Loving the Ones You’re With

Today on Facebook I saw a very sad post from Peter Gabriel. It seems he lost his father on Friday and he shared this video of the beautiful song he’d written for him.

Now this really hit me. Not only because Peter Gabriel is one of my favourite humans, but because he is also a very big part of my relationship with my Father (as you can see in this post from September).

This past weekend I spent a lot of time reflecting on the importance of relationships in my life. Relationships with friends, relationships with family, relationships with co-workers and even with strangers.

My amazing, sweet and nurturing Mom and Dad with their brand new handful.

These relationships are really the best thing we have, and it’s so important to cherish and nurture them. This weekend I reconnected with a brother I have barely spoken to in the last 10 years, I had a repairing talk with my little sister and apologized for being self righteous with her, I thanked my parents for being wonderful and loving and always looking out for me while letting me be who I wanted.

My brother Ben and sister Katie – Two super awesome humans!

These conversations were nothing but giving credit where credit is due, but the result was ultimately so rewarding. I now have the opportunity to have wonderful new relationships wtih my family.

Giving the people in your life the gift of a thank you ends up making both them and YOU feel like a million bucks.

I encourage you to reach out to a loved one in your life today. Give someone a hug, tell someone how awesome they are – it’s the greatest gift you can give them – and yourself.

xo – Allison


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