Introducing Lesley Edwards – A Fresh Collective Role Model for 2016!

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What’s been your most spectacular failure? How did you get over it and carry on?

Actually it still feels difficult to admit. That after almost 3 years in business, and helping others to connect with and even marry their true love, I was in a relationship where I wasn’t in love. The very thing that I stand for, amazing, delicious True Love that expands what’s possible for each partner. It was a huge revelation and a wake up call to stand up for my core values of big love & deep connection and my desire for can’t-get-enough-of-each-other-crazy-in-loveness!




Lesley joined us in 2015 for a Style Profile. Here she rocked the shirtdress by Montreal label atelier b.



What has been your proudest accomplishment as an entrepreneur?

After finding the courage to be honest with myself and ask for more in my love life, I realized this is the very thing I am on the planet to interrupt. Women not following their Truth, Core Values and Desire and either giving up on love, or finding themselves settling for less. I not only ended that relationship and made space for the love of my life to show up in a few weeks, but I channelled the whole process into a weekend workshop for women.


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Curious about how to be irresistible? How to have fun dating and keep the fun alive over time? TONIGHT, Lesley is offering this event for only $10. Click the picture for more info.


Tell us about your clients/customers.

My clients have found great success in most areas of life, but the love they desire has eluded them. They are committed and looking for guidance to navigate their own blocks as well as dating etiquette in 2016, because they don’t have the tools or expertise, or time to figure it out on their own.





Lesley’s gift to you: top 10 tips for writing a KICKA** online dating profile for free! Click the picture for the link.



Do you work alone or with a team?  Tell us about that.

There are so many parts of my business I am not gifted in: invoicing, business planning, promotion and marketing! Which is why this year I am excited to bring on board a team to support me with these. Actually if you know someone great, send them my way 🙂

How do your family and friends feel about your career and your commitment to it?

My fiancé Matt is my greatest gift. He is as passionate about me doing what I do, as I am, in fact he sees me so much bigger than I see myself most of the time. That gently nudges me to take more risks. I wouldn’t be half of where I am now without his encouragement and faith in me.


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For more about Lesley, click the picture.



What appeals to you about this Role Models Program?

Everything! Getting dressed up in beautiful fashions with amazing women who are following their passions and supporting other women. Encouraging women to shine in all their glory & supporting local Canadian businesses. It is brilliant!!



Lesley wearing leggings from Toronto designer Brenda Beddome, a sparkle sweater by Montreal label Elena Wang and a locket necklace by Love, Montreal. From our 2015 Style Profile shoot.





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