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Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the first of our style profile series, our CEO Laura-Jean talks about what she wore to a Rock’n’Roll show at Lee’s Palace.

Style Profile

What to wear: Rock’n’roll show at Lee’s Palace

My husband, Steve Singh, worked with Brendan Canning for about 2 years on his new album You Gots 2 Chill (my favourite album title of all time!) and finally it’s done and the tour has started.  Steve is a music producer and all around musical genius.  The only instrument he can’t play is cello.  He also plays with Ron Hawkins in the Do Good Assassins as well as with several other partners on various projects.  Ok, like he is just awesome.

Their big kick off gig was at Lee’s Palace, and I had to deal with the what to wear dilemma.  I texted Joe, the leader at at Fresh Collective Roncesvalles, and said I needed a dress for a rock show and I’d be there in half an hour.

When I got there, I was skeptical when he pulled out the striped tunic from Studio Fresh, but he insisted, “It’s rock ‘n’ roll!”  and showed the jewellery he had selected – two bracelets from Burfurtart’s Ch-ch-chains collection and rings from Curious Oddities.

Yeah, ok, I got it.  Joe got me out of my pretty dress comfort zone and got me thinking like an “I’m with the band” babe.


The outfit:  A-Symetry Tunic by Studio Fresh; $159; Look at me Spanx leggings, $80, Curious Oddities rings, $25, BurfurtART Ch-Ch-Ch-Chains bracelets, $65 each, Amelia boots, $268.

All available at Fresh Collective.

What I loved about this outfit, aside from how great, effortless and cool it looked, was the versatility.  I could wear the tunic to work, with a pencil skirt, with skinny jeans, belted or not.  Both bracelets convert into necklaces with an extender.  Each piece I got will be a great long term building block of my wardrobe.

I did dark red nails and lipstick, a messy ponytail and black eyeliner on top only.  Easy.

PhotoGrid_1384709308004-1Since my husband was on stage, I needed a date or two.  I called up my wogging partner/ex-boyfriend from 1993/ current lawyer, David Shiller, and my business partner at my other business (Rowanwood Daycare), Annie Chan, and we prepared to party the night away.

Oh, what’s wogging you ask?  It’s something I invented which is half-walking, half jogging and I force David to do it with me in the wee hours of the morning.  He grumbles and whines but I think he secretly loves it.

And, oh, ok, enough about me.  What was the show like?  Freakin’ awesome!  The band rocked!  Special guest stars galore!  I hung out backstage and got free beer!  I danced!  I stayed out past 2 am!

I saw old pals like Kevin Drew (who introduced me to my husband in 1998 – thanks Kev!) and Ron Hawkins as well as met new friends like the other-worldly voiced guest singer Daniela Gesundheit from Snowblink and the amazing Lisa Lobsinger.

This band is incredible.  Buy the album.  Go see the shows.  Check out all my pics from the show!  This is the future of music.




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