Style Profile – 15 More Outfits to Inspire You for FALL!

Here are 15 MORE Fall Outfit Ideas featuring our gorgeous and talented ladies from our Style Profiles.  Did you miss the last 15 outfits earlier this week?

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Our Style Profile is PACKED with style ideas and inspiration, all modelled by women from our community!  Our customers have a certain something- they’re busy, and awesome and inspiring – and that’s how our Style Profile was born!

Siobhan Collage

Name: Siobhan Özege
Occupation: Communications Strategist
Age: 28
Lifestyle: Everything all at once

Look 1: Lou Lou Dress by Oom Ethikwear
Look 2: Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in 40’s floral.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, aqua holes and teal nitelite
Look 3:  Two way cardigan by Brenda Beddome in charcoal, teal, light grey and wine. Graphic tee by Yasmine Louis, Gloria flip skirt by Mandala Design available in purple, red and brown online.  More colours in store.

Nina Collage

Name: Nina Gilmour
Occupation: Actor
Age: 29
Lifestyle: Champagne

Look 1: Tunic by Desserts and Skirts, Essential Spanx Leggings available in umber or black.
Look 2: Sumika Dress by Annie 50.
Look 3:  Top by Helene Clarkson and skirt by Michelle Carey. Sold out.  

Kara Collage

Name:  Kara Isert
Occupation:  Owner of Sparkplug Coffee, fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door!
Age: A few well-earned grey hairs
Lifestyle: urban adventurer

Look 1: Dania floral tunic by Desserts and Skirts and Essential leggings by Spanx (comes in black and umber
Look 2: Dress by Studio Fresh – this style sold out.
Look 3:  Jo Slouch top available in purple, lime, black, navy, red and royal.  Sara flip skirt available in nitelite, lace floral and rain.

Leslie Collage

Name: Leslie McKeown
Occupation: Owner of The Bookkeeping Redhead
Age: 28
Lifestyle: Animal Lover/Movie Buff

Look 1: Zig Zag top by Mandala Design, Yoga Jeans and Snap Cardigan by Elena Wang.
Look 2: Legendary top available in teal, blue and black by Melow; Geeky Deer Skirt by Desserts and Skirts.
Look 3:  Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in aqua holes.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, 40’s floral and teal nitelite

Shannon Collage

Name: Shannon Lee Simmons
Occupation: Financial Planner/Founder of The New School of Finance
Age: 30
Lifestyle: Urbanite and secret hippie (shhhh)

Look 1: Banks sweater by Gentle Fawn in burgundy or grey. Essential leggings by Spanx (comes in black and umber
Look 2: Leigh Dress by Mandala Design in teal nitelite.  Also available in rust nitelite, pink nitelite, navy holes, aqua holes and 40’s floral.
Look 3:  Grace Dress by Kabuki in burgundy or grey.

Style Profile – Jessica McEwen

Name: Jessica McEwen
Occupation: Florist, owner of Periwinkle Flowers
Age: 40
Lifestyle: Colourful, joyful, creative.


Dress: Annie 50; Necklace: Love, Montreal.

This dress is available online in red, green and black!

What’s a typical day like for you? My days are all over the place. Mostly
I am working, which can mean getting up early to buy flowers at the
wholesale market, or manning my flower shop helping customers and making
flower designs.  Some days I am out delivering and setting up flowers for
events such as weddings. Days off are rare right now but I try to fill
them with bike rides and hanging with my family rather than wasting them
on housework!

What in your life is really important to you? Being happy.  I truly think
happiness is a choice we each get to make from moment to moment. We only
get to live once, so I want to make this life a happy one.


Sweater: Gentle Fawn; Necklace: Curious Oddities; Top: Jennifer Fukushima; Pants: Yoga Jeans.

Shop for this sweater here and for Yoga Jeans here.

What would you like to be remembered for? My patience and acceptance of
others. And also for being a pretty darn good florist.

