20 Days of Giveaways – Day 20 – THE GRAND GIVEAWAY!

Thank you all for your participation, Happy Holidays! 

This is IT, guys… the LAST DAY of 20 Days of Giveaways. We’re sad to see it end, but we’re going out with a big bang!

The final prize includes:

  • A Fresh Collective Wardrobe Makeover
  • Any dress from Fresh Baked Goods
  • A pair of Candi Factory Underpants
  • A necklace from Curious Oddities
  • A heart pin from BlackJam: Objects of Designed Happenstance
  • A pair of Paper People Clothing Armwarmers
  • A copy of Trials by Meanwood

We know… it’s awesome.

Other big news? As a bonus thank you to everyone who has been following the contest and doing our daily social media challenges… each entry you’ve made over the 20 days will count as an entry in today’s final prize! 


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Step 6: DO one good deed for someone else today 🙂

Thank you all for participating this month. We adore you and wish you the happiest of holidays!

20 Days of Giveaways – Day 19!

TODAY’S CONTEST NOW CLOSED. Check back at 6pm when we announce the winner!

Get excited, ladies! Day 19 brings the chance to fill your makeup bag with an amazing makeup kit from our lovely FC Ambassador Melanie Cruickshank’s line DaLish Cosmetics!

About the kit:

Our signature set will make you beautiful and get you out the door in 5 minutes! The DaLish kit includes everything you need to make a natural, classic look that goes from day to night. Our kit contains three blendable concealers/foundations, cream blush, two lip-glosses, two eye shadows, a highlighter, mascara & eyeliner! Best of all each product is formulated to compliment all skin tones.

Meet Melanie:

I’m Melanie Cruickshank, and since I can remember, I have been a die-hard beauty addict.


My love affair with makeup began when I was four years old. I used to play with my Mother’s makeup and I realized then the power that makeup has; the ritual of opening the packages, the freedom to create any face you want, and the fun of playing with your features to bring your best face to life. I spent the rest of my life from that point learning everything I can about makeup. I had stacks of Fashion magazines in my bedroom. I had bins of makeup products. I tried it all. I wanted to perfect what every woman wants; that hyper-natural flawless look. After years of trying everything in the market, I noticed that although I had my weekday look down to a science, it still took up to 20 minutes to create (and there were more than a few mornings where that wasn’t an option. I needed a way to recreate the “flawless natural” look I had worked so diligently on in 5 minutes or less.


Nature gave me 5 tools on each hand. I wanted to use just my fingers or sometimes a Q-tip to create my look. Not willing to believe that my trusted friend cosmetics had turned their back on me, I began to research how makeup is made. I threw myself into researching every ingredient in my favourite products. I made lists. I researched things I couldn’t pronounce. I decided if the ideal products wouldn’t come to me, would make them. My kitchen soon became a mad scientists lab of foundations and eye shadows. Instead of leftovers, I had trays of lip balm stored in my fridge. After a hard day’s work, I had liquid eyeliner under my fingernails. I tested the makeup ceaselessly. I got my prep time in the morning down to 5 minutes, and my after work day-to-night transformation down to about the same. What’s more is women started asking me about the funny tubes I was always carrying with me. I expanded my test to my girlfriends and colleagues. They all noticed how universal the colours were. They magically looked beautiful on whoever tried them. DaLish became a reality.

A few months later, the testing was complete: the product “just worked” and was a hit with a small circle of girls I shared it with. I decided to take DaLish to the next level. I hope you enjoy my products. I made them with real women in mind. Please enjoy the site. Questions?melanie@dalishcosmetics.com

Twitter: @DaLishCosmetics

Facebook: DaLish Cosmetics


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20 Days of Giveaways – Day 18!


We are nearing the end of our 20 days of Giveaways madness! We’ve had so much fun with this and hope you have too!

Today’s giveaway is directed towards the many many FC fans that have a business or a brand. It has become SO clear to us, especially with the overwhelming response and attendance at our “What’s Your Personal  Brand” event earlier this month, that our beloved followers, friends and fans are up to big things in life! Entrepreneur Emilia Farrace can help you take your brand to the next level – here’s a little bit about her:


EMILIA FARRACE, web designer, developer, overall entrepreneur and creator. After achieving her Honours degree in Communications and Applied Information Technology at the University of Windsor, she continued her studies at the University of Calgary and Humber College for Business Management and Website Design and Production.



In her free time, Emilia can be found practicing at her local Kula Yoga Studio, reading the latest bestseller or writing her latest web article at her favourite nearby cafe, or painting with oils in the comfort of her bachelor apartment in the heart of the Annex, Toronto.



Emilia Farrace and Simply Elaborate will consult with you create or modify (or just educate!) your unique brand identifier.  Providing distinctiveness for every client’s brand presence in logo design, marketing material for web and print mediums as well as web development and implementation are what we do. Clients include Cilque and Scribble Me Silly.

Branding is essential to a proper and excelling online digital strategy. Your brand is who you are; what your business is – it says who you are when you’re not around.
  • branding for Cilque has transferred from marketing collateral to product packaging and is now recognizable online and in The Hudson’s Bay as Canada’s first online resource for 100% silk bedding;
  • Online and social media digital strategy has risen the online awareness for Scribble Me Silly by 30% in four months and it is on track to increase the level of awareness and donations in 2013 by 30% or more.


