Introducing Angela Saini – A Fresh Collective Role Model for 2016

Angela_banner-webWhat has been your proudest accomplishment as an entrepreneur?

One of my biggest dreams growing up was to be played in the grocery store. You know when you are shopping and you hear music as you peruse the cereal aisle? For some reason, I always said that one day you would hear my song playing. Last year, my song “Something Like I’m Beautiful” was added to the Pop Adult station on Stingray (digital music service) and my best friend in Vancouver called me to tell me she was listening to it in Canadian Tire. A few different people messaged me about hearing my music while they were shopping and it truly hit me that I had achieved one of my goals. The song was in rotation for 9 months and my new single “Living on the Bright Side” was recently added to the same channel.


Dress: Lola dress by Montreal label Héricher.  Necklace: Curious Oddities.


What challenges you on a daily basis?

Time management. I wear a lot of hats, be it booking agent, accountant, or social media manager, and I still need time to pick up my guitar and write. The creative part of my brain and logic/problem solving part of my brain have to co-exist and within a given amount of time in a day.

Screenshot (15)

Visit Angela’s website here.


Dress: Boxy Patch Dress (Yellow Print) by Toronto label Studio Fresh. Necklace: Real Flower Necklace by Love, Montreal.

What do you find meaningful about your work?

I love being creative, but it’s the performance aspect of what I do that is the most fulfilling. I feel like I’m in my element when I’m singing in front of a crowd. The best part is connecting with the audience, and when someone tells me that my music really speaks to them or has helped them in some way.


Dress: Eden Dress (Red Ripple Print), by Toronto designer Alanna Klatt.

What areas of your business do you wish you didn’t have to deal with and how do you deal with them?

Bookkeeping is the most dreaded part of my business, and I find myself always falling behind in that or being really disorganized. I am currently working out a system to streamline the process to stay on top of it, and also simplify so everything is in one place. It’s a process!


Jacket: Yoga Jeans; Dress: Malina Dress by Montreal label Héricher.

How do your family and friends feel about your career and your commitment to it?

I have been lucky with very supportive parents at a very young age when I started playing music. My parents were also entrepreneurs and know the ups and downs of running your own business and the responsibilities that come with that. Their support and guidance when needed have had a significant effect on me. My family and friends have been happy for me as my career has evolved, and also understand when I’m not available for social gatherings or out of town. Sometimes I have to miss things and they realize that.

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Visit Angela’s site to download her music.


Dress: Malina Dress by Montreal label Héricher.

What parts of your personality have changed as you have learned to become a successful entrepreneur?

I have learned to trust myself more and to ask for what I want. These two things are still a challenge but are probably the most important as I am constantly evolving into a more confident decision-maker.

Find Angela online here:

Twitter: @angelasaini
Facebook: Angela Saini Music




Best of Style Profile

On Fridays we publish Style Profile– a popular blog where we feature local women looking fabulous in outfits from our stores. This time of year, it’s time to revisit some of our favourite posts!

First up we have the awesome Carrianne Leung who had a very exciting year as her book, The Wondrous Woo, was nominated for a Toronto Book Award.  Aside from being a writer (and an awesome one at that!) Carrianne is a busy mom, an educator and a business owner.  Here Carrianne looks cute, professional and stylish in an outfit that would be perfect for a reading or for teaching a course.

Best of Carrianne


  • Dress: Stella Panel Jumper – Mandala Design, regular price $168 – now on sale for $117.60!
  • Top: Erika – Mandala Design, regular price $78 – now on sale for $54.60
  • Shoes: Lonna Mary Jane, regular price $100 – now on sale for $50

Next up, we have the one and only Kat Shura, the creative mastermind behind the ever popular Curious Oddities jewellery line we’ve been selling for several years at all three stores.  These days Kat is busy in her Hamilton, Ontario studio making up the most beautiful spring collection yet!    Here Kat is wearing a simple tunic and leggings with her own Miz Mooz boots from a previous season; the perfect outfit for meeting with a jewellery client, working at one of the many shows she does or just working in her studio.

