Love Letter from Laura-Jean: Four Simple Questions

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I’ve been on a mission to better myself as a business leader, including taking a lot of development courses. What these courses have opened up for me was much more than I expected. In every area of my life – business and personal – the same themes play out. I stop myself in the same ways from creating what I say I want in my life.

I’ll share with you one little exercise I’ve been doing that you can take on if you really want access to having everything work in your life.I’ve been interviewing all my employees both about me and about the business. I ask four simple questions and it takes about 10 minutes. I also let them know that there are no bad answers. “Negative” feedback allows me access to just not doing it anymore and they can just say whatever comes up for them.

The four powerful questions are:
What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?
What do you wish I’d do more of?
What can you always count on me for?

Then, I ask the same questions of the business:
What are the business’ strengths, weaknesses and so on.

A lot of people have said to me “I don’t know if I’d want to know what people think!” It’s certainly a challenge and I do find myself procrastinating on making the calls, but when I finally do it, I’m always pleasantly surprised.

The feedback is SO powerful. I get access to doing what I do well better, and stopping doing what doesn’t work.


The coolest thing about this exercise that I didn’t even expect was getting that people want me to be great. People love me, and they love the business. They want both myself and the business to be awesome and just shine. For them, they get the fun of being associated with greatness when that happens. What this feedback gives me access to is just how to make that happen.

This isn’t unique to me. If you were to ask these questions for yourself by “interviewing” the people in your life about you and about the project you have at work or your business, you would find that everyone thinks you’re amazing, wants you to be even more amazing and really, wants all you do to succeed.

The other thing I got is how astute people are. Anything we think we’re hiding, we simply aren’t. Everyone, from the mailman to my best friend, knows I have uhrm, ahem…. organizational issues and maybe just a hint of a lack of…. hey, what’s that over there!? ….. focus and follow through problems.

Hearing this feedback has me be accountable to just deal with it. I ask the people in my life to be a support to me as I work on the skills needed to schedule and build structure around my projects. Dealing with that stuff powerfully allows me more room to connect with people, communicate, work on sharing the vision of Fresh Collective and just shine as bright as I was meant to.

Turns out all the years I spent wondering if people thought I was doing a good job and what they thought of me as a person was a waste of time! I could just ask and find out! It’s like creating your own performance review for life. So cool!

What do you think? Would you like to take this on for your life? I’d love to hear what results you get and what new power for your life you access through these four little questions.

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