Style Profile – Before and After Series: Nancy Moore

Name: Nancy Moore

Occupation: Graphic Designer / Part Owner of Sign Shop, Seastar Images Inc. / Artist

Age: the ‘Sunny Side’ of 50!

Lifestyle: fun, casual and very occasionally formal

Nancy is our very first Before & After Style Profile participant! Here she is featuring the Pop Floral Print Shelly Slouch Dress from Mandala.


What’s something you’d like to incorporate more  of into your wardrobe?

My wardrobe right now is one word, comfortable. I would love to incorporate more style and colour. I would love my outfits to reflect who I am, FUN!


What got you interested in doing a Wardrobe Makeover with us? 

I feel like I was in a rut with my clothing choices and I was finding that I didn’t care much anymore.

nancy before 2 - Copy

Most of us can probably recognize ourselves in these photos. When every day is stacked with all kinds of responsibilities and commitments, our efforts to be expressive with our wardrobe and our need to feel beautiful and confident often take a backseat in our busy lifestyles.


What is your “style rut” like?

I find that when choosing an outfit in the morning my number one priority is comfort.

Nancy has a big passion for life that keeps her busy with all kinds of activities. She found this lifestyle left her closet a little lacking, with super casual outfits being her go-to look on most days.



What was your favourite look we picked out for you?

Surprisingly, my favourite outfit, which I ended up taking home with me, is a very comfortable wrap-around dress. It is very colourful, just like me!

If comfort is your main priority but you’d really like to liven up your feminine side, wrap dresses (like this Black Floral Print Kensington Dress by FunkD) are the perfect fit for every figure. A very “safe” wardrobe option to be on the lookout for this summer!


What’s a typical day like for you?

My typical day includes feeding then walking my 3 Jack Russels in the morning and rushing into work. I spend a couple of hours on the computer and then help out in the work shop out back.

Nancy looked light and casual in this Light Denim Lakeview Wrap Dress by FunkD – a fun dress to mix up with different kinds of shoes!


I rarely have to install graphics anymore but I would still consider my job as physical. Every now and then we have lunch and learns and I meet with clients, these are my “dress up” days.

We noticed that Nancy seemed to be a fan of A-line skirts, so we thought she might really get a kick out of this adorable Telephone Denim Skirt by Desserts and Skirts!


After work I’m either meeting with friends for dinner, rushing to the soccer pitch (yes, I still play!) or trying to get home to finish painting the “masterpiece” I started the evening before :).  

Nancy was all class with a funky twist in this White & Navy Bees Print Abby Dress by Mandala. Also available in White & Black, it’s been a real hit this spring and there aren’t many left on the shelves! We thought the navy print really flattered her beautiful ash blonde hair.


What in your life is really important to you?

As I get older my priorities have changed. It used to be money but I’ve come to realize that whats important to me now are friends, family, moments and destinations.


What did you like best about your fashion transformation at Fresh Collective?

What did I like best? lol – OMG, I had so much fun! You can probably could tell by the photos. Who doesn’t want to be a model? 

During her Wardrobe Makeover, we suggested colourful pieces for Nancy that we found suited her vibrant personality, while still keeping mindful of the very crucial comfort factor. The light, flowy fit and stretch waist of the Magenta Pop Floral Peasant Dress by Mandala definitely passed the test. It also really brought out the glow of her light complexion!


I loved walking around the store (which is lovely, btw) with Laura-Jean after simply answering a few style/colour preference questions.


Laura-Jean pointed out what she thought some great options were, pieces that I would have not chosen for myself.


Ironically, she picked out my favourite outfit!

We knew the Black Floral Print Kensington Dress by FunkD would be the perfect choice for Nancy; its elaborate print gives it dazzling character, while it’s light and stretchy wrap style gives it the comfort of casual wear she can’t live without!


What colours / patterns do you tend to gravitate to?

I tend to gravitate to black but I’m getting better at introducing colour into my wardrobe. I tend to paint with the most vibrant colours but often wear drab clothing. I would like to look more fashion forward, fun and young. 

StepUp BannerDo you feel like you will have more fun with fashion and style in your everyday life now?


I have learned to try it on before you make any decisions. Yes, I purchased a few ‘fun’ pieces that I will be incorporating into my wardrobe. Can’t wait until the weather gets nicer so I can wear my new duds.

This Pop Floral Shelly Slouch Dress by Mandala was a lovely match for Nancy’s cyan slingbacks! This piece wasn’t one of her first picks, but she couldn’t say “no” to trying it on!


Tell us about your artwork. Where do you find your inspiration? How long have you been painting?


I’ve been creative all of my life and I don’t think that its something you can turn on and off at will. I have been in shared and private art shows and been included in juried shows for over 15 years.


In that time my artistic style has transformed from realism to representative. I don’t set out to replicate an image but rather to convey a mood. I am inspired by the colours and patterns naturally occurring in the human form and in nature.

Visit my Facebook Page, Nancy L Moore or view my latest creations at

What do you have that you want to promote?


 If you would like more information about my business then visit my website at


You’ve been the owner of your own business since 1997 (please correct this if I’m wrong). Could you describe your experience of growing a business? What have been some of your greatest challenges and/or rewards through the evolution of your business?


We HAVE been in business for 20 years now!! It’s been a roller coaster ride. When we started the business, Seastar Images Inc. it was nothing more than meetings and “lunch and learns”.

banner1-borderWe have had to evolve with the times and changing design trends. Through a mix of determination, hard work and awesome employees, we’ve grown into a great dedicated, professional business.


Check out our Facebook Page Seastar Images Inc. or view our website at! I’m very proud of us. 

I have a few “art” events that haven’t been solidified yet, sadly. However, I do have a blog for my artwork, if you would like to see the latest pieces that I have been working on.


Let’s have another look at some of these pieces!


Visit me at the Artist Project, Toronto – Feb. 2018!

What brings you energy and motivation?


I get excited about colour and patterns and I get lost in time when I’m being creative. I love to see people’s reactions to my artwork and designs and I can’t wait to be creative again! I am very lucky to be were I am.


Is there anything else we should know about you?


I’m a great listener…Also, If you are coming over to my studio, always bring wine!

Here’s a gorgeous full-body shot of Nancy in the Magenta Pop Floral Cher Peasant Dress by Mandala! This was one of our favourite picks for her.


Where can people find you on social media?


I try and post my most recent paintings and drawings on
Instagram: @moore_n


Facebook Page: Nancy L Moore, Artist


Facebook Page: Seastar Images Inc.
I’m also on Twitter, but I’m not that familiar with it… 🙁

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