Style Profile – Jane

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the fourth edition of our style profile series, our Regional Manager Jane, shows us what she’s up to on and off hours with Fresh Collective!

Style Profile

Name: Jane Haselgrove
Occupation: Regional Manager at Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne (you can order from her directly too! using the code 116072618)
Age: 28
Lifestyle: always on the go!
Jane Haselgrove - Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

Jane Haselgrove – Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

What’s a typical day like for you?
A typical day looks like working at Fresh Collective all day from 11-7pm.  From there I either go out and work on my other business hosting parties, going to meetings or meeting with people for a drink. Three nights a week I also go Bouldering after work. It’s kind of like rock climbing but there are no ropes!
What in your life is really important to you?
Balance is very important to  me. I love to be busy doing things I love but I also don’t like to be controlled by my schedule. Scheduling my life so that it works for me is very important to staying positive and happy even when things don’t work out the way I planned.
Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties now $82.20

Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (aka Address Apparel) (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties by Hush Puppies now $82.20

What would you like to be remembered for?
Revolutionizing the indie fashion world!  I LOVE what I do at Fresh Collective. If I am remembered for being part of an institution that has made thriving careers for designers and stylists in Toronto and perhaps, world wide, my life would be well spent.
What role does fashion play in your life?
In the last two years I have really  embraced that I am a Fashion Professional. Style and fashion is my career and I love that I get to embrace self-expression through fashion every day. In other words, it plays a VITAL role in my daily life and my identity.
Calamity Jane Annie 50, $ 179; Ch-Ch-Chains necklace, Burfurtart, $45

Dress: Calamity Jane by Annie 50 $179.00; Necklace: Ch-Ch-Chains by Burfurtart $45.00

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
Many years ago I used  to be a designer myself. I get what it takes to do what our designers do. I love shopping at Fresh Collective because I get great, unique clothing (I love compliments on my outfits) and I love to support the careers of local designers.
What do you have that you want to promote? 
I would love to share that I am an all around Fashion and Style Professional. I can help you with your personal image from clothing to makeup because I also have another business I do on the side called Arbonne.
Is there anything else we should know about you?
I am under 5 ft tall; I am a boulderer; I am eloping this summer somewhere in Europe; I have worked at Fresh Collective for three years.
Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

The Swagger Coach – Nesting: An Organizational Tale

swagger coach

If I have one addiction, it’s shopping. I’m a sucker for fun fashion, expressive pieces, cool textures and playful colours. I have a lot of fun dressing myself, and I am lucky to have a partner who indulges me by allowing me to act as his own personal style consultant. I love playing dress-up so very much that I found myself a job with a great company which allows me to play dress-up all day long, and get paid for it. I think I hit the jackpot.

I’ve always sung the praises of items which can transition your wardrobe from season to season, and finding new ways to wear items which you already own. I love shopping, yes, but I also know that we’re real people with real budgets and real rent and hydro and car bills to pay, so I really emphasize the versatility of certain items which will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Last weekend, I was meandering around my apartment, and I realized that I had lots of everything. This everything has a place, yes, but instead of having one area where I keep, say, hair accessories, I had several. One special spot in almost every room. I also noticed that our black-and-white decor which once seemed modern and cool, had become a bit bland for my tastes. I set out, mentally re-organizing our place, room by room. After only a few hours and a lot of garbage runs, I cleared out our junk, sorted the keepers and tidied everything. I was really impressed with the turnout, so during the week, I treated our place to some new bits and pieces, ranging from fun little art pieces to a whole new TV bench. I have planned a painting party for next weekend which will give our place a fun splash of colour. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the simple tips I used to makeover my apartment, and how to create an oasis out of chaos with little pocket damage and only a few hours of work.



The easiest way to re-do a room? A fresh coat of paint. You can add interest with a focus wall painted in a vibrant hue, or add warmth to white walls with a toasty tan colour. Keep the use of the room in mind too. For example, if you’d like your washroom to take on the feel of a calm, spa-like atmosphere, painting the walls a rubber-ducky yellow may not be the most soothing on the eyes. Similarly, painting your breakfast area a dull shade of blue-grey may cast a lethargic shadow on your day. Colour is directly tied to mood, so consider who will be using the room, and when, and pick accordingly. Also, while fresh matte paint is lovely, it can definitely attract scuffs and smudges, especially in light colours. Picking an eggshell or semi-gloss paint will provide low-maintenance walls for years… or until you decide to redecorate again! I’ve become increasingly smitten with vintage-looking furniture too, and a coat of paint can be distressed with sandpaper or steel wool, creating a romantic, old-world feel for your ho-hum furniture too. Inspired by my black-and-white Miz Mooz Patsy shoes, I’ll be transforming my dove grey walls to bright white, with jet-black trim to make our new seafoam furniture pop! Easy and affordable!




