Love Letter From Laura-Jean


Shaping our communities one purchase at a time

We all hear the shop local message, and I want to take a minute to share, from a local retailer’s perspective, the impact of that choice.

When you choose to spend your money with us instead of somewhere else, what you do is invest in Toronto’s neighbourhoods and culture- your neighbourhoods and culture.  These communities are a delicate ecosystem and they’re yours to shape.  When you come to get your hair done on our block, have lunch and then buy a dress, those stores stay in business one more day.  It’s that much of an impact.  And when lots of you do it regularly enough, we all stay in business another month and another year.  When you tell your friends, we thrive and the designers we work with thrive as well.

What that means for you is we can invest in more products, upgrade our store, invest in more exciting marketing to improve your whole experience with our business. Our designers can try new styles and materials.  It means next season, we have MORE great offerings for you and your friends, and you feel even better about how you look!  You dress better, you build your wardrobe, you land new big clients and you get a promotion!  You have more money and you come shopping more often!  Everybody wins!

That’s what drives us.  We’re there for you, and we’re grateful everyday that you love us enough to choose to spend with us.  We’re also hugely grateful when you tell us what you’d like to see or when we’ve let you down!  If we’re missing out on your business, we’d like to know why so we can choose more effective strategies in the future.

Once my husband was describing what I do for a living to a friend. He said, “She has these three stores, Fresh Collective, but there’s more to it than just stores.  It’s more like a movement.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I started.  It’s a movement to revolutionize the fashion industry for you.  We aim to provide you with gorgeous, amazing clothing and accessories so that you live the best life possible.  You feel so gorgeous and confident that you fall in love, you take your business to the next level and beyond and you make the world a better and more joyful place just by being you.

My goal everyday is to support our customers to have great lives.  And we are forever grateful that – two decades after I started out as a girl from Saskatoon making sweaters hoping to break into the Toronto fashion scene – you continue to shop with us helping to support our three stores, seven fabulous staff members, thirty five passionate Canadian designers and, by extension,  all our families and the communities we live in.  Your shopping choices shape Canada’s culture.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for Toronto communities and for what Fresh Collective has in store.  We look forward to sharing it with you!

Love; Laura-Jean and the whole Fresh Collective team


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