#FCfreshstart – Ready for production!

Alanna has run into some bumps in the road in her journey to design and make pieces for Fresh Collective, but those bumps have been overcome and she is ready for production! Check out this video for a recap on how the sample making process went:

And now Alanna updates us on getting ready for production!

Hi Fresh Collective fans!

Ever wonder about each step put in behind making a full size run of a garment? We’re getting so close to the end and right now we are in the ‘marker making’ and fabric cutting stage! Last time we chatted we were going through the grading stage which is creating the full size run of a garment from XS up to XL. Now that we have all those completed, we can begin tracing all of our pattern pieces!

Marker making is a very important step and believe it or not it takes great accuracy. Marking each of your pieces on the marking paper to ensure the best use of the fabric you purchased is super important! The closer and more tight knit you place your pieces, the less fabric goes to waste!

And as a designer and business person, I hate wasting precious materials!

Below is a photo of some pieces marked out ready to be cut! This marker is for the Pocahontas printed knit top!


Each fabric used in a garment has its own marker. For instance, this top:


This top consists of two fabrics (The modal knit and the bailey denim knit) and therefore it will have two separate markers to cut out. When the markers are all traced out and ready to go we place them over top of fabric, which is neatly placed lying flat on a table, and we begin to cut it out!

Next week I will be cutting out all of the pieces and beginning to sew! Once these pieces are sewn you know what that means? They will be available for purchase at FC! Finally! Keep your eyes peeled for an invite to our little ladies night celebration to reveal the final three garments which YOU helped create and mold!

Stay fresh friends!


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