What role does fashion play in your life? I am obsessed with colour and
pattern, nothing makes me happier than dressing in bright colours and
prints.  I think life is too short not to wear pretty clothes.  For my
work I am often getting dirty and do a lot of lifting and moving, so my
clothes need to be durable and able to take a beating while still looking
good enough to meet with a client at a moments notice, which is a lot to


Top: Melow; Skirt: Desserts and Skirts; Bag: Matt & Nat.

Buy the Geeky Deer skirt here, and the top in black, blue or green here.

geeky deer skirt

Close up of the Geeky Deer Skirt from Desserts and Skirts.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? It’s like Fresh Collective has hooked itself to my brain! I love the eclectic mix of styles, but even more I love that the staff are such a cool creative bunch themselves that they can take in who I am and choose clothes that will show that to the world- it is a true gift.  I’m also trying to be conscious of where I spend my money.  As a small business owner myself, I think it is important to support other small local businesses and makers so that we can all prosper and succeed.

What do you have that you want to promote? I own a flower shop called
Periwinkle Flowers in midtown Toronto.  It’s filled with colour and happy
things, and I get to share my love of flowers with people across the city.
The shop makes and delivers happy colourful flower arrangements across
Toronto, and also carries pretty little things such as soaps and tea
towels made by local designers.  I have a special offer for Fresh Collective fans!  See the details below:

major jar posy

Is there anything else we should know about you? I’ve owned my shop for 14
years, and have come to realize I truly love being a florist!  Hearing
little slices of a customer’s story as I help them pick out flowers for a
friend or loved one is just hands down the best part of my work.

Where can people find you on social media?

My shop’s website

Style Profile – Valerie Buhagiar

Name: Valerie Buhagiar
Occupation: Actor/filmmaker/theatre artist/mother!
Age: Forgot that ages ago.
Lifestyle: Hard enough to count, easy enough to keep on the rails.

Valerie new

Sweater, Creations Encore; Leggings, Spanx; Bag, Matt & Nat.

What’s a typical day like for you? 

Think, think, and think some more.

Look for magic in the simplest places, and capture it.


What in your life is really important to you? Love.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Opening people to the magic that’s right in front of them.

I’ve triggered some inspiration.

Valerie 2 new

Top, Studio Fresh, Skirt, Mandala Design.


What role does fashion play in your life?  Fashion shouldn’t have to make you guess what sort of person I am. A good wardrobe eliminates the intention (or pretention) of dressing.  There is no guess work because the choice is always clear.  Breadth is not always the answer; precision is.


Valerie B new 3

Dress, Annie 50.


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? The comfort made for a free spirit.


What do you have that you want to promote?  My next feature film, It’s Hard to Be Human. Here’s the indiegogo campaign.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I’ve worked really hard to finally strut confidently in my bones. I love my bones.

Where can people find you on social media? Facebook, or check out my website.


Style Profile: Sarah Couture McPhail

Name: Sarah Couture McPhail
Occupation: Artist/Student/Community Organizer
Age: 41
Lifestyle: Creative urban mom with a streak of Riot Girl


Dress: Annie 50 Tatsumi Dress $185; Bag: Parabole – Matt & Nat


What’s a typical day like for you? This past summer has been a bit chaotic. I was mostly home with my kids while trying to schedule work, community projects, a couple of trips, daily activities (admittedly the kids watched too much t.v. and played around the yard a lot) in with finding time make art for the group show that just went up last week was hectic. I need a break. I can’t wait for school to start next week. As I age, I realize routine is good. Especially when you have young kids… my kids at least.

What in your life is really important to you? Family. Friends. Community. Art. Politics. All passions.

What would you like to be remembered for? For throwing a good wii dance party/bbq. That would be nice.

