FC on Stage: David Bowie Tribute at The Piston

David Bowie… He’s an icon of music and style, a chameleon, a boundary pusher, and one of my favourite humans of all time. Don’t believe me? This is my back:
 Yup, that’s a portrait of my beloved Bowie – my very first tattoo at age 18 (subtlety is not my strong suit).

Needless to say, when I heard that The Piston (one of my favourite bars) was putting together a tribute night, I jumped at the chance to pay homage.

David Bowie - Style Icon

Bowie has never been shy when it comes to fashion. Through the years he’s experimented and evolved, always an influential character in the world of style. He also happened to marry a supermodel, and makes up one half of one of the most stylish couples ever with wife Iman.
 Yesterday I stopped by FC Kensington to find the perfect Bowie tribute outfit… and sure enough I found this fabulous dress by Paper People Clothing that when paired with chandelier earrings and platform wedge boots, totally channeled a bit of 70’s spaced-out Ziggy Stardust style!
The bright orange reminded me so much of Bowie’s hair in the 70’s that I knew the minute I saw it I’d found the one. Made of repurposed wool, it was cozy, comfy and one of a kind.
I had such a great time singing a couple of my very favourite Bowie songs and seeing other awesome musicians pay tribute. A stellar dress for a stellar night!


One thought on “FC on Stage: David Bowie Tribute at The Piston

  1. Remember when David Bowie was in Zoolander and her judged the walk off?!!! That was great 🙂