Style Profile – Alanna Klatt

Name: Alanna Klatt
Occupation: Product Developer & Server
“I dont know about you,
But I’m feeling 22,
Everything will be alright
If you keep me next to you,
You don’t know about me
But I’ll bet you want to
Everything will be alright
If we just keep dancing like were
22, ooh-ooh,
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Taylor Swift anyone?

alanna 1-sp

Top: The Pocahontas Print Top – by Klatt, $100; Yoga Jeans- by Second Denim Co. $120; Shoes: Joni heel – by Miz Mooz, on sale now for $136 (were $170)

What’s a typical day like for you? Wake up. Walk My Dog. Food. Serve/ Sew. Food. Work From Home. Food. Food. Walk My Dog. Sleep. Repeat. Let’s just say a typical day is 80% eating food!

 What in your life is really important to you? Pizza! Did I mention I love food?


Dress: The Scuba Print Frock- Klatt, $160; Shoes: Joni Heel- Miz Mooz, now on sale for $136, regularly $170.


What would you like to be remembered for? I want to be remembered for being a positive light and a friendly face 🙂

 What role does fashion play in your life? It’s my career! I’d say that’s a pretty darn important role! I wake up loving the work I do.. If you can even call it ‘work!’

alanna2- sp

Top: The Denim Duo Top- Klatt, $120; Jeans: Yoga Jeans- Second Denim Co. – $120; Shoes: Joni heel- Miz Mooz, now on sale for $136, regularly $170; Bracelet: Leather cuff- Colleen Poitras.


 What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? Canadian! Canadian! Canadian! Local! Local! Local! Fresh Collective has created a whole lifestyle brand and experience when you shop! You don’t just go in to shop, you go to learn about the designers and experience the ‘FC Culture!’

What do you have that you want to promote?  Well, of course I want to promote the three pieces I’m wearing in these pictures.  These have been developed through the #FCfreshstrart program in which I started with a blank sketchbook and a curious mind.  I interviewed customers and did surveys to find out what customers would really want to buy, and I came up with these three garments.  I’m working on producing them for sale now, and I’m so excited to see how the public receives them!

As well, eek! My latest sewing projects have been bow ties. I am a fanatic! I love them, I love creating them, I love sewing them! I just made 25 bow ties for a serving crew for an event and also some wedding parties. 🙂 Getting hitched? Going to an event? Gift idea? I’m your girl!


 Where can people find you on social media? 

Twitter: @alannaklatt

Facebook: KLATT

Instagram: @alannaklatt

Follow Alanna’s process of designing these three pieces for Fresh Collective by using #FCfreshstart on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


#FCfreshstart – Cutting starts!

Fresh start

Hi Fresh Collective!

We’re fabric cutting! One step closer to the final products being in stores! Check out the prints:

print 1 print2Which one is your favourite print? The soft and subtle pocahontas print or the bright, bold, and fresh coral scuba print?

What I love about the fabrics and colours YOU, the customer, chose is that they are very seasonally transitional. They can easily slide from a Spring/ Summer to a Fall/ Winter wardrobe when mixed with the right accessories and shoes! The Fresh Collective staff, as you know, are amazing at wardrobe styling, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance!

Keep tabs on the Fresh Collective social media in the next few days and you’ll catch me on the Style Profile modelling these three final samples! It will give you a little taste in what to expect coming to the stores! Let us know which is your favourite and take a guess at which piece you think will be the best seller!!

Catch up on all things #FCfreshstart with this hashtag! Until next week, ciao for now!


social media#FCfreshstart

#FCfreshstart – Ready for production!

Alanna has run into some bumps in the road in her journey to design and make pieces for Fresh Collective, but those bumps have been overcome and she is ready for production! Check out this video for a recap on how the sample making process went:

And now Alanna updates us on getting ready for production!

Hi Fresh Collective fans!