What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion is so integral to my identity. While I’m reluctant to say it’s important, having grown up during a time where who you were was identified very much by the clothes you wore (i.e. Punk, Preppy, Raver, Goth, Jocks, Metalhead, Geek etc..), way more than today. Today in many ways anything goes and a lot falls under the “hipster” umbrella. While I fight being a slave to clothes, my morning routine is often a battle with my closet. I can’t help it. I like clothes and it’s ingrained from childhood.


(Above: Sarah talks about what she’s passionate about: Family, art and community.)


Scarf: Black and White Infinity scarf, $35; Top: Pullover – Yasmine Louis; Pants: Dressy Sweatpant – Encircled, $128


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? Quality of the clothes. The atmosphere, and the friendliness and helpfulness of staff. Something for every woman.

What do you have that you want to promote?  I have an Art Show up at Art Square Gallery Cafe across from the AGO. It’s a group show that includes many emerging artists. My encaustics are on the wall just as you enter the Gallery part of the cafe.


Top: Oom Ethikwear; Necklace: Colleen Poitras Skirt: Gloria Solid Flip Skirt – Mandala Design, $88 Bag: Matt & Nat


Where can people find you on social media? is where you will find information and links to most of my projects.


Fresh Collective Style Profile – Laura Spink

I became a fan of Laura’s band The Young Novelists after seeing them share the stage with the band my husband plays in (Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins).   Their music is great (check it out!) and following their activity on Facebook I could see they were travelling a lot and playing lots of gigs all over the place.  What I didn’t know until I got to know her better was that Laura also is a mom and has a full time career as a scientist!  Let’s learn a little more about this fabulous busy, inspiring and accomplished lady!  – Laura-Jean, CEO and Founder of Fresh Collective

Name: Laura Spink
Occupation: Vocalist and percussionist in Toronto-based folk-rock band The Young Novelists and hydrogeologist with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Age: A good age.
Lifestyle: So busy! But in a good way! I dress pretty casually during the day, but when I perform I dress up.


Top: Erika – Mandala Design $78
Skirt: Jupiter – Annie 50 $145
Shoes – Lonna Mary Jane – Hush Puppies $100

What’s a typical day like for you?

I’m so not a morning person, so on a typical weekday when I’m not playing a gig, I force myself out of bed, have a quick shower, throw on something work appropriate, kiss my husband and son goodbye and dash out the door to catch the bus to my day job downtown. After work I come home and spend time with my son until his bedtime around eight. Then depending on the night, I’ll either have rehearsal, hunker down in front of the computer and do administrative band things (endless emails, social media stuff, graphic design), or go out to see live music and catch up with friends. There is so much live music going on on any given night in Toronto; it’s really quite amazing!


Jacket: Monilifera Blazer – Jennifer Fukushima $379
Top: Yasmine Louis $55
Jeans: Yoga Jean (High Rise Skinny) $120
Boots: Laura’s own

What in your life is really important to you?

Spending time with my four year old son Simon is the most precious thing. He is the most amazing person I know. But it’s also important to my husband and I that Simon sees his parents do what they love doing, which means that sometimes we’re away from home playing music (and our he gets to hang out with his grandparents). It’s a balance and we’re always reassessing how to make it work so we’re all happy.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Honestly, I feel somewhat overwhelmed by fashion a lot of the time. I know what I like on other people, but I feel totally overwhelmed when I go shopping for clothes. I’m a lot more confident when it comes to the dresses I perform in though. When I was in grade nine, my grandmother let my sister and I raid her closet, since then I’ve always loved that 50s and 60s vibe. When I play I generally wear one of my grandmother’s dresses or a vintage inspired dress from one of the independent clothing shops around town. Dressing up helps put me in a different headspace.


Dress: Jayne Retro Shirt Dress – Mandala Design $138
Shoes: Adah ankle boots – Miz Mooz $210 (now on sale for $168)

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

The folks who work there are so great at helping style challenged people like me put together an outfit. Plus the clothes they carry are mostly independent Canadian designers, which I love.

What do you have that you want to promote? 

