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Name: Veronica Feihl-Lazarus
Occupation: Association Manager, Web Consultant, Volunteer Coordinator
Age: Young enough to fully enjoy life. Old enough to have 2 kids aged 15 and 21.
Lifestyle: Cultural Creative


Sweater: Two way cardigan by Brenda Beddome; Leggings: Flip leggings by encircled; Necklace and earrings by Curious Oddities.

What’s a typical day like for you? Wake up early to get a head start while no one needs my attention. Good time for writing and creative problem solving. Connect with my teen daughter before she goes to school. Sun salutations. Tea. Juggle association management with volunteer work and other projects. …Cleansing breath… Break for breakfast and later lunch with my mate Ian who is an artist and musician.  Back to work in my home office. Break away to connect with BIA members and run local tasks. Back to email. Make dinner with Ian. Enjoy food. Gratitude. More email, texts, calls. …cleansing breath… Chill. Sleep.

What in your life is really important to you?  My husband, our kids, our community, gratitude for life’s gifts and what I am able to share with others. Mindful living.


Vest: Alison Sheri; Top: Flowy Tank, Yasmine Louis, $49; Necklace: Bloomin’ Brilliant, Leggings: Flip leggings by encircled.



Close up of the graphic on the tank by Yasmine Louis. This is the view out the window at our Roncy location!


What would you like to be remembered for?  My holistic outlook. Living the change I want to see. Bringing out the best in people and situations.

What role does fashion play in your life? I love colour, texture and well crafted clothes for the sheer aesthetic pleasure.  When I have time, I enjoy creating a  look that works for my tastes, my lines and my comfort. I’m not ruled by trends. I mostly shop vintage, local and one of a kind.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love buying from Canadian designers, particularly local ones. We have lots to be proud of here in Toronto and Canada. Our designers know how to design for our climate. Fresh Collective has a delightful range of funky, comfortable and tailored items by local and Canadian designers that look great on me. Fun accessories! Personal service. Great advice! An eye for design that suits my tastes and my form. 


Dress: Anika by Kabuki Design, $189; Necklace: One of a Kind by burfurtART; Leggings: Flip leggings by encircled.


What do you have that you want to promote?  Both as a grateful resident and entrepreneur — and particularly In my new position as manager of the Roncesvalles Village BIA — I want to encourage our locals to shop local. We’re so lucky to have everything we need on hand. Our typical answer to friends who ask where they can buy something in particular is “it’s just around corner on Roncy.” We have a great diversity of independent shops and services and people. You don’t need to get in your car. You can walk or bike and take the time to really enjoy being here now.

 I want to invite the rest of Toronto and beyond to visit, shop and hang out on Roncesvalles. We have really unique and extraordinary shops. Lots of places to eat, drink and be merry. This street is great for walking. Lots of spots to park your bike. Most of our shops and services are accessible to people with mobility challenges thanks to Stop Gap. We’re easy to get to by transit. Once we finally get the new streetcars, our transit platforms will be make the street even more accessible.

Our new trees are growing fast and before long we’ll have an awesome canopy over the street to shade us in the summer. Last but not least, our benches and gardens, which are tended by volunteers, make it really inviting to take five and watch the world go by in a happening hood.

What you can really feel, is how much people who live here love it here. So much so, that we have a high rate of volunteer involvement. Our locals are involved in all sorts of groups, projects and initiatives. Roncesvalles Renewed and RoncyWorks are great examples. Locals came together to help make our main street a great place for all to enjoy. The Roncesvalles MacDonell Residents Association presents really interesting speakers and topics that help us plan ahead and influence decisions. The initiatives around Sorauren Park and The Revue have been awesome. People who put volunteer time into the community really get a lot back in terms of the friends and connections they make, and the satisfaction they get from seeing that their individual and collective work makes a difference. It’s the best reminder that even though you see or hear about people doing really wacky, destructive stuff, there are a lot of good people around. People, who understand that we’re all connected and our choices and actions have consequences. We can choose to add light to the world and we’ll get light back.

Is there anything else we should know about you?  I want my children and their children and our future generations to have lots to be grateful for. Good food, water, security, opportunities and livable communities.

 Where can people find you on social media?




On facebook: Roncesvalles Village, RoncyWorks

Blogger:  (veroncy@) and now (manager@)


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