Ever wonder about each step put in behind making a full size run of a garment? We’re getting so close to the end and right now we are in the ‘marker making’ and fabric cutting stage! Last time we chatted we were going through the grading stage which is creating the full size run of a garment from XS up to XL. Now that we have all those completed, we can begin tracing all of our pattern pieces!

Marker making is a very important step and believe it or not it takes great accuracy. Marking each of your pieces on the marking paper to ensure the best use of the fabric you purchased is super important! The closer and more tight knit you place your pieces, the less fabric goes to waste!

And as a designer and business person, I hate wasting precious materials!

Below is a photo of some pieces marked out ready to be cut! This marker is for the Pocahontas printed knit top!


Each fabric used in a garment has its own marker. For instance, this top:


This top consists of two fabrics (The modal knit and the bailey denim knit) and therefore it will have two separate markers to cut out. When the markers are all traced out and ready to go we place them over top of fabric, which is neatly placed lying flat on a table, and we begin to cut it out!

Next week I will be cutting out all of the pieces and beginning to sew! Once these pieces are sewn you know what that means? They will be available for purchase at FC! Finally! Keep your eyes peeled for an invite to our little ladies night celebration to reveal the final three garments which YOU helped create and mold!

Stay fresh friends!


Fresh Start Designer Development Program – Week 7!

Fresh start

This week, Alanna Klatt has three samples ready for your feedback.  Making clothing that actually sells is a lot harder than one might think.  Customers need to feel great in it, love the colour and fit, have it suit their figure and lifestyle, coordinate with other items in their closet AND like the price.  At Fresh Collective, we’ve been working with emerging designer Alanna Klatt as she produces three styles based on surveys and feedback from the Fresh Collective audience.  If you’ve missed blogs along the way, you can catch up here.  Follow Alanna’s journey on social media using #fcfreshstart.  And help her out by filling out her survey.  Your opinion matters a whole heck of a lot!  Now let’s check in with Alanna and see how things have been going!

– Fresh Collective Founder and CEO, Laura-Jean Bernhardson


Hello Fresh Collective! Welcome to week 7 of our journey since starting the Fresh Start Program! It has been a wild ride and we’re not done yet!

You know how no matter how hard you try to stay on track, life throws you a fast one? No matter how many lists and ‘to do’s’ we make, not everything gets completed? No matter how we prioritize or organize our day, unexpected events seem to get in the way? Well.. for the past couple of weeks I have experienced this more than normal! Every day I write a ‘to do’ list of my weekly MUST DO’s to stay on track and to make sure I meet all my deadlines and due dates for projects, part-time work, personal events and so on. But what else happens everyday? LIFE.


Vanessa shows off Sample #1 of Alanna’s – the top! This piece is available at Queen Street in a medium for customers to try on and offer feedback on. Your feedback helps Alanna perfect her samples before she goes into production.


Since starting this Fresh Start Program I have been managing my own business full time, transitioning through two new part-time jobs, and endured the death of a very close family member of mine, all while trying to get enough sleep to function each day! It’s a hard to task on its to own to just ‘keep it together’ sometimes. But the answer is simply to just ‘keep moving forward.’


Sample #2 – the tunic! What do you think of the colour? The ruching? Is this a great neutral that will go with everything or do you prefer colour? Let Alanna know so she can perfect the samples and make pieces that you’ll want to buy!


These unexpected events will always come and go and those are the most important points in our lives/ careers to keep moving forward. Sometimes these events are even the most pivotal points where we see major positive changes or personal growth. It takes strength and courage to endure the tough parts of our day, which in my opinion, is the reason I keep going! Who doesn’t love seeing personal and career growth? We don’t learn and prosper from taking the easy path, that’s for sure!


Vanessa shows off Sample #3 – the dress! What do you think of this dress? Will it be a top seller? Offer your feedback on the survey at the end of this blog post!


After a little stumbling block (waiting for fabric shipments to create the in-store samples of the three pieces which will be for sale soon at Fresh Collective) we finally have the samples in the Queen Street location for you to try on and give us feedback one more time! Please advise, these samples are all in standard size medium. We are looking for you to try on these pieces and fill out a really quick three question survey before we dig right into full production mode! If you don’t have time to stop by the Queen shop, you can check out the photos here and offer your feedback on-line at this survey link.