The Young Novelists are playing a residency at the Cameron House (408 Queen St West) from 8-10pm every Monday in November (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th). We’re also putting the finishing touches on our new album, which will be release in the Spring, and we’re planning a big old party to celebrate!

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I was a pretty good triple jumper and 200 metre sprinter back in high-school.

Where can people find you on social media?







Fresh Collective Style Profile – Peggy Nash

I love Peggy Nash!  I’m very interested in women in leadership roles, and the first time I met Peggy in our shop, I was so impressed with how lovely she is in person and her commitment to shopping local and supporting local businesses. She is stylish, elegant and always looks comfortable and relatable.  She’s been a regular customer of ours for years and I’m proud that we outfit one of our leaders.

  – Laura-Jean, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective

 Name: Peggy Nash

Occupation: Member of Parliament

Age: 63

Lifestyle: Very active, sporty

This blouse is lined with a soft and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort and coverage, but the silk overlayer is light as air for a gorgeous, super feminine look.  We paired it with the fitted skirt for a contrast - structured on the bottom and airy on top.  (Blouse: Silk Tie Blouse - TetianaK $150, Skirt: Lithia Skirt - Annie 50 $138, Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel - Hush Puppies $100, Bracelet: Ch-ch-chains - BurfurtART $45)

Style Coach Notes: This blouse is lined with a soft and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort and coverage, but the silk overlayer is light as air for a gorgeous, super feminine look. We paired it with the fitted skirt for a contrast – structured on the bottom and airy on top. (Blouse: Silk Tie Blouse – TetianaK $150, Skirt: Lithia – Annie 50 $138, Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel – Hush Puppies $100, Bracelet: Ch-ch-chains – BurfurtART $45)

What’s a typical day like for you? Up by 6am, read the news, go for a run, quickly get ready and then usually in first meeting at 8am. In Ottawa there is a core schedule of committee meetings, House Duty, Question Period, then other events and meetings are slotted in between.  In Toronto, I try to get to as many community meetings, events and activities possible, while also meeting with constituents at my office.  Every day is different. I commute between the two cities every week when the House is sitting. Continue reading

Angela Saini – Style Profile

Angela has been in my life for some time now, but we had never officially met!  She worked with my husband Steve at the Drake back when he was working there, and she did some work with Fresh Collective a couple times when we dressed her for shows and a video.  At the shoot was the first day I had had the pleasure of meeting in person, and wow, what a pleasure!  Angela is lovely, creative, a good business person and fun to work with!  I loved hearing about her music career and how she goes about it, and was very inspired about all the things she takes on to be successful!  – Laura-Jean Bernhardson, CEO and founder of Fresh Collective

Name: Angela Saini
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist
: some kilometers travelled!
: Travelling songstress, sometimes casual drink-slinger


Dress: Orphee – Annie 50 $219; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach notes: Angela and I both loved the gold tones of this dress with her hair and skin tone, and the lush brocade fabric would be a great dress to perform or be photographed in, but work equally well for a nice dinner date.  -Laura-Jean

What’s a typical day like for you?

I don’t have a typical day in many ways! Some days start with writing, some with the many administrative tasks I do on my computer, and sometimes I wake up in another city. Every day always involves coffee! Sometimes some running around Toronto. The best days always end with playing a show.

What in your life is really important to you?

Fun! Enjoying it. Even when it’s busy, I try to find the joy in everything. Balance is also key. Sometimes I just need to go for a walk or do some yoga. And sometimes everything is not about me and I want to spend time with people that I love. Music is very important to me, but the journey is everything.

Angela 1

Dress: Jayne washed stripe shirtdress – Mandala Design $138; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Lonna MaryJane – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes- Angela looks amazing in this dress with its vibrant colours and the black accents.  The style suits her figure well (and a lot of figures!) with the band that accentuates a high waistline and then the skirt that just flows over hips. ~Laura-Jean

What would you like to be remembered for?

