Style Profile for Fall 2015!

The most popular feature in the history of our blog is our Style Profile where we feature the women who make Toronto awesome (and who shop in our stores!) wearing the clothing and accessories we carry.  This also gives them a platform to talk about what they’re up to in life.  Would YOU like to be featured?  Click here to apply!

Jessica Collage

See Jessica’s blog here.

You see, the women who shop in our stores have a certain somethin’ going on. They’re full of life, grounded, creative and vibrant.  They tend to be busy, juggling a lot of projects and yet, they are full of energy and excited to take on more.

valerie collage

See Valerie’s blog here.

They might be moms, entrepreneurs, health professionals, teachers, researchers, scientists, artists, creators or any combination of those plus more, but whatever career or walk of life we see common themes of curiosity, smarts, personal growth, passion for life and an interest in the community and contribution to others.

Tanya collage

See Tanya’s blog here.

We always find our customers inspiring!

veronica collage

See Veronica’s blog here.

The women in our community are role models– and that those are the kind of models we want to be showcasing.  How they look in the outfits is important, because we know you want to look your best, but showcasing diverse looks and personalities was what our Style Profiles feature really became about.

andrea collage

See Andrea’s blog here.

Because how you look in our outfits is important, but what you DO in them is REALLY what it’s all about.

Jennifer collage

See Jennifer’s blog here.

Please continue to tune in on our blog and check out ALL our lovely Style Profile ladies.

xoxo ~ The Whole Fresh Collective Family 

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