Stay fresh!



Fresh Start Designer Development Program – Week 6!

Fresh start

Hi Fresh Collective! I know it has been more than a week since our last blog for Fresh Start and that’s because we were waiting for the fabric shipment to begin sample making! It goes to prove that though we can be as organized and on top of things ourselves and in our businesses, some events will still be out of our control! We have to roll with what comes!


This week I am going to share with you some progress on the sample making front. Tuesday I received the fabric shipment at 5pm and in no more than 5 minutes it was unpacked and on the drafting table ready to be cut! The first sample I am working on is the Kimono Shift dress!  As a reminder, here’s the sketch you voted into the top 3. aaaadress

We are using a beautiful fresh coral double knit with the coral scuba reef print that was most popular! These two fabrics enhance the design and appearance wonderfully together. Below are some photos of the dress first cut out.

blog63 blog62
From here I have been piecing the dress together in stages and working on the detailed outer seaming! This dress, as well as, the other two samples (tunic and top) will be made in a size medium to start to finalize the fit. Once these samples are a ‘go’ I will be creating a full size run of each piece just for you to check out at the Queen Street location!

Check out this detailed close up of the neckline!

blog64Keep tabs on the Fresh Collective Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page this week to see pictures of this piece completed and the other two pieces! We will be posting pictures of final garments throughout the week and you can always find our posts by using #FCfreshstart!

Next week, we will be sharing more on sample making/ final fittings/ and grading these pieces from XS up to XL! Stay tuned every Thursday!

Stay fresh,


#FCfreshstart – Week 5! Fabric Choices.

Hi Fresh Collective! We are now at week 5 in the Fresh Start program and gearing up for production! The fabrics have now been ordered and we will soon be starting to cut and sew samples for YOU, the customer, to try on and give more feedback. That is an opportunity for you to tell me any last issues you would want corrections on so I can apply them to the final garments which will be going in store!

blog 3

The three designs you chose for me to produce are the tunic, dress and top as shown above.  Last week you gave me your votes on the fabrics for each and here they are!

Below the fabric swatch picture I’ve written a little information on the fabrics which will tell you about its convenience, practicality, durability, and care content. I am very excited to share the winning choices with you!


For the top, I’ll be using this structured knit as a contrast with another fabric as well.

This knit stretch jean-like fabric is extremely practical for wash and wear. Simply throw this in the wash in cold water and tumble dry on low. Iron if needed on a medium heat to get rid of any creases. This fabric is a rayon, nylon, polyester, and spandex blend. Rayon gives this fabric a lustrous appearance. Nylon enhances the durability and wear and polyester allows this fabric to be wash and wearable. Spandex gives it the fantastic elasticity and stretch! By default, I have ordered the dark jean wash colour, as opposed to the black, because it was the only colour in stock at this time.


The rayon/spandex blend Dakota knit was a big hit!! This forest green colour was the most popular and will be offered for the tunic and the top. Rayon is a manufactured cellulose fabric which means it has a lot of natural properties including a naturally soft hand and lustrous appearance. This fabric is machine washable in cold water and you can throw this in the dryer on a low heat. This fabric is lightweight and perfect for the spring and summer! The print is simple and not too bold.


Here is the modal knit! This oatmeal colour was the most popular neutral colour desired for the tunic and the top. This modal/spandex blend fabric is SO soft to the touch which means you will want to wear this all day long!  Modal is cool to the touch and also tends to pill less. The best characteristic of this fabric is that it is ECO friendly! What a plus! Wash this in the machine in cold water and dry flat.

WINEThis is also the modal knit in the popular wine colour. This fabric will also be used for the tunic and the top. It has all the same properties as listed above with the oatmeal colour!