Read the rules and regulations before entering.

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Step 3: TWEET “My brand is ________ @elaboratethings @FreshCollective #20days” and fill in the blank telling us a bit about your business or brand! Who are you!? We’d love to find out! (make sure to tag @FreshCollective or we won’t be able to find your entry!)

20 Days of Giveaways – Day 17!


It’s Day 17 – almost time for the end of our 20 days of giveaways! Today we give you the chance to fill someone’s stocking (or your own!) with the gift of music. Particularly, music from one of our favourite local acts Meanwood. We caught up with frontwoman Viktoria Belle to talk a little bit about the EP, her personal style and Fresh Collective.

Meanwood is a very new band. Can you tell us a bit about how and when you all came together?
I moved back to Toronto from living in England. I had written the skeletons to Sister Sin, Mercy, Fisher and all the others. I was dear friends with Mikey (our drummer) and bumped into Steve at a party. I told him about the songs, he came over one night we played them, worked on them, drank a bottle of wine and they were whole. We called Mikey the next day and Harley the day after. Finding Eric took a bit of time but we knew the right bass player would come along eventually… and that was the beginning of Meanwood. We are all very different people and we all like different kinds of music, what holds us together is our love for what this band can produce and how amazing it feels to perform together. Our live shows are where we all really come to life.

Your sound is very nostalgic but still unique and modern – who would you say are your biggest influences as a musician?
Meanwood’s sounds come from all over the place- but myself, my biggest influences have always been classic country, R&B, spooky garage rock and Leonard Cohen. I love the simplicity of country, I love the fluidity and romance of R&B, I love the cheekiness and rawness of garage rock and I adore Leonard Cohen and everything he writes. All the lyrics I tend to write are dark, ghoulish, funny and I promise sincere.

What is your favourite track from the Trials EP and can you tell us a bit about it?
Sister sin. It was one of those songs that I wrote with three chords, a broken heart and a lot of whiskey. It’s a story, I love stories in songs, a story about getting away with the perfect revenge. I’ve sung it 100 times now and it gets better each time for me.

How does your style change from off-stage to on-stage? Do you enjoy playing dress up?
Looking back on some Meanwood photos, I definitely made some terrible choices! Usually on stage I stick with black black and black. it makes me feel comfortable, strong and like one of the guys. I don’t like to stand out too much, we’re a team and I don’t want what I wear or how I look to influence how people see me on stage, I want them to walk away talking about how I sang rather then what I wore. Off stage- I love simple, structured, classic or retro pieces. On a perfect day- I’ll wear my favourite black jeans- my cowboy boots- my simple black and white loose fit striped shirt and red lipstick. I love Emma Stone she always looks fantastic. For me, Its a good day if I brush my hair.

You’ve been dressed by FC before – can you tell us a bit about your thoughts on Fresh Collective?
Fresh Collective is a place for real women to buy clothes that make them look and feel wonderful without feeling like they are trying too hard. There’s really something for everyone- clean basics and also fun quirky stuff! I love Fresh Baked Goods and the beautiful peasant dress- it’s flattering, it’s comfy simple and beautiful. With some red lipstick, messy hair and a good pair of shoes it’s a classic keeper.

Meanwood on Facebook
Meanwood on Bandcamp
Meanwood on Twitter

ALSO – if you haven’t figured out your NEW YEARS EVE plans, Meanwood has you covered (click the poster for the Facebook event)!



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20 Days of Giveaways – Day 15!


TODAY! WIN a beautiful drape dress from Nude Clothes!

Originally conceived during a year-long internship away from study, nude clothes has grown and thrived under the careful and calculated Rita Di Cesare.

No stranger to curiosity and innovation, Rita has designed racecar driver suits and created couture bridal gowns.

A graduate of Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design, she has received praise for moodobi, a garment system that responds to stress, and for curva, a chaise lounge for use during pregnancy.

She is now in Toronto where the universe is conspiring to help her pursue the alchemy of clothing design turning fabric, passion, and perfection into gold…

2 of many colour/pattern options of the Drape Dress modelled by the designer herself!


Read the rules and regulations before entering.

Step 1: Create a wishlist in the Fresh Collective online store.
Step 2: Share the list with us via the form at the bottom of this post (see a step by step guide below)

BONUS: If you aren’t chosen today’s winner, you still get a GREAT deal on Nude all weekend long! Happy Holidays!

20 Days of Giveaways – Day 14!


Day 14 is here! Today gives you another opportunity to win a great travel gift set from SOAK! This set comes with one bottle of soak rinse-free wash AND a luxurious hand cream to match! This set will be perfect for your winter holiday trip – you can now wash those delicate items with ease!

Here’s a great video detailing the awesome power of SOAK:


Read the rules and regulations before entering.

Step 1: COMPLETE the entry form at the bottom of this post (even if you completed one yesterday! You MUST complete this form to be eligible to win!)

