Name: Lina Maria Aristizabal
Occupation: Productivity Coach, Clarity Coach, Educator
Age: 37
Lifestyle: Passionately on the go, yet always stopping to notice how cool that tree looks right now


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What’s a typical day like for you?


It’s a beautiful combination of buckling down and doing the work that needs to be done: working with my lovely clients, on my next event or presentation, and through getting inspired by exciting new project ideas, which I let take form as I pace around the apartment, prepare my smoothies and meals and then mind map them out on a giant sketch pad.


Knowing so much about the science of well-being, I also make sure to include certain things into my day, so I take lots of short breaks for movement, sunshine, and connecting with people in my life. I also leave space for artistic expression, which these days means working on a script and playing the ukulele.


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What in your life is really important to you?


At this stage, what’s most important to me is building a community and connecting with people as my authentic self as well as living in alignment with what I truly want in my life. My business is a huge part of that for me.


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What would you like to be remembered for?


I would like to be remembered for being a kind, authentic person who pursued all her passions, however odd or inconvenient. And for my kick-ass screenplay.


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What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?


They have so many beautiful styles and colours, and I find it easy to bring more colour into my wardrobe. I just love the selection and the staff are always so helpful.


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What do you have that you want to promote?


My Productivity Coaching packages! These can be for entrepreneurs, but really anyone who’s having trouble with completing their projects, sticking to their schedule or to-do lists while working from home, or feeling a lack of motivation in their work. I support them with habit-creation, goal-setting, establishing effective routines, accountability and uncovering what’s holding them back. It’s really everything you need to finally start being productive and moving towards your goals.


After six sessions you’ll hit the ground running with clear action steps, fresh motivation, new routines, and the energy to get your best work done and tools to effectively sustain that.


And I’m really excited to announce that I am launching a Productivity Club next month. It includes all the perks of Productivity Coaching plus the amazing benefits of community and ten times the accountability.


Accountability has been found to be one of the most significant factors in goal success, increasing the rate of goal achievement by more than 3X. Through the club, clients will also receive both individual coaching calls, group video calls and lots of tips and strategies to get you moving and get your stuff done. Clients will also have a space to bounce ideas off each other and provide encouragement and support to one another in their goal achievements.


3 and 6 month memberships will be half price if you sign up in July, August or September


I’m also a certified life coach and I provide Clarity Coaching to help clients uncover what’s holding them back and support them to show up in the world the way that they want to, and move forward in the direction they want to go. Lots of deep digging and life-changing work through this. It’s beautiful and empowering work and I encourage everyone to give it a try at some point in their life.


I’m offering a promo for Fresh Collective Style Profile Blog readers: $100 off ALL coaching packages in July and August. E-mail me for details!


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How did you get into the business of becoming a productivity coach in the first place? Where did the inspiration come from?


One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping people show up in the world the way that they want to and supporting them to accomplish the things that they want to accomplish in life.


My background is in the science of well-being and optimal living, and a big part of that is being productive and working towards our goals. And there is science and so many useful tools around doing that. But so many of us still struggle with it. So I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the psychology and tools of setting and meeting goals, of building and maintaining habits, of building motivation, essentially all the things that lead us to live the life we want and doing what needs to be done to get there. Most of us are holding ourselves back from achieving what we can achieve. But it’s not our fault; we just need to start using tools to help us move forward.


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In your coaching, you seem to focus a lot on the application of positive psychology. Can you tell us a bit about what that’s all about?


Positive psychology is the scientific study of well being, happiness and optimal living. It focuses on strengths and behaviors that allow humans and organizations to thrive. It includes research from fields of evolutionary psychology, behavioural psychology, organizational psychology and neuroscience.


More and more studies are being done in this area and what comes out of it are evidence-based tools and strategies that promote well-being. So that’s what I bring to the table: research and evidence-based tools and strategies to help you be happier, healthier, and live a more fulfilled life.


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What do your free consultations look like?


I do a free 30-minute Productivity Coaching consultation, in which we talk about your challenges around productivity. I support you with some tips and a plan to move forward.


For Clarity Coaching, I also do a free Life Wheel Assessment, through which we explore different areas of your life and what next steps you can take to help you move forward in a direction you want to go.


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Is there anything else we should know about you?


I’m doing free talks on different topics related to well-being all summer long at Dufferin Grove Park and Christie Pits.


Join my MeetUp group!


I’m also an educator, with 9 years of teaching experience, and have a Bachelor and Masters in Education. I work with families to support their kids with anxiety, resilience-building, well-being habits, growth mindset and everything that supports their academic habits and development, as well as motivation and confidence.


Like my Facebook page to learn about the science of parenting and resiliency in children. 


Andrea Wrap Dress – Grey Bees by Toronto-based Palette 


Where can people find you on social media?

Facebook: Lina Marie Coaching

Facebook: Raising Resilient Kids


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