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If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’re probably already familiar with our good friend Adaline. We LOVE this girl. She’s such a talent, such a darling and so cool. We love partnering with her whenever we can, we love playing her music in our stores, hell, we just love hanging out with her!

So without further ado… the lovely Adaline!

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Talk about starting with a bang. Adaline achieves near Judy Garland levels of melodrama on “That’s What You Do Best”, the stately electro-torch song that opens her latest album, Modern Romantics. But she doesn’t get there without boxing your ears with wiggy sax (from Shuffle Demon Richard Underhill) and unhinged guitar solos (by Hawksley Workman) on the way. It’s what Adaline does best; elegant structures that happen to be wildly hooky. “It’s a pop record,” she says of her sophomore effort, “but certainly not straight down the middle. I have pop sensibilities, but I hope I come across as a little deeper than a pop tart.” Deeper by orders of magnitude, based on the sheer stylistic scope of Modern Romantics, and the quixotic path it takes through sexy, minatory trip hop (“Keep Me High”), smartly built robo-pop (“The Noise”, “Sparks”, “Stereo”), and even the sad-erotic cabaret of “Cost Is Too High (Not To Love)”. Recorded at Toronto’sCanterbury Studios, Adaline and her collaborators and co-producers Hawksley Workman, Marten Tromm, and Tino Zolfo have made the kind of record that’s invested with depth you only ever get from high-end, ultra-talented music nerds.

Since its release on Light Organ/Universal Records on November 1st, 2011 the album has received strong praise from music critics. Modern Romantics entered the “Earshot” Top 50 on Nov. 29th 2011 charting in the top 10 in many stations across Canada and her song “That’s What You Do Best” had an impressive 12 week stay in the Top 30 on the CBC Radio 3. The music video for the first single “The Noise” was premiered on Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine Online in January 2012. The video broke into the Top 20 on Much More Music and garnered over 100,000 Youtube views in its first week.

The television and movie world also took note of the album. Shortly after its release, the song “Say Goodbye (I Won’t Even)” was featured on the “Grey’s Anatomy” mid-season finale (Nov. 2011). A couple weeks later, Adaline’s song “Sparks” was again featured on “Grey’s Anatomy” with almost back-to-back episode placements. Other music features include “90210″, “Ringer”, “Royal Pains”, “Rookie Blue”, “Degrassi”, “The Listener”, “Bomb Girls”, “Lost Girl”, “Flashpoint” and the new Samuel L Jackson movie “The Samaritan”.

Since her debut release Famous For Fire (2008), Adaline has been interviewed on ETalk, MuchMusic, ET Canada and has toured across Canada sharing the stage with esteemed colleagues Blonde Redhead, Wild Nothing, Dan Mangan, Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother), Hannah Georgas, and The Sheepdogs. She has played numerous festivals including CMW, NXNE, Junofest, Sled Island and Breakout West.

Recently, the album also earned a nomination for “Pop Recording of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards which took place this past September 2012 in Regina, SK.

In addition to preparing to record her third album, Adaline just collaborated with Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene for the score of the new Bret Easton Ellis film “The Canyons” starring Lindsay Lohan which will be released Summer 2013.

Location: Toronto, ON Canada 
Genre: Alternative,Electronic,Indie




When did you start pursuing music as a passion? What sparked it?
I grew up singing and performing but didn’t really see songwriting as a passion or even a possibility. When I was in University I started dating a songwriter and thought I’d try it out for fun. It quickly became a passion and after school I decided to pursue it full time. It’s a scary direction to take but sometimes you have to push yourself off the ledge to understand what you’re capable of.
What is your favourite song you’ve written? What is it about? How did it come to be?
There is a song on my first record called “Meaningless Meeting” and it sticks out in my mind as one of my favourite songwriting moments because it was the first time I experienced an almost spiritual like encounter of a song just tumbling out of me effortlessly. It was one of the first times I felt like a songwriter and for that reason it always feels special.
What is your relationship to fashion? What does it mean to you?
My personal style has evolved over the years and it’s mostly been a journey of understanding what I love and feeling bold enough to try it. For years I was drawn to items of clothing but just felt too shy. Now I never let a piece of clothing scare me off – fashion is supposed to be diverse and fun – we should never let what other people think detour us from our own expression.
As a local artist, what do you love most about Toronto? What about Canada?
I’ve been in Toronto for 2 years and I continue to fall in love with the city. There are always new places and things to discover. It’s so multicultural and expressive. It’s also one of the only cities left in Canada that has multiple venues for artists to perform in. It’s not perfect in that respect, but at least artists have some options. Canada is a beautiful country that I have had the pleasure of exploring. We are very much still building our own identity, but I have felt encouraged by the artistic endeavours I’ve encountered over the past 5 years.
Is there a woman in your life that really moves and inspires you? Who is she and why?
My mother. She is the strongest person I have ever known. She is continually positive and genuinely interested in the well being of others both emotionally and spiritually. If I could have half her heart I would be lucky.
Anything else you’d like to share?
To keep in touch please follow me on social networks – I’m quite active online!


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