This is the double knit fabric that will be used to create the winning dress. This fabric is more structured than the others and is a rayon, nylon, and spandex blend. Again, the rayon gives this fabric a lustrous appearance and soft hand. The nylon gives this fabric the durability and long lasting properties. This coral colour was chosen to mix with the Scuba Reef print below! This will be such a refreshing spring/summer colour this upcoming season! This fabric is easy to take care of as you can wash cold in the machine, and tumble dry on low heat!

CORALprintLastly, we have the Scuba Reef printed fabric. This is a polyester and spandex mix fabric. Polyester is a great fibre for creating a convenient fabric in terms of care. This fabric can either be hand or machine washed and hung to dry. This is a great bold print to make a statement. It will be used for the dress as the accent fabric being applied to the collar, and pockets to add interest to the piece!

Thanks again everyone for following along and your continued support in this development program!

Please let us know how you like the final fabrics that were chosen and colours! Follow along on any missed content by researching #FCfreshstart on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Catch us next Thursday for Week 6!! We will be moving onto sample making!

Stay fresh,


#FCfreshstart – week 4!

Welcome back Fresh Collective! We are now at Week 4 of the Fresh Start Designer Development Program!

Thank you for following along with us! This week is extra special because we are now in the beginning stages of the ‘Production’ phase! Exciting!


Pattern drafting is the step where a designer takes their 2D designs and begins to transform them into the 3D beautiful creations that you see and purchase in stores! This is the most critical step to refine, refine, refine and be as accurate as possible in your work. If there is a mistake in the proper fit, lengths, or proportion it will transcend through the rest of the phases of production.

 To get a better idea of what happens in the Pattern Drafting phase, I will break it down for you in three steps:

  1. The Block

 aa2 aa3

Designers use what we call ‘blocks.’ They are a flat form foundation of the body; a second skin. There is no seam allowance, no ease, and no room for movement in these pieces. We trace these blocks out on marking paper to begin the pattern. Below are examples of a front and back bodice block with darts and a sleeve block.

2. The Draft

The next step is starting to ‘draft the pattern.’ During the draft of the pattern this is the time that the inspiration takes over and the styling features are added that will make the pieces unique (style lines, type of neckline, hem length etc.) We also add ease into the garment to make sure there is room for movement for the customer.


  1. The Pattern

This is the finalizing step where you can go through an ‘approval process.’ Once you are confident in your draft and you have completed your fittings and corrected the areas that needed improvement you can continue on to add all your proper seam allowances and replicate these final patterns on oaktag. Oaktag is a hard card paper that ensures these patterns will last a lot of wear and tear tracing them out in the ‘Marker Making’ stages.

Once these steps are complete you are almost ready to start cutting fabrics and sewing the pieces!

Continue following along every Thursday for more blog posts and pictures of this journey! Next week we will be perfecting patterns and begin the stages of cutting fabrics for sample making! Our goal is to have samples made in a medium size for customers to try on in store while production is going on! Keep your eye out for a dates to visit and let us know what you think!

 If you have missed blogs, video posts, or pictures you can recap on all of the content by clicking #FCfreshstart, or on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram. 🙂

 Stay fresh!


#FCfreshstart – Week 2!

Fresh start

Hi Fresh Collective! Alanna Klatt here, and you are tuned into week 2 of Fresh Collective’s Designer Development Program called Fresh Start!

Last week, I shared a briefing about the program and the steps of ‘Discovery’ that I was taking to get to know YOU and YOUR needs better! If you missed last week’s blog, please check it out here: Week 1.

Here’s a great interview with Jane Haselgrove (Fresh Collective’s Product Coordinator) and me from Week 1. Thanks Toronto Film School for the awesome video!

This week I am presenting you with six sketches for you to vote and offer feedback on. Only three will be produced and sold in Fresh Collective at the end of March for the Spring 2015 season!

And they were designed 100% based on the feedback from the in-store and online surveys!  Thank you to all who participated! 


If you missed giving feedback through the online survey, don’t fret! You have just as much input on these six sketches!

