Introducing Fresh Start – An Exciting New Program For Emerging Designers!

Fresh start

At Fresh Collective, we’re out to make it easier for an emerging designer to succeed at their business!  In our new Fresh Start program, an emerging designer works with us over four months to design three pieces based on customer feedback and research.  The designer agrees to start with a blank sketchbook and a curious mind.

Through getting to know our customers’ fashion needs, the designer comes up with six sketches for customers to view, vote on and make suggestions about on social media. With the feedback, she narrows down to three pieces to produce for sale in our stores in the spring.

Alanna Klatt is the talented young designer who is working with us in the first round of this program for 2015. She’ll be preparing a weekly blog post about her experience every step of the way as she designs, refines, produces and markets a micro-collection for Fresh Collective.  She’ll also have regular updates on social media.

The public gets to follow along and support the career of an independent designer. You’ll be offering her suggestions and helping her get all the details just right to produce some best-selling pieces for our wonderful customers!

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Meet Alanna!

Meet Alanna Klatt in person Friday January 23, 11 am – 2 pm at our Queen Street store as she meets and greets the Fresh Collective customers and starts her research process.

Help Alanna with a quick survey!

If you can’t make it to the store, you can take this quick online survey and help Allana get started on her market research.

Follow Alanna’s progress!

Alanna will be sharing behind the scenes progress on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as producing a weekly blog every Thursday.  Follow #FCfreshstart to stay in the loop!

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