Fresh Collective Mixtape – November 2012

Each month, We put together a little mixtape of the artists we’re digging right now, and of course, like everything, we share it with you!
We love supporting local and indie artists of all mediums, and fancy ourselves big time music lovers, so why not add it into the Fresh Collective experience?
Above, you can check out this months playlist on Rdio – an awesome app that allows you to discover, collect and share music from a massive online library of artists, songs and albums.

We are addicted.

Here’s a closer look at a couple of artists in this month’s playlist:

Dr. Dog – “Lonesome”

These indie popsters hail from Philadelphia, PA and have been creating their delightful brand of harmonic, medlodious, psychedilic rock music for over 10 years now.

The Darcys – “AJA”

These local Toronto indie rockers released AJA earlier this year – an interpretation of the Steely Dan album by the same name (released in 1977).

Mother Mother – “Little Pistol”

A favourite around the FC office, Mother Mother are a five-piece indie act based out of Vancouver, British Columbia known for their quirky pop harmonies.

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