Want to get started?  Please vote and offer feedback on the sketches here: VOTE

Keep in mind these are draft sketches which are ready for some constructive comments in regards to changes and refinements that would suit your lifestyle even better!  Please take a look below, then take a few minutes to take the survey at the end.

Thank you so much for your time and input!  Fabric sourcing is coming up next week so stay tuned in every Thursday to help execute the final three pieces! Don’t forget you can follow along or catch up on any missed blogs and posts by checking out #FCfreshstart.

Stay fresh!








Please vote and offer feedback on the sketches here: VOTE



#FCfreshstart – Week 1!

Fresh start

Hello Fresh Collective!

I am Alanna Klatt and you are tuned into Week 1 of Fresh Collective’s Designer Development Program called Fresh Start!

In the next 13 weeks you will see weekly blog posts of how this design journey unfolds from concept to completion as I design and make 3 final pieces for the store. I am so honoured to be the designer that gets to kick off this fabulous program!


Alanna Klatt meets and greets Fresh Collective customers in the Queen Street location to survey them on their fashion needs and preferences. She’ll be designing three pieces for FC customer based on this feedback.

‘Discover’ could be defined as follows: “to find information in the course of a search.”

I am here to ‘Discover’ YOU! Fresh Start is all about pleasing the Fresh Collective customer. I am here to get to know each and every one of your needs, likes, dislikes, and preferences as it applies to your wardrobe. As I collect all this feedback I will be able to design from your perspective. Do you want to walk into Fresh Collective and purchase pieces that you PERSONALLY gave design details and input into?

Then look no further and take 5 minutes to fill out this survey: LINK


Alanna surveys customers at Fresh Collective Queen street to gain insight for her designs.

As I collect and process the surveys this week I will be starting to sketch and design pieces based entirely on your feedback  – What would you specifically like to see in the designs?

I leave you with this scenario: Valentine’s day is creeping up and date night is already planned. You haven’t gone shopping yet or picked out your special outfit for the evening. You finally made time in your schedule to go for a shop downtown or in your closet. What does your outfit look like? Dress? Bottom and top? Comment all the details of your ideal outfit for an evening out. Not going out, and having a romantic dinner in? No problem, what would you wear for a night in?

Please comment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know all your thoughts! You can follow along or catch up on missed blogs by checking out #FCfreshstart.

social media#FCfreshstart


Stay fresh!



Introducing Fresh Start – An Exciting New Program For Emerging Designers!

Fresh start

At Fresh Collective, we’re out to make it easier for an emerging designer to succeed at their business!  In our new Fresh Start program, an emerging designer works with us over four months to design three pieces based on customer feedback and research.  The designer agrees to start with a blank sketchbook and a curious mind.

Through getting to know our customers’ fashion needs, the designer comes up with six sketches for customers to view, vote on and make suggestions about on social media. With the feedback, she narrows down to three pieces to produce for sale in our stores in the spring.

Alanna Klatt is the talented young designer who is working with us in the first round of this program for 2015. She’ll be preparing a weekly blog post about her experience every step of the way as she designs, refines, produces and markets a micro-collection for Fresh Collective.  She’ll also have regular updates on social media.

The public gets to follow along and support the career of an independent designer. You’ll be offering her suggestions and helping her get all the details just right to produce some best-selling pieces for our wonderful customers!

Fresh start2

Meet Alanna!

Meet Alanna Klatt in person Friday January 23, 11 am – 2 pm at our Queen Street store as she meets and greets the Fresh Collective customers and starts her research process.

Help Alanna with a quick survey!

If you can’t make it to the store, you can take this quick online survey and help Allana get started on her market research.

Follow Alanna’s progress!

Alanna will be sharing behind the scenes progress on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as producing a weekly blog every Thursday.  Follow #FCfreshstart to stay in the loop!

Follow Fresh Collective at:

Twitter :



Follow Alanna at:




Join the conversation!  

Help shape the Toronto fashion industry and have your voice heard!