only for the Zodiac signs but because the lady is a red head (us red heads stick together!) The other cuff is a vintage star map image of a greyhound (or maybe a whippet?) representing the Canis Major constellation. I’ve always been fascinated by the stars ever since I was a kid and the dog star was always one of my favourites.


The Star domino necklace features the classic tarot card image hand-printed & coloured on the back of a large domino piece. The card is the 17th Trump or Major Arcana in most traditional tarot decks. It represents renewed hope, inspiration and discovery.

Q&A with Tara of Odd Bird Designs

How long have you been designing/where did you get your start?I’ve always been creating things ever since I can remember but it wasn’t until about 5 years ago I got serious about it and founded Odd Bird Designs as a registered business.

Where did you find your inspiration for this collection? For this Fall one of my themes is “Follow the Stars”. It’s inspired by constellations, astrology and divination….all things that have always fascinated me. Plus my name means “star” in Sanskrit so it seems appropriate 🙂

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be That would be my favourite red head, Christina Hendricks. I love her Joan character in the Mad Men series!

What is the most rewarding part about having your own line? I love seeing people on the street wearing my jewellery…it’s tempting to say “Thanks for liking my work!” to them!
What has been the best part of your Fresh Collective journey thus far? Getting feedback & suggestions from both customers and FC designers….they all have contributed to help Odd Bird become what it is now and I am very grateful for it.

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