So long, Kensington shop!

It was time to let go of my cute little Kensington store. On December 28th (just last week), I closed the door to the Augusta Avenue boutique for good.

I opened it in 1998 under the name Fresh Baked Goods, which was the name of my knitwear line. We set up knitting machines in the back and made sweaters all day to sell in the front of the store.

I was known as Laura-Jean the Knitting Queen, and I called my assistants Knitting Princesses.


I opened the store in the spring and a few weeks after, a heatwave hit. I nearly had a nervous breakdown, as I spent $1400 on an air conditioner and realized I was going to have to make it through the summer as a sweater shop!

We made it through that summer and 21 summers more, as the business evolved into Fresh Collective.

I learned so much about business in that shop. Met so many wonderful customers. Worked with awesome employees and designers. This place is so full of memories.


Sadly, with the small space, no storage, and other challenges facing the Kensington location, it was time to admit we had outgrown it and focus on our 2 larger locations, as well as the online store.

I must admit, I do have a few other things on my plate these days, which made letting go a little easier!

As I shut and locked the door for the last time, I took a moment to thank that little shop for all the lessons and good times it gave me, and to wish its next business the best of luck!





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