#FCfreshstart – Week 2!

Fresh start

Hi Fresh Collective! Alanna Klatt here, and you are tuned into week 2 of Fresh Collective’s Designer Development Program called Fresh Start!

Last week, I shared a briefing about the program and the steps of ‘Discovery’ that I was taking to get to know YOU and YOUR needs better! If you missed last week’s blog, please check it out here: Week 1.

Here’s a great interview with Jane Haselgrove (Fresh Collective’s Product Coordinator) and me from Week 1. Thanks Toronto Film School for the awesome video!

This week I am presenting you with six sketches for you to vote and offer feedback on. Only three will be produced and sold in Fresh Collective at the end of March for the Spring 2015 season!

And they were designed 100% based on the feedback from the in-store and online surveys!  Thank you to all who participated! 


If you missed giving feedback through the online survey, don’t fret! You have just as much input on these six sketches!

Want to get started?  Please vote and offer feedback on the sketches here: VOTE

Keep in mind these are draft sketches which are ready for some constructive comments in regards to changes and refinements that would suit your lifestyle even better!  Please take a look below, then take a few minutes to take the survey at the end.

Thank you so much for your time and input!  Fabric sourcing is coming up next week so stay tuned in every Thursday to help execute the final three pieces! Don’t forget you can follow along or catch up on any missed blogs and posts by checking out #FCfreshstart.

Stay fresh!








Please vote and offer feedback on the sketches here: VOTE



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