Getting Past the Fear – part 2 with #FCRoleModels

A while back, some of our Role Models joined Fresh Collective’s CEO and Founder Laura-Jean for a chat about entrepreneurship and getting over the fears that hold us back.

Here’s part two of that conversation, with Lesley Edwards, Angela Saini and Jamie Ridler.

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Laura-Jean:  I recently heard fear defined as Failure to Experience Actual Reality and I loved that. Experience has taught me that I cook up junk to worry about, let it limit me and almost none of it ever, ever happens.

The fears are so disconnected from actual reality that it’s laughable sometimes. And what I find exciting is that when I see the fears for what they are – made up junk that my brain generates to keep me safe from risk – and choose to act anyway, magic can happen!

It’s just so exciting and sometimes completely unpredictable what can evolve when actions are taken in the zone beyond the fears. We often can’t even see what’s possible until we’ve stepped past the fears and into action.

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Lesley: Ha! This is a good one, the definition I use with my clients is FEAR=False Expectations Appearing Real! Don’t get me wrong, there is real fear, aka if a tiger was chasing you, you would be afraid.

However most fear is the “what might happen/go wrong?”, so like you said, in reality before I started my business and was worried about what everyone would think, and all the ways I could fail, nothing negative had even happened yet! I was stopped simply by what could go wrong.

So I decided to give it shot and see, now it’s been 4.5 years and I’ve got my absolute dream job out of taking a risk and leaping.

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Angela: Shannon, I love the idea of writing a letter to my future self [referring to a comment from part 1].

We take risks all the time as entrepreneurs, some bigger than others, but the FEAR can either debilitate you, or you can move through it.

I think it’s extremely important to be constantly reminding yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Having the “WHY” is the best way to manage those vulnerable moments.

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Jamie: When I found myself all wrapped up in that kind of worry, one of the things that has really helped me is making sure that I come back to the present.

I simply stop and tell myself this truth, “In this moment, everything is fine. In this moment, I am safe. In this moment, all is well.” It’s my simple go-to strategy and I’ve found it makes all the difference.


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