Uplifting people. My voice. My songs. Maybe even in that order.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Being onstage is a big part of what I do, and what I look like is a pretty big part of being “Angela Saini.” Feeling confident, and being comfortable are really important to me, onstage and off, and those two things play a role in every fashion decision I make.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

Amazing designs! Very forward and fresh looks for everyday wear. I can feel very comfortable and super cute at the same time! Dressing up or dressing down in style is easy to do when you have such great options.


Dress: Greta Chain Sheath – Mandala Design $148; Bracelet: Myka $159; Shoes: Edye Lonna Heel – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach notes – Angela was drawn to this dress immediately, and we both loved the bright olive green colour on her.  The shape comes in subtly at the waist, but it’s in no way clingy so it’s comfortable and flattering.  This dress packs amazingly well so it would be great for Angela’s busy tour schedule, or for anyone who travels. ~Laura-Jean

What do you have that you want to promote?

 I am playing at The Toronto Centre for the Arts (5040 Yonge St.) Thursday, September 18th at 7:30pm for the “Bare Bones and Up Front” series. The show takes place in The Gallery alongside Spencer Burton. Tickets are $20 on Ticketmaster: click here for more info!

I am going back to Europe and touring Germany, Holland, and England this November. Shows are always up to date at my website:

I recently released the music video for “Something Like I’m Beautiful” featuring clothes from Fresh Collective. Also broadcast on VMix on OMNI TV nation-wide.

Style Profile – Rebecca Eckler

Name: Rebecca Eckler
Occupation: Author/journalist/blogger
Age: I’m 20 + 10 + 5 + 2 + 3. You do the math!
Lifestyle: As laid back as I can be in constant mayhem!


Dress: Patsy Cline – Annie 50 $184
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $65
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in rose – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes: Rebecca wanted a fun and bold look for her book launch. This dress with the fun and vibrant floral pattern was just the number to have her looking and feeling great. This dress suits her style and her petite frame, and she loved it so much, she bought it plus the shoes after our photo shoot!

What’s a typical day like for you?

Today, I got up at 7 a.m., woke up my daughter Rowan, age 10, to get her out of bed and get ready for school. Brought Holt, my son, 22 months, downstairs. Raced for personal training from 7:30 to 8 a.m. Went back home. Drove daughter to school. Head back to home office (trying to ignore the dozen 2 year-olds over because it’s my turn to host play group.) Spend about an hour procrastinating on Facebook. I pitched a couple of stories. They were accepted, which means I have to write them. Worked on story for Canadian Parents and also researching next book. Rush to pick up daughter at school and then usually she has a dance class or play practice (so I sit in my car and write!) Now, with The Mommy Mob about to launch, it’s a bit busier, doing press, and getting the word out there. Some days are busier than others. When I finally get home, it’s about reading to Holt before he goes to bed, and making sure my daughter gets her homework done (My life sounds so fun doesn’t it?). Then House of Cards! (And sometimes I get my Mommy On and party! SHH!)

What in your life is really important to you?

My children. My friends. Art. Music. Books. Reading. Fashion. My fiancé, Jordan. Jared Leto (who is not my fiancé.) Cheesecake. Beaches and sun!

1397674256426 (1)

Dress: Annette Dress – Studio Fresh $179
Boots and jewellery – Rebecca’s own

Style Coach Notes: This dress suits Rebecca’s boho style and we styled it with the slouchy boots Rebecca wore on the day of the shoot and her own jewellery. This dress is a perfect casual-yet-arty dress for a busy, cool mom-on-the-go like Rebecca. It’s got just enough shaping in the bodice to give it a flattering silhouette.  Although it suits Rebecca’s slender frame perfectly, it is just as lovely on larger ladies.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Now, that’s a tough one! Probably being a good mother. But I can tell you all the things I DON’T want to be remembered for!

