Name: Daniella Theresia
Occupation: Singer
Age: 32
Lifestyle: Never too busy to smell the roses or eat the chocolate


Joanne Dress – Navy Apples from Toronto-based Palette


What’s a typical day like for you?


My days vary based upon rehearsal and gig schedules, but I generally like to do at least 30 minutes of yoga to wake up my body before I warm up vocally.


Depending what’s coming up, I’ll practice for about an hour and then the rest of my day is flexible – sometimes I’ll have a rehearsal with my pianist, sometimes I’ll have time for a long walk in a nearby park, some evenings I’ll have rehearsals for ensembles that I sing in and, of course, some days I’ll have performances.


A significant part of my day tends to be spent in the kitchen; I love cooking and baking treats!


Joanne Dress – Blue Birds from Toronto-based Palette


What in your life is really important to you?


Authentic, heart-full connections, especially with regards to what I’m singing.


Sing-Sing Dress – Black and White Flowers from Montreal-based Cherry Bobin


What would you like to be remembered for?


I want to be remembered as the person that radiates lightness and joy and uplifts others with her singing.




Edie Dress – Tumbled Tulips -Black from Toronto-based Mandala


What role does fashion play in your life?


I got bitten by the fashion bug late in life. I always loved beautiful colors and clothing, but had a hard time finding clothes that were actually flattering. Now that I know where to find those clothes, I have to rein myself in!


Obviously looking polished and put together is crucial onstage, but dressing well also helps me to get in a performance mindset when I have to sing. Even when I’m just practicing at home, there’s a difference between when I’m just singing in my exercise clothes or wearing a well-planned outfit. I’m more focused and alert when I’ve actually gotten myself ready.


Betty Cowl Top – Bamboo – Turquoise from Toronto-based Palette; Laura Skirt – Forest Foxes from Toronto-based Palette


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?


I love that there is a variety of designers and styles to choose from, and I love it even more that they’re all made in Canada! There seems to be something for everybody and I know that I can find what I’m looking for at your boutiques. The featured designers don’t shy away from bold colours and patterns – and I love wearing unique pieces!


I also appreciate that everyone at Fresh really loves the merchandise and helps you to find the best pieces for you, not just whatever is the best-seller of the moment.


Joanne Dress – Navy Apples from Toronto-based Palette


What do you have that you want to promote?




My good friend Suzanne Yeo (pianist) and I released our first CD together last May, entitled The Eternal Feminine. This CD was recorded live at our concert, The Eternal Feminine (Part Two), which took place at the Heliconian Hall here in Toronto last May.


Suzanne and I have a long list of concert and recording ideas that are steadily being put into place. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but one of our concert theme ideas is called Neurotica.


I also released a CD/DVD a few years ago with Adriana Teodoro-Dier (pianist), entitled Alma Mahler in the Mediterranean. This program focused on the cultures and languages of the Mediterranean (think Italy, France, Israel…) and, of course, works by Alma Mahler-Werfel. There’s even a set in Greek on that recording!


Both of these CDs are available through my website or at my concerts. They make lovely gift ideas, and I also discovered that the soothing nature of The Eternal Feminine makes it a very good remedy for road rage.


If you no longer own a CD player, there are also mp3 album versions of my latest concerts available on my website. However, due to agreements with contemporary composers, there are some pieces that are available ONLY in CD format.


Joanne Dress – Blue Birds from Toronto-based Palette


Your latest CD release is a continuation of your previous concert, The Eternal Feminine: Part One. What inspired you and your collaborators to create this beautiful collection in celebration and exploration of the feminine experience?


When I first arrived in Toronto in 2016, I became disheartened because all of my public singing was for auditions that I wasn’t getting. I was doing all of the preparation with none of the rewards, and I started to question if I even wanted to be a singer.


I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a concert. That way, I could sing music that I truly loved and share it with more than just a few people on an audition panel (and finally hear some applause!).


I created The Eternal Feminine (Part One) with my friend Perri Lo (pianist) to highlight various aspects of women’s lives through their poetry and music. I wanted each piece to have either a woman poet, composer, or character and for each set to show a different perspective on being a woman. Themes included motherhood, love (lost and otherwise), fantasy, and relationships.


When I was creating the first concert, I was in the midst of a spiritual breakthrough – a lot of grieving and healing old relationships mixed with the joy of new relationships and experiences. As a result, that first concert program had a lot of themes of loss and sadness. By the time I met Suzanne and we started performing together, I was able to sing more joyful pieces and truly be able to connect with them.


Now, The Eternal Feminine is in its sixth variation and I’ve performed it with three different (women) pianists in the GTA and beyond! I even performed it outdoors at a spiritual retreat up in Rosseau, Ontario, where the frogs and birds were singing along with me.


This concert series has become a wonderful way for me to share what I do best and to highlight other women creators and women’s experiences. The possibilities of themes and repertoire seem to be endless, so I think The Eternal Feminine will be with me for a while.


Sing-Sing Dress – Black and White Flowers from Montreal-based Cherry Bobin


Tell us more about your upcoming performances!


You can see me singing with the Etobicoke Centennial Choir this Saturday (June 1 st) at the Humber Valley United Church. This choir was one of the first ensembles that I sang with when I arrived in Toronto, and I love their enthusiasm and diverse programs. This is also the last concert of their season, entitled After the Rain, and features floral-themed pieces. We will have guest musicians from local composer and guitarist Anton Apostolov’s Balkania Ensemble as well as guest visual artists. It will be quite a show!


In September, I’ll be giving a solo recital as part of St. James Anglican Cathedral’s Midday Concert Series downtown. These concerts are free to the public (any and all donations go to the performers), and are a wonderful way to reach people outside my usual demographic.


Suzanne and I are also creating a program entitled Decadent Delights, which will showcase composers and friends of the Second Viennese School – think Schoenberg, Gustav Mahler, Alma Mahler-Werfel, Webern… Singers tend to shy away from these challenging composers, but Suzanne and I love them and we’re determined to find pieces that our audiences will enjoy and might even walk away humming (hey, we can dream)!


Edie Dress – Tumbled Tulips -Black from Toronto-based Mandala


I’m very interested in hosting a little private home concert for friends and family. Do you offer such services?


Yes! House concerts are some of my favorite events – they are cozier and more intimate than a traditional recital hall. And when you can have a reception afterwards, it gives everyone a chance to connect and digest the music and the experience (and have treats – who doesn’t love those?).


All I need is a piano in good, tuned condition (I can also bring my own electronic piano for a small fee). The audience size is up to you. Our last house concert held 40 people with room to spare, but you could also have just a few friends over, or even just you! It’s your choice!


If you or a friend would like to host a concert, please contact me.


Betty Cowl Top – Bamboo – Turquoise from Toronto-based PaletteLaura Skirt – Forest Foxes from Toronto-based Palette


Is there anything else we should know about you?


My husband and I are looking for a house! Wish us luck!



Where can people find you on social media?


I’m on Instagram, Soundcloud, and YouTube.


I update my website regularly with gigs and new media.


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