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fresh nominees

Over the past week I’ve been so happy to receive nominations and learn about some incredible, incredible women.

These 6 ladies have been nominated by some very special friends; friends who want the world to see how amazing the women in their life are! Help us celebrate these women (and all great women in our lives) by clicking the photo above, LIKING the Fresh Collective Facebook page and LIKING the photo of the woman of your choice in the nominee photo album (and yes, you can like each and every one of them).

I also invite you to take time today to acknowledge the special women in your life that inspire you every day. At Fresh Collective we are so committed to celebrating the beauty, courage and strength of real women all over the world. It starts with you and me!

That said I’d like to take the time to acknowledge my sister, Katie. She’s always been my “little” sister as she’s 6 years younger than me, but I’ve recently realized that there is nothing “little” about her. She’s an amazing young woman with a big heart and an amazing dream.


Last summer, Katie’s beloved dog Miya went missing, and even this many months later she has NOT given up her search for her pup. She has campaigned and hunted and raised awareness since day one, without faltering.
Even more amazing? The dog in the photo above is not Miya. This is Nala. Katie got a call that there was a boxer in a shelter that could be Miya. When she went to see if it was her, she met Nala instead, and she adopted her – not able to leave this sweet pup behind. Even still with this new love in her life, she continues her search for Miya, and is working on creating a business to help reunite loving owners with their missing dogs so no one else has to go through the heartbreak she’s experienced.
My sister is a hero, and I’m so proud to have her in my life.
Please click the photo below to like Katie’s page for Miya and share the search with us.


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