#FCfreshstart – Week 1!

Fresh start

Hello Fresh Collective!

I am Alanna Klatt and you are tuned into Week 1 of Fresh Collective’s Designer Development Program called Fresh Start!

In the next 13 weeks you will see weekly blog posts of how this design journey unfolds from concept to completion as I design and make 3 final pieces for the store. I am so honoured to be the designer that gets to kick off this fabulous program!


Alanna Klatt meets and greets Fresh Collective customers in the Queen Street location to survey them on their fashion needs and preferences. She’ll be designing three pieces for FC customer based on this feedback.

‘Discover’ could be defined as follows: “to find information in the course of a search.”

I am here to ‘Discover’ YOU! Fresh Start is all about pleasing the Fresh Collective customer. I am here to get to know each and every one of your needs, likes, dislikes, and preferences as it applies to your wardrobe. As I collect all this feedback I will be able to design from your perspective. Do you want to walk into Fresh Collective and purchase pieces that you PERSONALLY gave design details and input into?

Then look no further and take 5 minutes to fill out this survey: LINK


Alanna surveys customers at Fresh Collective Queen street to gain insight for her designs.

As I collect and process the surveys this week I will be starting to sketch and design pieces based entirely on your feedback  – What would you specifically like to see in the designs?

I leave you with this scenario: Valentine’s day is creeping up and date night is already planned. You haven’t gone shopping yet or picked out your special outfit for the evening. You finally made time in your schedule to go for a shop downtown or in your closet. What does your outfit look like? Dress? Bottom and top? Comment all the details of your ideal outfit for an evening out. Not going out, and having a romantic dinner in? No problem, what would you wear for a night in?

Please comment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know all your thoughts! You can follow along or catch up on missed blogs by checking out #FCfreshstart.

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Stay fresh!



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