FC Designer Spotlight : Studio Fresh

The Studio Fresh line is created and designed by Connie Meyer in Toronto. In this work there is a play of past and present with much attention given to detail by either texturing and/or tailoring to give a look that is both unique and body flattering. The result is often a fun individual piece that can also blend easily with an existing wardrobe, but has a character of its own. The individual stays with you.


The Milli Cardigan: This cardigan is such a versatile item as it can be worn as a cardigan over other clothing, or as a long tunic top with leggings or other delicate bottoms. It easily dresses up or down and is an amaingly comfortable piece that adds to any wardrobe.

The Morgan Coat/Dress: This coat/dress is an easy-wear versatile piece that allows one to wear it as a dress zipped up completely or as a topper to narrow pants, tights, skirts or slip dress. The Velcro tab allows one to wear it unzipped but belted over for some closure.
It is a playful item that can also look serious.

Q&A with Studio Fresh designer Connie Meyer

How long have you been designing/where did you get your start?
I have been designing clothing for only about 12 years or so. I started off in the arts some 30 years ago, which at that time I would never have thought to end up in fashion not to mention retail! However, here I am all the same. I have Toronto designer, Annie Thompson to thank for my beginnings. When she still had her shop on Queen St. West I had brought my first wrap skirt to her to see what she thought of it. I got a call from her shop asking to carry the line. I worked day and night developing a line of skirts and soon after, a variety of other bottoms with Velcro closures, as I did not know how to install a zipper. That Velcro closure became a part of the trademark of my work, and I still use it on a variety of items today. I have since moved onto using the industry, and no longer sew the entire line, but I make it a point to make limited editions with hands-on attention to detail.

Where did you find your inspiration for this collection?
My inspiration for my fall/winter 2012 line came from a mixture of turn of the centruy, 1930’s and contemporary street-wear. I wanted a casual/dressy wardrobe that had strong independent pieces that could easily dress up and down without using too much black (of which I’m often guilty). I wanted the sleeveless pieces to be comfortable to wear on their own or with a delicate camisole underneath for a sexy elegant look. That same piece also worked with a turtleneck or layered over a variety of tops or shirts for a more eclectic look.
I find that pieces that layer easily allow the individual to pull them into their own wardrobe to give a variety of looks that can move from conservative to eclectic and even avant-garde. It allows for individual play but the individual piece is strong enough to function on its own.

If you could dress any celebrity who would it be?
If I could dress any celebrity, Keira Knightly comes to mind, so does Rhianna, for the obvious reason that anything would look great on them. However, I would choose Mick Jagger. I know that I design women’s wear but I could seriously see Jagger in one of my Kilt-like skirts (made for him of course), a plum satin shirt with extended collar, a faux fur pocket belt, gartered socks, Fluevog Swordfish Cooper shoes, and to top it off perhaps a fedora. Even at his age he could look pretty hot in an avant-garde sort of way.

What is the most rewarding part about having your own line?
The most rewarding part of having my own line is that it allows me to see where I am.

What has been the best part of your Fresh Collective journey thus far?
The best part of my Fresh Collective journey thus far has been the incredible support they give me. Not only do they constantly post my work on their site, they also keep me informed as to what needs to be replenished and what needs to go. They take care of things and focus on the marketing where my focus is not as strong. They definitely sell my work.

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