But I think helping other women, who have read my books or blogs, to know that they are not alone, especially when it comes to Post Partum Depression or the right to have the option of what FEMALES want to do with their bodies, when it comes to birth. I would also liked to be remembered for my cooking. Which will never happen. Oh well.


Dress: Amy Dress in navy dots – Michelle Carey $198
Necklace: Ch-Ch-Chains belt (worn as a necklace) – BurfurtART $85
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $65
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in rose – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes: This fun and flirty dotted dress needed just a bit of edge to suit Rebecca’s style, so we went heavy metal with the chain necklace and bracelet. The shape accentuates an hourglass silhouette, and is a perfect dress for networking, a book launch or press interviews – or maybe, a well-deserved date night with her guy.


What role does fashion play in your life?

I love fashion. I love the Boho Chic look. My fiancé will tell you he likes me in a “slutty” look, so I always have to say, “You need to see it on me, not just on the hanger!” And then he always loves my fashion choices, which are NOT “slutty.” I like to be a little unique with fashion. I’m not into shopping at huge department stores.

I love boutiques, where you know you’re not going to be wearing the same thing as others! Fashion, like writing, is creative. So I always add something creative to my outfit, be it a funky bracelet, or necklace. I think Jennifer Aniston is my role model. She looks great in motorcycle boots and jeans, and she looks amazing on the red carpet. Also, I still have clothes that I’ve kept that are at least ten years old. I think that saying, “If you don’t wear it for a year, toss it!” is BS. Guess what? Fashion comes around again! (Even if it’s ten years later!) And now I’m noticing that my daughter has a better wardrobe than me! It was a sad parenting moment.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

Well, I didn’t walk out of the store empty handed as you know! I think that says it all! That morning I stopped by [for the photo shoot] I was not planning to walk out with a new pair of pants, dress, and shoes! I just loved them so much that I couldn’t NOT buy them! I also love that the staff will help you put together an outfit if you’re not 100% sure about it. They’re not going to let you leave looking like crap! And I love that many of the pieces are really one-of-a-kind. It’s so awful of me, but I feel that Fresh Collective is somewhat of a secret find in Toronto. I kind of don’t want everyone to know about it! Kidding.


Dress: Alissa dress in pink and grey dots – Bionic $119
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $45
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in black – Hush Puppies $100

 Style Coach Notes: This stunning dress is another winner for Rebecca. The print is fun and the cut is sophisticated with the body conscious shaping. The gathering at the hip creates subtle style and shaping to accentuate a waistline and flatter most figures. This is another fabulous, versatile style for Rebecca’s busy life and crazy schedule!


What do you have that you want to promote?

My ninth book, The Mommy Mob, is coming out at the end of the month! It’s a book for anyone who is a mother, plans to be one, or wonder what is it’s like to be a mother in the year 2014. Mothers have become so judgmental to each other, it is out of control. In The Mommy Mob, readers will get to see the hate mail and comments I receive, while I try to figure out when mothers became so vicious to one another. I’m really a very loyal, girl’s girl, so I can’t comprehend how vicious and outrageous and insane some mothers are when they disagree with some aspect of parenting. You can buy it here: order The Mommy Mob.

You WILL laugh so hard you might cry. The Mommy Mob shows what *some* mothers can be like. It’s like the scariest playground in the world, when it comes to mommy bloggers, which my book focuses on. You’ll read it and think, “Wow! And I thought I had a bad day. Look what Eckler has to go through!”

Is there anything else we should know about you? I want a puppy, just so I can name him/her “Raisin.” But I don’t think it’s going to happen. And I’m not very good at parking. At all.



Style Profile – Patty K

Patty is one of the most fabulous people in my life. We chat about makeup and men and then head out for trivia nights. Brainy and beautiful would be a limiting description of this woman. Patty captures her spunky energy in every way she styles herself; from fabulous nail art to creative accessories that all work for her lifestyle. Each outfit we chose accentuates Patty’s figure that she’s ready to show off after dropping over 100 pounds since 2012.