Simple. We use what we like. By investing in organizational items and fixtures, you’ll be far more prone to using them. Forget about the pre-established organizational containers and find your own. Have more necklaces that you’d normally fit into one of those tiny jewellery boxes? (Like I do! I have more Curious Oddities and Sailor Girl jewellery than I know what to do with!) Skip it and find an interesting cork board and fun pushpins and space it out as you need. Loads of purses? Pass on typical purse hangers and opt for S-hooks, hanging them along an easy-to-instal secondary garment rail. Customizable closet organizers are wonderful because they allow you to alter your space to accommodate your needs. That way, you don’t have a gaping space where you’ve hung two long dresses, while the tiny spot for tops is jam-packed. Organizing in a way that works for you is important. If you normally blow-dry your hair in the bedroom, store your dryer and brushes there. If you ONLY read in the living room, placing your bookshelves in the same room will avoid displaced clutter. Do you take your shoes off before you enter the home? Keeping space free for a shoe cabinet will relieve your hallway of old-shoe landmines and streamline your entrance way. Storing things in visually attractive containers will encourage you to sort them more often, and making them easy-access will ensure you get all the use out of the garments and accessories you have.



If you’re like me, you have a lot of little things. Little things which often don’t really have a “right place”. So I will say this once, and I’ll hope that it doesn’t get abused: Having a junk drawer is okay. For the rest of the stuff, even if it IS organized impeccably, any collection of items which is visually accessible can look like clutter. So, rather than storing it away and having to fish for it later, add a barrier to contain the items. For example, having a shelf full of DVDs can take away from colour or themed decor, so placing them inside a cabinet with doors will keep them accessible but out of sight, creating that much more of a neat environment. Rather than having a dozen bottles of perfume scattered across your dresser, place them inside a neat, little, patterned box which matches the theme of the room. I’ve grabbed some cute fabric boxes in patterns similar to our Mandala Design and Annie50 fabrics. Leaving some items free can create a cool effect too, as you’ll read next, but for non-exciting items which have little to no artistic or decor value, keep these guys tucked away so that the focus of the room is on the fun stuff.


To totally contradict what’s written above, we’ll chat about the few times that bunches of “organized chaos” is attractive in a home. Some of our jewellery designers do this when setting up their cases, to make the small space visually dynamic and interesting. Scattering small clusters of colour co-ordinated items (like books, candles, or vintage-looking glass bottles) can create a warm, inviting and interesting vibe for your space. Typical statuettes and photo frames can easily be replaced by quirkier items, which are intended solely for decor. This does not mean that you should crack out your Mum’s old 60s blender and plop it on a side table, but rather display items you truly enjoy and ones which have a story or history behind them, and can act as discussion topics. No one is fascinated with your son’s collection of toy cars, but they do want to hear about the adorable vintage alarm clock which is sitting on your mantel.


Impulse buying happens when a person reacts to a product which they were instantly attracted to. We’re rarely attracted to a neutral, safe curtain, or to a muted throw pillow. If you see something which really grabs your attention, think of how fabulous it’ll look incorporated into your place! Its those instant “wow” moments and the items which inspire them, which are so telling of our style and tastes. For example, our stores always showcase our most vibrant, and exciting items prominently, because we know our customers will love them, and we want to make it easy for you to find what you need. Taking ‘risks;’ on things like coloured rugs, textured vases and oversized clocks can bring about a totally fresh vibe for your home! So, if you’re browsing your favourite home store, and you come across an item which draws your attention, find one in a colour which suits your theme (an accent colour, not a neutral! No cheating!) and bring it home with you! Its those touches of design flare, like a chevron curtain, or a crystal-look chandelier, which give your place character, taste and personality. Go crazy, have fun, and make your space YOURS!

Fresh TV? We’ll See…

Recently, Laura-Jean and Jenna (our marketing gal) had an exciting meeting with a production company to talk about some fun future projects (TV? MAYBE!)
Here’s Jenna’s tale of what happened…

Earlier this month, Laura-Jean and I went to visit some awesome people at RTR Media about the possibility of doing some television shows based around Fresh Collective! Can you imagine? We were so excited and yet, so afraid – what would they ask us? What would we have to do? What would we say? Most importantly what would we wear!?

With three stores, we figured out what we were going to wear without breaking too much of a sweat. LJ donned her new Annie50 Coney Island in Black with white dots ($225.00)  and her Renown Ankle Strap Hush Puppies in Black ($110.00). I wore a Michelle Carey Derby Dress in Blue Stripes and my Miz Mooz Tan boots (sorry ladies,this was one of my favourites from last spring – however Michelle Carey has a great black and white striped derby dress now in stores $198.00!)

After eating lunch and speculating over what was to come that afternoon at our local coffee shop Bivy , I took out my Ryan Gosling Notebook and we each jotted down three things we were committed to out of this meeting.

My commitments for the meeting were: Abundance, Excitement and Transformation, LJ was committed to Awesomeness, Freedom and Fun. With a list like this, we couldn’t go wrong!

