Love Letter from Laura-Jean: A Summer of Having it All

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This summer I’m taking on a new challenge in having it all.  My son Dexter is going into Grade 2 in the fall and he wanted to have a free and easy summer with no camps or babysitter.  He has the whole rest of his life to adhere to schedules and get places on time, so I’m going to do my best to make this work for him.

Part of the reason I wanted to have my own business back in 1994 was to have the flexibility to spend time with kids when I had them. 19 years later, I have one almost seven year-old kid and a solid schedule of meetings, planning, documents to complete, 71 emails in my inbox and reports to compile… and I have this blog post to complete which has been on my list for six days now!


So here’s what I’m doing today; I grabbed a sheet to sit on, my cell phone, my laptop and Dexter and I headed to the park.  He’s practicing riding his bike and I am set up in the shade to write about wearing Fresh Collective clothing for all your summer outdoor activities.  How perfect could that be for what I’m up to today?!  I’m out at a park, writing a blog post for work, while my son plays and I’m wearing the Andrea Drape Dress from Rita Di Cesare, comfortable and casual “Chaste Skimmer” Hush Puppies flats and earrings from iMonique.


Two sentences into this post, we had a slight hitch in the plan as the daycare kids came outside and needed a place to do their parachute play.  No problem!  I grabbed my office (my sheet), my purse and laptop, slipped on my Hush Puppies and Dex and I relocated.


Tonight we’re having friends over to our backyard.  This outfit will do just fine for that too, and for the bike trip to the wine store and grocery store I’ll need to do after this to prepare.PhotoGrid_1372796679364

I bet as you’re reading this you’re thinking “Your life doesn’t sound much different than mine – you’re here and there, juggling work, fun and family.”  IT’S TRUE! I’m A Fresh Collective customer, so we have a lot in common (hey, what a surprise!) and we both live full lives, really pursuing having it ALL in life.

Today I had a dream day.  A morning at my office with my team, an afternoon working and seeing my son master bike riding skills, errands and then tonight, hanging with friends… And, I did it all looking pretty darn awesome and polished, head to toe in product from our shops.


I love that our shops can help outfit you for your dream days this summer and beyond.  Our dresses are there when you’re dating or working; starting a new career or closing a chapter.  Today I had it all – I really had it all – and as I put off this blog post just another few minutes to run alongside Dex on his bike encouraging him as he was still wobbly and just starting to gain confidence, I just really felt grateful and happy to have this summer to enjoy with him.

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