We’ve become great friends in short amount of time through our love of fashion. We stopped in at our local Kensington cafe – The Grind House – for a fun morning photo shoot. And to cheers to our friendship over our other love, coffee!  <3 Terri-Leigh

Name: Patty Kamarinos
Occupation: Makeup Artist + Esthetician + Beauty Blogger
Age: 30-something but who’s counting?
Lifestyle: one part Girl about town, two parts social butterfly with a sprinkle of introversion to recharge.


Dress: A-Line dress in red – Atelier B $175.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $26.00
Belt: Kimono belt in brown – Susana Erazo $160.00
Shoes: Lonna T in Black – Hush Puppies $100.00 


The A-line cut of this dress was perfect for Patty’s hourglass shape. I wanted to accent her curves without over emphasizing. The rule of thirds really helped in creating this – keeping the portions suitable to her height and figure. The belt also created a more defined waist and becomes a great accent piece.



What’s a typical day like for you?
Beautifying urban goddesses & satiating my adventurous curiosities with the help of copious amounts of caffeine.

What in your life is really important to you?
Being surrounded by amazing people whether it be family, friends, colleagues or clients. There’s a special place in my heart for my nephew, Niko, though. That kid is my sunshine.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Inspiring and allowing people to see the natural beauty they possess.


Dress: Calamity Jane dress in Black – Annie 50 $179.00
Bracelet: Rock Candy – BurfurtART $45.00


Patty is a bit of a rock star but still professional. The clean lines and knee length hem of the dress keep this outfit age appropriate without limiting her personality. Again, an accentuated waist helps to maintain proportions without distracting from her silhouette.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion is the root of my inspiration as a makeup artist. The colours, the textures, the lines; it not only ignites inspiration for makeup ideas but invites a freedom of expression of how I want to present myself to the world.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
I love that it is Toronto-centric and supports local designers.

What do you have that you want to promote?
I have been running my beauty blog, Inside The Makeup Case  for a few years now. It’s a great outlet for me to share looks, tips and my professional expertise with my audience and is the catalyst for allowing me to constantly research what new products, trends and techniques are out there.


Dress: Kladis wrap dress in Leopard -Bionic $119.00
Necklace: Rock Candy w Extender – BurfurtART $57.00
Shoes: Patty’s own


The sleeve length on this wrap dress was a happy discovery for us as we picked out necklines that Patty could move in. This dress can carry her from work with an added cropped jacket or cardigan (perfect for her waist height) and then removed for a night out. The leopard print shows off her energy without being too bold for her shape.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
Since making a huge lifestyle change that allowed me to lose 130 lbs last year, I also have a tumblr that focuses on clean recipes that are delicious and nutritious; a way for me to keep an online recipe box of sorts.

IG: whiplashes
Twitter: @whiplashes

Style Profile – Sarah Couture McPhail

In our seventh Style Profile, we feature one of Laura-Jean’s best friends, Sarah Couture McPhail. Laura-Jean and Sarah have known each other for more than 15 years.  Sarah met Laura-Jean through one of the first employees of Fresh Collective, and then worked part-time at the Kensington store when it was still called Fresh Baked Goods.

“Sarah has always been among the most stylish women I know.  She effortlessly mixes and matches, and uses accessories in creative and fun ways to produce endless looks.  I feel like I’ve never seen her wear the same thing twice, but I know she pulls from her closet from past seasons and just makes things look new.

She’s an avid Fresh Collective shopper, and loves to find the unique Canadian designer pieces that make her wardrobe so special. Aside from being super stylish, Sarah is fun, amazing and incredibly kind hearted.  She is a mom of twin boys, an artist and active in her community and her school.