Step 2: FOLLOW @FreshCollective and @Jacqueline_Soak on Twitter

Step 3: TWEET “The Holiday season I ______________@FreshCollective @Jacqueline_Soak #20days” and fill in the blank with what this season means to you! For example, you could say “This Holiday season I will spend some real time with my family” or “This Holiday season I will give back to my community,” whatever it means to you, we’d love to hear it!  (make sure to tag @FreshCollective or we won’t be able to find your entry!)

20 Days of Giveaways – Day 13!


Day 13 is here! Today you lucky readers have a chance to win yet another beautiful glass pendant from designer Leila Cools! This little pendant is perfect for the chilly months, featuring 3 adorable penguins. Here’s what Leila has to say about her work:

“I love making these glass pendants. I’m trying to make something that is fun and with a bit of impact but that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Colour matching gives me a bit of a thrill, as does coming up with a new way to work the glass. Glass is finicky and technical…there are a lot of rules. I don’t like to follow a recipe as it is written, even if it is mine! So, although I’ve learned how to control the glass, my designs are often born of experiments and discovery.

I make a lot of pendants these days, but I view each one individually, the way I think its new owner will. Quality is very important to me. I want my work to be affordable but I also want it to last. I like to save little stones, odd finds and mementos that remind me of friends, travels, and different periods of my life and I assume that others do too. I’d like to think that my pendants might end up as treasured keepsakes that evoke memories long after being worn as a necklace.”


Read the rules and regulations before entering.

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20 Days of Giveaways – Day 12!


DAY 12 is here, and with it another exciting prize! Today’s giveaway comes in the form of a signed CD by our amazing FC Ambassador Adaline! We had a little chat with her about her music, her thoughts on style and why she loves Fresh Collective:
Tell us a bit about this record, Modern Romantics – what does it mean to you?
It took years for me to save enough money to record my first record. After it was released and I had toured the record for a couple years I was eager to start on my second. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to afford another record and even wondered about my ability to write another one. Through many ups and downs and hard decisions and self reflection, Modern Romantics came to be. I started to recognize my ability and self determination, which is a pivotal moment for anyone in their craft.
Is there a track on this record that has special meaning to you?
There are many, but I would say one that stands out as far as unique recording experiences is “Silent Player”. We recorded most of the songs in a recording studio with beautiful, expensive gear. Silent Player was recorded in a hotel room on a lap top after a night out – it was sort of like a late night science experiment. We threw a few things in the pot and the song came out. The mic chord was actually so short that I had to lay across the bed to sing. Listening to the album I don’t think you would ever be able to tell. I like that it sort of snuck in there undetected.
You recently made the move from Vancouver to Toronto. What was behind the decision to uproot and join us here?
I love Vancouver – it is where everything started for me. I have so many incredible relationships with many musicians and venues. I have always believed that once you feel comfortable it’s time to move on. I knew there were many more people to meet and places to play. I also knew that if I didn’t make the move now, I never would. I get to visit Vancouver a few times a year so it makes the transition much easier.
You’ve received an impressive number of song placements – what’s it like to watch Grey’s Anatomy and hear your music in it?
It’s surreal every time. Of course, it’s even more surreal in a wildly popular show like Grey’s Anatomy. That being said, I get the same excitement watching the smaller shows too. It’s an honour that my music is helping create a moment that stimulates emotion. I get messages from people expressing how the song has become a part of their lives and that is the ultimate compliment.
So I just learned that Hawksley Workman produced this album. As total fangirl who’s been in love with him since high school, I must know – is he as wonderful, brilliant and delightful as I always imagined him to be?
Hawksley is completely lovely. He is very laid back in the studio and doesn’t shoot down any ideas. He welcomes off the wall ideas and pushes you to try new things. I was a fan as well and wondered if being nervous would make me shy in the studio, but he encouraged the best parts of me and really made me feel comfortable.
What’s your relationship with fashion and style?
Obviously as a musician there is a lot of emphasis on having some sort of personal style. I would say that my day to day style is similar to my stage style. I have always been a feminine dresser – I love sequins and eye catching fabrics. If I could walk down the street in a sequinned dress every day I would. I think I own one pair of pants, seriously.
You’re one of our Fresh Collective Ambassadors – can you tell us a bit about your feelings about FC?
I love that Fresh Collective is dedicated to supporting local designers. I think of it as being the CBC of fashion. Without CBC so many of us musicians would never have radio play. Without stores like Fresh Collective many of these designers wouldn’t have a voice either. Anything that encourages an entrepreneur to explore their imagination is invaluable. It’s what keeps our creative society thriving.

Visit www.adalinemusic.com to learn more about Adaline and listen to Modern Romantics!


Read the rules and regulations before entering.

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Step 3: TWEETI’d like to win a signed copy of Modern Romantics by @adalinemusic courtesy of @FreshCollective #20days http://tinyurl.com/d46roa9” (make sure to tag @FreshCollective or we won’t be able to find your entry!)

ALSO if you’re a fan of Adaline, she just so happens to be playing TOMORROW NIGHT at The Drake Hotel in support of The Daily Bread Food Bank! Click the poster below for all the details.