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New this year is our Role Models Campaign! You see, Fresh Collective is about much more than fabulous clothing and accessories. What we’re REALLY about – what really drives us – is the lives that are LIVED in those outfits.

We love entrepreneurship, creativity, self-expression and community. Inspired by our customers, the Role Models Program is designed to celebrate those values, showing you fabulous ways to look great while you’re living your fabulous life out loud!

We’ll be working with six ambitious, accomplished women as our Role Models throughout 2016.  We’ll be getting to know them and what they’re up to, celebrating their successes and sharing their ideas and values throughout the year on our blog and social media. You’ll see them modelling outfits from Fresh Collective, inspiring us all with fashion ideas that project their inner awesomeness and outfit them to take on the world in all kinds of ways.

Let’s meet our first three now: Sacha, Lesley and Shannon.  Would YOU like to become a 2016 Fresh Collective Role Model?  Read below how to apply!

Sacha title

Name: Sacha
Business Name: Sacha Lalla Enterprises
Title: Feminine Leadership Expert
Age: 33
Lifestyle: Believer in fairytales and impossible things

Describe your business:  I help female entrepreneurs grow their business in authentic heart-centred ways and own their worth so they can charge (and make) the money that they deserve.

What drives you?:  Women living full-out and without regrets in business and life is one of my biggest commitments. That females everywhere ignite that spark within and set the world aglow with their brightness.

 What inspires you?: People who choose to live outside their comfort zone and live a life that makes a difference to the world is hugely inspiring. That despite the fear that one might feel, it is not something that holds them back.

What centers you?: My tribe and circle of sisters. Having a community of friends and women who inspire me, cheer me on and sit with me through heartache and failure have been the biggest and most influential forces in my life.

 Lesley Title

Name: Lesley
Business Name: Mars Venus Performance Coaching
Title: Dating Expert & Relationship Coach
Age: 33
Lifestyle: Obsessed with love

Describe your business: I help those struggling with dating, especially those starting over after divorce or loss, to successfully navigate the dating world by better understanding themselves and their partners.

What drives you? What inspires you?: True Love! The kind of love that reveals the juiciest parts of you, heals your darkest caverns and enlivens your partner in the same way. I think this is the magic in life!

What centers you?: Right now, colouring! Seriously, I can sit colouring my ocean book for hours, as happy and zen as I was when I was a little girl :)) This is my kind of meditation!

Shannon title

Name: Shannon
Title: Financial Planner & Founder of the New School of Finance
Age: 31
Lifestyle: Urbanite and secret hippie

Describe your business: We help people survive every day life with their finances through unbiased and affordable financial planning and DIY online financial courses! We make the money stuff more awesome.

What drives you?: Entrepreneurship is my passion and I love helping people. This job is perfect for me because I created it! If a couple who is fighting about money can come in or take one of my courses and finish on the same page with their finances, that’s a BIG WIN. It’s simply the best *queue Tina Turner*

What inspires you?: Nature. The city. My clients. My family. Everything. We are surrounded by amazing things every day and we need to appreciate all the we have and the wonderful things we get to experience. Life can feel overwhelming and shitty sometimes. But, there are moments of awesome and people that are rad in our lives. Appreciating them is important and I am inspired by people all the time and so so appreciative of that.

What centers you?: yoga, my bike and a good cup of tea. 🙂


Now that you’ve met our first three Fresh Collective Role Models, would you be a good fit for joining us?  We are looking for three more women who want to build their audience and have lots to share.  If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, very active on social media, comfortable writing and being on camera  AND you love Fresh Collective, click this link for more info!

MysteryrolemodelWe’re excited to grow our group and have lots of fun building all our businesses together while celebrating Canadian fashion, self-expression and community!



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