Name: Lisa Cockburn
Occupation: Beauty and self-care consultant
Age: Very late 30s
Lifestyle: Single mama hustle butterfly

Trish Dress- Butterflies and Flowers by Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean


What’s a typical day like for you?

Once in a while, I manage to get up before my (almost) 2-year-old and sneak in a few minutes of a morning ritual, but sleep still feels like such a luxury. It’s tricky! On days that my little guy is in daycare or with his dad, I try to get as much done as I can so that I can really be present and enjoy the times when he’s at home with me.


I used to have a big social life, but I really don’t miss the parties all that much, and I love being able to take a bath and just relax with some tea and a good book or TV show.



Andrea Wrap Dress – Navy Poppies by Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean


What in your life is really important to you?


My son. I am just so incredibly grateful that he came into my life. I am learning that I’m much stronger than I realized, and I just want to be the best version of myself for him.



The Boheme Dress – Rose by Quebec-based Noujica 

What would you like to be remembered for?


I’ve never been too concerned with legacy. I care much more about the small everyday ways that our interactions with others can promote love, beauty and connection, or take away from those. I want to be a light in the world.



Eclipse Jumpsuit – Navy from Montreal-based Cherry Bobin


What role does fashion play in your life?


I like to think I have a decent eye for creating my own style. Pregnancy and new motherhood took a bit of a toll, but I’m getting back into my groove now!



Betty Cowl Top – Bamboo – Yellow from Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean; Laura Skirt – Night Garden – Grey from Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?


It was one of the first stores that I fell in love with when I moved to Toronto! I adore the local and ethical elements of the business, and I find it jives well with my own fashion aesthetic.



Trish Dress- Butterflies and Flowers by Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean




What do you have that you want to promote?


Right now I’m working toward my makeup artist certification and am looking for friendly faces to practice on! I’d love for your readers to book themselves in here for a free makeover. And you know, I also have this magical smudge-proof life-proof lipstick…



Andrea Wrap Dress – Navy Poppies by Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean


What range of services do you offer?


The foundation of my business is selling amazing skincare and makeup that really works the way you want it to. Our products are all vegan and cruelty free, and are only available from distributors like me.


I connect with women in a variety of ways – through in-home parties, small vendor shows and marketplaces, and online events. I also have a Facebook Group, where I do weekly beauty and self-care tutorials. But really, what I think I offer is an accessible avenue to beauty for women who haven’t generally been that into makeup or skincare routines, but maybe are getting curious and don’t know where to start. It’s also for ladies who are just looking for simple ways to add self-care to their lives!


Another element of my business is empowering women to take charge of their lives and find ways to dream bigger. I never would have believed it if you’d have told me 5 years ago that selling lipstick would change my life and make me this happy! I want to help others who are looking for something but haven’t found it yet.


A lot of my clients are also moms, entrepreneurs, or both; oftentimes, self-care is at the very bottom of their to-do list.



The Boheme Dress – Rose by Quebec-based Noujica 


So many women out there are itching to leave their desk job and start a business! As someone who did just that, what advice or words of encouragement would you pass along to those who don’t feel ready to get their feet wet?


I absolutely did not see myself as the entrepreneurial type coming into this business, and I was new to sales as well. As a recovering academic coming out of an unfinished PhD and recently diagnosed with adult ADD, I was actually doing temp administrative work before I went on maternity leave. So if I can do it, anyone can!


Seriously though, I think what has really helped me is that in the direct sales/network marketing model, you aren’t starting from scratch and you aren’t alone. When you find the right company, there is a ton of support and training, and there are systems and frameworks in place that you can make your own. There is still so much freedom and creativity involved in how I run my business, but I also love that there’s a structure that I can plug into, and I love helping others to do the same.



Eclipse Jumpsuit – Navy from Montreal-based Cherry Bobin


What holds us back from putting more time into our morning prep routines, and how can we combat those motivational roadblocks?


It’s interesting, before I got into this business I hardly even wore makeup! I saw it as a chore, something that I was expected to do mainly for other people. And so I chose not to care about it. But now I’ve discovered how much fun it can be, and what a difference that little bit of creativity combined with deliberate self-care can bring to my mood and mental health.


I think a big part of it is not prioritizing yourself, and underestimating the impact it can have on your confidence in so many areas of life. There are still mornings when I don’t wash my face and stay in my sweatpants all day, but I have become so aware of just how much better I feel if I throw on a dress and put some colour on my lips. It is ultimately a choice every day, to consciously to show up for yourself.



Betty Cowl Top – Bamboo – Yellow from Toronto-based Palette by Laura-JeanLaura Skirt – Night Garden – Grey from Toronto-based Palette by Laura-Jean


Is there anything else we should know about you?

I love to travel and a wall of my living room is covered with photos I’ve taken over the years, all over the world.


A huge motivator for me now is to create a life where I will have the time and resources to take my little guy to all these incredibly beautiful places and have so many marvellous adventures together.




Where can people find you on social media?
Facebook (please join my Facebook Group for weekly beauty and self-care tips) and Instagram
My Website is:

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