Mandala Design’s Gayle Dress and Matt & Nat!

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Oh happy day!  I get to show off TWO of my favourite Canadian brands in this post!

Starting with the Gayle dress by Mandala Design, this is a almost a quintessential Fresh Collective kind of dress.  Here’s why:

  1. The colours and prints are fun, bold and feminine!
  2. Not only is the fit flattering on most bodies, this style walks the line between sexy and demure all at the same time.  You could wear it to teach grade three or out on a date and it would be appropriate for either situation.
  3. The fabric is easy care and virtually wrinkle free.  It will travel exceptionally well, pack small and you could easily wash it in your hotel sink if need be!
Gayle dress- Jane

Gayle Dress by Mandala Design – $128; Bag (left) Baxter – $128 and now 20% off Bag (right) Whilem $124


Mandy Armstrong, the designer behind Mandala Design knows her customers’ needs very well, and is masterful and designing with YOU and your lifestyle in mind.  Year after year, we love seeing her collections come out and be consistent favourites with our customers.

Matt&Nat is another favourite among our customers because they last FOREVER! The number one thing I hear customers say about Matt & Nat is “Oh I have one of their wallets/bags from 8 years ago and it looks great but I think it’s time for a new one”. Matt & Nat is a vegan bag line that looks like leather and a lot of thought goes into the details of the design making it perfect for everyday use. The price points are also great making them easy to fall in love with.


Akibo clutch by Matt&Nat – shown in Iris, other colours available are black, storm, champagne $79 (20% off now $63)

I want to make sure to highlight the really fabulous Akibo clutch from Matt&Nat.  When I select all the styles I always look for how it’s going to fit into people’s lives. This clutch is awesome because your hand slides through the front strap making it stick to your hand easily. This is the perfect clutch for going out on a date, attending a networking event or just looking like the creative professional that you are. Now 20% off for a limited time!

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