Meet Sailor Girl!

We’re excited to welcome another talented and amazing designer to the FC fold! We now carry Sailor Girl Jewelry at our Roncesvalles location.

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Designer Catherine Winter on her process:

I make glass beads using a technique called lampworking or flameworking. I use a gas/oxygen torch to melt rods of glass. My raw glass is Moretti glass from Italy. The melted glass is wound around a thin steel rod (called a mandrel), then shaped and decorated with thin rods of glass (called stringers). Some of the beads have silver leaf added inside. There is no paint on any of my beads, they are all layers and layers of glass.
All of my beads are annealed (baked) in a kiln at approximately 950 degrees F. This removes stress from the glass and prevents the bead from cracking. Because my beads are annealed, they are durable. Try not to drop them on cement or marble. They will hold up well under normal, everyday wear.
As they are handmade, each bead is unique. While I do my very best to produce exactly what you see on the screen, there will be some slight variations in the beads.

Catherine Winter, creator of Sailor Girl

My goal is to live an inspired, adventurous, creative life.

I love sailing. I spend a couple of months every year on my small white sailboat in warm waters. I make glass beads. I design and sell jewelry with my glass beads. I ride my bike everywhere.
Once upon a time I rode my bike around Ireland. I’m learning Spanish (it’s been 20 years). I love to cook.
I believe every meal should be garnished. I’m a cat girl. I like pretty coloured fish and birds. I love flowers. Hanging out in coffee shops watching the world go by is one of my favourite pastimes. Blue and green should always be seen. I have a weak spot for bonnet dramas on the BBC. I love radio plays, audiobooks and podcasts. My toenails are painted bright metallic blue. I’m a sun bunny. I was born in New Zealand, moved to Australia, and immigrated to Canada when I was 11. I love vegemite on toast. If I had 2 heads, 4 hands and never slept I still wouldn’t get everything done on my list. I love small business. I can never have enough colour around me.

Join us at our Roncesvalles Store on Saturday, January 19th  to welcome Sailor Girl Jewellery. Meet designer Catherine and see a live glass firing and jewellery creation demo in store between 1-5pm!


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