Love Letter from Laura-Jean: A Happy Family Day

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When I think about the things we did as a family when I was a kid, they were pretty simple – picnics, bike rides or car trips to see my Grandma Becky. Whenever we asked my Mom what she wanted for her birthday she would say, “”Oh, I don’t need anything. I just want a happy family day!””

At Fresh Collective, we are clear that you don’t need more things. And we’re clear that you, like my Mom, would always choose a happy family day or a fun time with friends above all. We know the world doesn’t revolve around the “stuff” in our stores.

What we really care about in the Fresh Collective community are relationships. There is nothing more rewarding and valuable than sharing a fun time with people you care about. And that’s what our stores are about. We’re building a company culture that reflects that. We take a stand for the people who work in our business having happy, well rounded lives, going for their goals and having their work life be a support for that.

We know that in our company culture, the way we are with each other is the way we’ll be with our customers. We’re working on defining everything we do in our business, so we get the big “”why”” that’s in everything we do. Our goal is to be able to replicate it when it’s successful and grow.

One thing we’ve defined recently is our sales process. We are all about our customers and their lives. You’re busy, awesome, happy and out there living life to the fullest. You have big dreams and lots of love in your life. You do fun stuff!

What we do – and this just came naturally because it works – is talk to people to discover what in their life is worth celebrating. We then match the fabulous product that we’ve carefully sourced knowing you and your life so well, that compliments what you’re up to.

We haven’t ever found a need to try to “”push”” product on people to boost our sales. In our stores, it’s just the opposite! We want to find out what’s going with you, and draw out what might be upcoming in your life, that we can support with great fashion. A wedding to go to? Awesome! A new job? Fantastic! Newly divorced and ready to start dating again? So great!

We just love to be part of your lives. We feel grateful that women come into our store looking for that perfect piece to be the icing on the cake of their great life – even if the event in question is just simply a happy family day.

Enjoy those picnics and PTA meetings! Be awesome at that new job! Celebrate making that fitness goal, that new relationship or anniversary! We feel privileged to be in your life as you live it. Thanks you for allowing us to share in your events, and for us, that’s the big “”why”” behind what we do everyday; we get to be part of your lives and we love that.”

One thought on “Love Letter from Laura-Jean: A Happy Family Day

  1. I’ve purchased several pieces of jewellery from your Queen St. store. I’m always rushed because I live in the burbs and only have a few minutes on my lunch break. Your girls are so friendly and helpful. The last time I was in, I believe it was Jane who assisted me. She was so sweet and friendly. No attitude whatsoever (sad that I find that unusual). I had to put things on hold and when I returned the next day, Jane was off, however the young woman who took over was ever so helpful, by trying on the piece I was interested in for a friend but unsure, which allowed me to see how it would look on someone with the same stature as my friend. My friend loves it by the way and has received several compliments. It was from Sailor Girl and it was a gift to make her feel better for going through some tough personal issues. I’m so happy to have a place to shop for those unique pieces, hand made locally, and always served with a genuine smile.