Meet Minerva Maharajh – A Fresh Collective Role Model for 2017

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Minerva is wearing the Vogue Dress from Montreal label Cherry Bobin

Before I met you, I didn’t know “Spiritual Life Coach” was a thing! Did you know before you became one? Or when you discovered it was a thing, was it kind of like the heavens opened up for you?

I didn’t know it was a thing either:)

I was just in a different career path that didn’t make me happy for a very long time and when I stopped to reflect I finally decided I wanted to be one of those people who woke up excited to do their work and who was very good at it.

I started to say “Why not me? Why can’t I have it all?” so I started a deep soul/ personal journey to rediscover what I was good at and passionate about.

I kept having these visions and strong urges to do life coaching that intertwines meditation and spiritual components.

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Minerva is wearing the Archipal Dress  from Montreal label Cherry Bobin

Once I started researching how to get certified as a coach I discovered a program for Spiritual Life Coaching and the rest is history!

I haven’t looked back since. I truly feel I am finally living a life and doing work I am good at and very passionate about. To me, it is possible to have it all, I’m living it now.

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Minerva is wearing the Emmanuelle Dress from Montreal label Annie 50.

Knowing you, it is SO the right career path for you. You’re so authentic and connected to people, and down to earth as well! What do you love most about your career?

Aww thank you! I guess you touched right on it. What I love most about my work is that it doesn’t feel like work, I get to be myself and share my story, passion, talents and gifts with others.

I feel that when you operate from a place of deep truth and authenticity the rest unfolds greater than you could have imagined.

From working with amazing private clients, retreats, workshops, talks….my career is unfolding greater than I thought possible.

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Minerva is wearing the Henley Dress from Toronto label Mandala Design

What did you do before you got onto this path?

Before Spiritual Life Coaching I was pursuing a career in film & television as an actress and dancer.

I was doing this for over 15 years. I had an agent, did some fun work on tv, music videos, movies and danced for NBA Toronto Raptors and backup for some artists.

However, after I got married I realized I was pursuing something that didn’t bring out the best in me or make me happy.

I felt like I was fighting against something greater for me. So once I stopped and listened, the essence of what I always wanted for myself and career (ease, flow, authenticity, using my gifts, talents and passions to help and inspire others) unfolded to me.


Curious what Spiritual Life Coaching could do for you?

Minerva is running a giveaway till the end of April.

In a FREE 45 minute call, you can:

* Discover what spirituality means to you,
* What blocks you from living the life you want, and
* How to start removing your blocks instantly!

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You got a new puppy! Tell us about her (him?) !!

Yes! I just got a new puppy! Her name is Tulip. She is a maltipoo who is about 3 months old. She is the little love my life. And she is an old soul (just like me!).

The funny thing is once me and my husband decided to add a member to our family I knew it was going to be an old soul. The day we met her, when I picked her up the breeder said “She’s an old soul”. I knew she was ours!

She stares deep in your eyes and you can feel her in your heart. She’s something special for sure.

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Minerva is wearing the Stefie Jacket from Canadian label Soia & Kyo.

What inspires you about working with your clients?

What inspires me about working with my clients is when they are ready to break free from limiting patterns and experiences in their life and ready to do the work!

I love those that are fed up and ready for change and they take responsibility and have courage to take the next step.

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Minerva is wearing the Sophie Dress from Toronto label Studio Fresh.

What are your plans for your business over the next couple years?

My plans for my business for the next couple of years is to continue with my 1-on-1 coaching clients, run 3-4 of my spiritual and personal development retreats called ‘Eat. Meditate. Love’ per year (my next retreat date can be found here: and start writing my first bestselling book!


What spiritual practices do you use personally to manage the stresses of being an entrepreneur?

I have my “Morning of Joy” routine. As soon as I wake up I say thank you for at least 3 things a day, set an intention of who I want to be for the day, cuddle my sweet pup, do some yoga stretches then meditate and pray.

This always sets me up to a great place of centeredness to handle anything throughout the day.

Whenever I do feel stress as an entrepreneur, I do still turn to deep breathing and meditation throughout the day, journaling and/or reach out for support from my husband or a fellow entrepreneur friend. The mastermind groups I am a part of help as well.


Do you have any tips for people who are new to spirituality and want to start exploring how it can impact their life?

My advice is to follow what feels good & light! Spirituality means so many different things to many people and there are many different paths to get there. Whatever your spirit/intuition calls you to will feel “light” and easy. And whatever gives you a sense of relief, peace, hope and “ah-ha” moments follow that as well!

Guided meditations helped me discover and understand who I was and establish a deeper connection to myself and a Higher Power and from that I was guided to other teachers, books, spiritual readings, practices, etc; Once you are ready the next step will be revealed…you just have to be open and willing.


I have some great resources available to help new and experienced spiritualists:

FREE ‘How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps’ guide & audio meditation to ‘Get Present’ for download and keeps:

spiritual series

I am also running a 4 week Spiritual Series starting April 5th to learn the 4 pillars of Spirituality and how to apply them to every area to uplevel your professional and personal lives.  

You can register here.

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Minerva is wearing the Henley Dress from Toronto label Mandala Design

To me spirituality is often the part of us that is left out of the equation when searching for answers, healing and advancement in life but it should be the first place we look because our spirit and Higher Power only and always wants what’s best for you so it will innately lead you to just that.

We are spirit beings before human beings so that part of you lives in you and always has the answer within.

It has never failed me, or my clients. Once you tap into that side of you the answers, love, healing and abundance you seek is unleashed.


What appealed to you about joining us as a Role Model?

Well, you actually appealed to me Laura- Jean 🙂 I admire you as a strong and talented business women so to be apart of anything you’ve created is simply an honor and privilege. (Awwww… thank you… blush… LJ)

Plus I love how you highlight other entrepreneur women and women of different shapes and sizes. To me you highlight beauty comes in different shapes and forms which is more relatable. 


Minerva is wearing Sophie Dress from Toronto label Studio Fresh.

What in your life is most important to you?

What is most important to me is to live a life of worth. Meaning live a life that is worth looking back and being proud of; and to live a life knowing I am worthy of the highest and best life has to offer.


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