She’s the kind of friend who has great get-togethers, awesome parties for her kids and can feed you or find a glass of wine for you just because you popped in her back door unannounced. She shows up at your door with home remedies when she knows you’re sick and her house is the one all the kids just gravitate to in the summertime.  I feel blessed to have Sarah in my life and I wanted to let the world know how much I love her.

xoxox   – Love, Laura-Jean”

Name: Sarah Couture McPhail
Occupation: Mom/Artist/ Mastercrafter/Workshop Facilitator/Student
Age: I am trying to own 40
Lifestyle: Urban Political Artsy Mom – ya I listen to a lot of CBC Radio 1

Dress: Calamity Jane - Annie 50 $179.00Sweater: Yvonne Cardigan - Paper People Clothing. Regular price: $149.00 now 20% off $119.20Necklace: Curious Oddities $25.00

Dress: Calamity Jane – Annie 50 $179.00
Sweater: Yvonne Cardigan – Paper People Clothing. Regular price: $149.00 now 20% off $119.20
Necklace: Curious Oddities $25.00

What’s a typical day like for you? I am rushing. I rush kids and myself off to school; I run to the studio; I fetch errands; I work on Parent Council endeavours; and I cook up other community projects. I try to squeeze in friend time, quality kid time, and time with my partner as much as I can. This usually results in scrambling hard for a stretch, then crashing hard for a couple days.

What in your life is really important to you? So much is important to me, but my family and friends are paramount. My house is full. I like it that way. I am also very appreciative of the quiet time I get to spend at the studio I share. Without any doubt, I am fortunate.

Dress: Frill Dress - Desserts and Skirts. $165.00Shoes: Miz Mooz, past season from Sarah's own wardrobe.

Dress: Frill Dress – Desserts and Skirts. $165.00
Shoes: Miz Mooz, past season from Sarah’s own wardrobe.

What would you like to be remembered for? “I aspire to help build communities and create them where they don’t already exist.” That is a quote from my resume. More than that though, I would like to equally and wholeheartedly be remembered for being a good friend/ mom/ and partner. I would also like to leave behind some damn good art… since we are being optimistic here.

What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion has always been a special source of inspiration. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed conceptual dressing. Whether it be playing with a nautical look or rocking 70s librarian, I am drawn to the associations that clothes ignite. Dressing up is often like taking on a new character. Though I might not act like an 80s glam superstar, when I wear a metallic blouse with a belted harness (not as crazy as it sounds) I am trying to conjure a feeling. When it works, it puts a strut in my stride and nothing can go wrong. Today while I dress a little more conservatively (by my own standards), I am still drawn to vintage and vintage inspired pieces. I like structured and well made clothes that will last. I also like blending modern clothes with retro ones too.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I have been a fan of Fresh Collective since the beginning. Finding clothes that fit me is not easy. Stores don’t stock for short and curvy people. I love knowing that the clothes I buy from Fresh are conflict free. I also love knowing that I am supporting local designers and fellow artisans. I hardly ever walk out of the stores without buying something, which leads me to avoid going in sometimes. But the clothes, and the skilled and helpful sales team at Fresh Collective never fail to draw me back in… often.

Top: Panel Tee - Desserts and Skirts $58.00.  Skirt: Dotted Pencil Skirt - Michelle Carey $96.00. Belt: Kimono Belt - Susana Erazo $185.00 Shoes: Lonna T-Bar shoes - Hush Puppies,  $100.00

Top: Panel Tee – Desserts and Skirts $58.00.
Skirt: Dotted Pencil Skirt – Michelle Carey $96.00.
Belt: Kimono Belt – Susana Erazo $185.00 Shoes: Lonna T-Bar shoes – Hush Puppies, $100.00

What do you have that you want to promote? Right now I am busy at school and doing personal projects, but you can always check out my tumblr, for upcoming workshops and events.

Is there anything else we should know about you? I am extremely uncomfortable “tooting my own horn”. In my line of work, it is unfortunately essential. This was a good exercise.  Thank you Fresh Collective for this and for being a positive place for women of all shapes, a reliable place for edgy/on trend fashion and an amazing gang of people. You all are extraordinary.