#FCfreshstart – week 4!

Welcome back Fresh Collective! We are now at Week 4 of the Fresh Start Designer Development Program!

Thank you for following along with us! This week is extra special because we are now in the beginning stages of the ‘Production’ phase! Exciting!


Pattern drafting is the step where a designer takes their 2D designs and begins to transform them into the 3D beautiful creations that you see and purchase in stores! This is the most critical step to refine, refine, refine and be as accurate as possible in your work. If there is a mistake in the proper fit, lengths, or proportion it will transcend through the rest of the phases of production.

 To get a better idea of what happens in the Pattern Drafting phase, I will break it down for you in three steps:

  1. The Block

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Designers use what we call ‘blocks.’ They are a flat form foundation of the body; a second skin. There is no seam allowance, no ease, and no room for movement in these pieces. We trace these blocks out on marking paper to begin the pattern. Below are examples of a front and back bodice block with darts and a sleeve block.

2. The Draft

The next step is starting to ‘draft the pattern.’ During the draft of the pattern this is the time that the inspiration takes over and the styling features are added that will make the pieces unique (style lines, type of neckline, hem length etc.) We also add ease into the garment to make sure there is room for movement for the customer.


  1. The Pattern

This is the finalizing step where you can go through an ‘approval process.’ Once you are confident in your draft and you have completed your fittings and corrected the areas that needed improvement you can continue on to add all your proper seam allowances and replicate these final patterns on oaktag. Oaktag is a hard card paper that ensures these patterns will last a lot of wear and tear tracing them out in the ‘Marker Making’ stages.

Once these steps are complete you are almost ready to start cutting fabrics and sewing the pieces!

Continue following along every Thursday for more blog posts and pictures of this journey! Next week we will be perfecting patterns and begin the stages of cutting fabrics for sample making! Our goal is to have samples made in a medium size for customers to try on in store while production is going on! Keep your eye out for a dates to visit and let us know what you think!

 If you have missed blogs, video posts, or pictures you can recap on all of the content by clicking #FCfreshstart, or on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram. 🙂

 Stay fresh!


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