Bestof Dania

  • Tunic: Dania Tunic – Desserts and Skirts, regular price $125, now just $75
  • Yoga jeans: select styles are on sale at 50% off at Kensington and Roncesvalles
  • Jewellery: Check out the Curious Oddities Designer Studio Clearance Sale at Kensington.  Necklaces are $12. Earrings are just $5!

And finally, we have the wonderful Angela Saini.  Angela had a busy 2014, with numerous gigs, being named “One of Toronto’s best indie songwriters” by Examiner as part of CMW, and the release of her video (featuring dresses from Fresh Collective!) Something Like I’m Beautiful.


  • Dress: Greta Sheath- Mandala Design, regular price $148, now on sale for $103.60.
  • Shoes: Edye – Hush Puppies, regular price $100, now on sale for $50

Tune in next Friday for another three lovely ladies from our community!  And in the meantime, we hope to see you in our stores snapping up the last of the sale items!  🙂


Angela Saini – Style Profile

Angela has been in my life for some time now, but we had never officially met!  She worked with my husband Steve at the Drake back when he was working there, and she did some work with Fresh Collective a couple times when we dressed her for shows and a video.  At the shoot was the first day I had had the pleasure of meeting in person, and wow, what a pleasure!  Angela is lovely, creative, a good business person and fun to work with!  I loved hearing about her music career and how she goes about it, and was very inspired about all the things she takes on to be successful!  – Laura-Jean Bernhardson, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective

Name: Angela Saini
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist
: some kilometers travelled!
: Travelling songstress, sometimes casual drink-slinger


Dress: Orphee – Annie 50 $219; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach notes: Angela and I both loved the gold tones of this dress with her hair and skin tone, and the lush brocade fabric would be a great dress to perform or be photographed in, but work equally well for a nice dinner date.  -Laura-Jean

What’s a typical day like for you?

I don’t have a typical day in many ways! Some days start with writing, some with the many administrative tasks I do on my computer, and sometimes I wake up in another city. Every day always involves coffee! Sometimes some running around Toronto. The best days always end with playing a show.

What in your life is really important to you?

Fun! Enjoying it. Even when it’s busy, I try to find the joy in everything. Balance is also key. Sometimes I just need to go for a walk or do some yoga. And sometimes everything is not about me and I want to spend time with people that I love. Music is very important to me, but the journey is everything.

Angela 1

Dress: Jayne washed stripe shirtdress – Mandala Design $138; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Lonna MaryJane – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes- Angela looks amazing in this dress with its vibrant colours and the black accents.  The style suits her figure well (and a lot of figures!) with the band that accentuates a high waistline and then the skirt that just flows over hips. ~Laura-Jean

What would you like to be remembered for?

Uplifting people. My voice. My songs. Maybe even in that order.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Being onstage is a big part of what I do, and what I look like is a pretty big part of being “Angela Saini.” Feeling confident, and being comfortable are really important to me, onstage and off, and those two things play a role in every fashion decision I make.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

Amazing designs! Very forward and fresh looks for everyday wear. I can feel very comfortable and super cute at the same time! Dressing up or dressing down in style is easy to do when you have such great options.


Dress: Greta Chain Sheath – Mandala Design $148; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach notes – Angela was drawn to this dress immediately, and we both loved the bright olive green colour on her.  The shape comes in subtly at the waist, but it’s in no way clingy so it’s comfortable and flattering.  This dress packs amazingly well so it would be great for Angela’s busy tour schedule, or for anyone who travels. ~Laura-Jean

What do you have that you want to promote?

 I am playing at The Toronto Centre for the Arts (5040 Yonge St.) Thursday, September 18th at 7:30pm for the “Bare Bones and Up Front” series. The show takes place in The Gallery alongside Spencer Burton. Tickets are $20 on Ticketmaster: click here for more info!

I am going back to Europe and touring Germany, Holland, and England this November. Shows are always up to date at my website:

I recently released the music video for “Something Like I’m Beautiful” featuring clothes from Fresh Collective. Also broadcast on VMix on OMNI TV nation-wide.