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We’d like to introduce you to another awesome female artist showcasing next week during Canadian Music Fest! Daniella Watters is a gorgeous young talent and we had a ton of fun shopping with her this week for her performances! Learn more about her below…

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Daniella Watters is a singer/songwriter and from Toronto who regularly plays around the GTA and is in the midst of recording her first full length solo album. She released her self titled EP during the summer of 2012 after she won RDR Music Group’s Street Idol Award at Canadian Music Week last year. With this award she landed 7 radio placements for her single “Missing My Love”, her own iPhone app, and radio interviews and performances on 103.9 Proud FM. This past fall she was featured on Rogers TV and has received several CBC features since her release of her EP. During the summer Daniella produced her music video for Missing My Love and connected with multiplatinum producer Shawn Mckenzie of Reverb Music Group. Since then they have partnered and have been creating her first full length album which fuses elements of r&b, hip hop, jazz, funk, and pop, and is expected to be released by the summer of 2013!

For the last few years Daniella has performed regularly around the GTA with several bands ranging from covers with her own creative adaption and originals. She collaborates with many other talented artists writing originals for herself and also with the with the intention of acquiring placements with other emerging artists and in TV/Film. Daniella’s love for music has a beginning, but no end. Music is the one consistent element in her life that will never fade. She involves music in her life in every way possible, whether it’s performing with a band or in a play, writing originals or rearranging covers, listening at a concert, or collaborating with other talented musicians, Daniella is going full force incorporating music into her life for good!


Location: Toronto, ON Canada
Genre: Funk,Pop,R&B

CMF Showcase
Friday March 22 @ 9:00PM

CMF Showcase
Tuesday March 19 @ 9:00PM
Clinton’s Tavern

1. Top - Studio Fresh, Necklace - Kyle Osnack, 2. Top - Monikova, Pants - Brenda Beddome, 3. Dress - Address Apparel, Necklaces - Curious Oddities. Which do you like best? Sound off in the comments!

1. Top – Studio Fresh, Necklace – Kyle Osnack, 2. Top – Monikova, Pants – Brenda Beddome,  Jewellery – Curious Oddities 3. Dress – Address Apparel, Necklaces – Curious Oddities. Which do you like best? Sound off in the comments!

Getting to know Daniella Watters: A Fresh Collective Q&A

When did you start pursuing music as a passion? What sparked it?
I have loved to sing ever since I could talk, I loved to dance ever since I could walk, and I’ve loved to write poems since I experienced my first hardship. I began with poetry then started adding melodies turning my writing into lyrics. Artistic expression is the most important means of release and happiness for me.
What is your favourite song you’ve written? What is it about? How did it come to be?
Noelle is one of my favourite songs I have ever written. I wrote it as a poem in grade 10 or 11 in high school and I began writing it as a song when I was about 18, then I introduced it to a band I played with called Daytime Theft, who helped me make a fantastic arrangement around it, which we recorded a couple years ago. It was a very lengthy process, which is one of the reasons that makes it so special for me. I also called the song Noelle because I named it after a girl who was struggling and created a fake story for her to use as inspirations for others who were undergoing pain. The poem was originally about myself because my parents were going through a divorce and I was struggling, but then it evolved, as a song, into something else, a fictional story that anyone can relate to.
What is your relationship to fashion? What does it mean to you?
Fashion is one of the most visible forms of self expression! Through clothing we can set our identity and use it in a way to be creative and unique. My closet is jammed pack tight though, which is kind of embarrassing because I do not need so many things! Every few years I donate my clothing to Good Will or other charities that need support. I am fortunate to have clothing and other necessities so I think it’s important to give back.
As a local artist, what do you love most about Toronto? What about Canada?
Toronto has so many venues and opportunities to play. It’s also full of talented musicians who are interested in writing original music and collaborating. That is something I truly love about the community. I have met with other artists for the first time with the intention of writing (without even knowing each other) and it’s crazy and inspiring because most of the time we create magic and pump out songs like its our job. Music, to me, is a very organic and natural thing and it’s such an honour to get to write with other musicians and create music, which is essentially a creation of something from nothing – or something from something (depending on what you’re writing about).
Is there a woman in your life that really moves and inspires you? Who is she and why?
Yes, my grandmother Yaiya. She is not technically a blood relative, but she treated me like her own for my whole life. Every time I look at her I get inspired because she gave me her heart and soul for as long as I’ve lived and that’s something I’ll have forever no matter what happens.
Anything else you’d like to share?
Yes!! Keep your eyes open for my new album and come to my show(s) at Canadian Music Week! Music is best heard when there are ears to take it in so I hope that I can share the experience with as many music lovers as possible. AND go to Fresh Collective to check out their clothing! I’ll be wearing some of their latest arrivals at the CMW Shows 🙂

Find Daniella online – Official Site :: Facebook :: Twitter :: YouTube

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