We felt better already, so we jumped in the Fresh Mobile and headed across town to the RTR offices. We were ready for this! Whatever comes our way, we know that what we’re committed to is showing all women how they can have it all! We are committed to transforming lives through fashion – and having everyone feel as beautiful as they are inside and out. We knew that an inside look into how we do business could inspire many women to pursue their dreams – because we know anything is possible! All we needed was assistance from RTR media to take that possibility to the world!

As we climbed the stairs to the RTR offices, we were giggling with nerves – but they disappeared as we were greeted by Paul and Dena who instantly made us feel at home. We were escorted to a small meeting room with a table, four chairs and a camera. A CAMERA. WE WERE IN HEAVEN!

Dena and Paul asked us questions about ourselves, our lives and our business. It was like a get-to-know-you session, only it was video taped for posterity. Both Dena and Paul made us feel so comfortable – it was like an awesome brainstorming session and less of a meeting or interview.

Paul is a super tall, cute Australian who does a great job hiding his accent, and doing a South African accent. We loved Dena right away with a flower in her hair and butterflies on her sweater. She’s our kind of girl. They were just as admiring of us as well, telling us how much fun they had in our get-together! We had a great time getting to know Dena and Paul, and visiting the RTR Media offices. We’re so excited about the opportunities available with RTR Media – maybe it could be winning a Canadian screen award like the one LJ had fun posing with (see below)!

We’ll keep you posted as things develop! In the meantime, if we were to do a show, what do you think we should talk about? What would you like to know about Fresh Collective, our stores, our head office or our designers?

Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll VINE episodes of it 🙂 How fun!

Here’s a vine of us prancing from lunch on Friday. #prancercise!


The Swagger Coach: Here Comes the… Bridesmaid?

swagger coach
Some people look at marriage as the beautiful and intimate uniting of two souls in an eternally blissful partnership. Some people look at it as a life-long sentence which is owed to the partner after a certain number of years of faithfulness and tolerance. The one thing most brides can agree on is that planning a wedding is one of the most anxiety-attack inducing events of a gal’s life. I’ve attended some pretty cool weddings, but I’ve also attended some odd ones. Weddings truly do speak volumes about a couple (or a person, if one’s taking a backseat ride) and they reveal oddly telling aspects of a personality. Does the bride give up control on her special day? Does the groom deliver a hilariously heart-string-yanking speech that leaves everyone giggling and in tears? Does the couple have their favourite child, their chocolate lab, bring the ring down the aisle? Do they have a mashed potato bar and a photo booth or a six-course seated dinner around four-foot-tall floral arrangements and a majestic ice sculpture?

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 - $204

The Varga Girl Dress from Annie50 – $204

 My wedding is almost two years away. With Fern and I having known each other for quite some time, and with neither of us in a hurry to hunker down and pop out a litter of puppies, we’re comfortable with planning and executing our wedding in a fun, leisurely manner. We’ve (I’ve) picked out colour swatches, sourced decor and linens, compiled a collection of 14 photos of confusingly similar dresses, ordered packaging for our favours (which will be a dry-ingredients-only mix of our signature dessert for the evening, by the way, and there may be gingham and twine involved). I’ve also learned that you can order custom-coloured M&Ms, and you can even have your faces printed on them. But that would be kind of scary, to know my friends were sitting on their couches, snacking on tiny, bite-sized versions of Fern and I.

What to Wear Wednesday – Summer Wedding

What to Wear Wednesday - Summer Wedding
(clockwise from top left: “Antonel” dress by Dinh Ba – $205 (both photos), Heart pendant by Sugar Rush, Earrings by Curious Oddites, Pendant by Curious Oddities, Earrings by Sugar Rush, “Varga Girl” dress by Annie 50 – $204, “Cherry” heel by Miz Mooz – $125, “Strawberry” pump by Miz Mooz – $140, “Waltz” heel by Miz Mooz – $130)
It’s the time of the season for loving… date nights, summer getaways and WEDDINGS. In fact, this very weekend is one of the busiest weekends for weddings in the city of Toronto!

Fresh Collective is spilling over with perfect dresses, shoes and accessories for any romance-filled summer occasion. Whether you’re knocking your partner off their feet on date night, dancing the night away at your best friend’s wedding OR bestowing a sweet thank-you gift on YOUR bridesmaids, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our Fresh Wedding Pinterest board for even more fun wedding ideas!

Fresh Collective Spring: Pinup Style

A couple of weeks ago we had some of our friends over to Fresh Collective HQ for a some photos and fun. The gals had a blast posing in some of our stunning spring arrivals!

Here are some of the stunning results (find more on the Fresh Collective Facebook page)!

ef 01Emilia Farrace of Simply Elaborate Creative Agency in a bold patterned dress from Michelle Carey (paired with Hush Puppies peep-toes and jewellery from Curious Oddities)


kb 01Our gorgeous web designer Kathryn looks super cute in this Michelle Carey party dress (paired with Hush Puppies)

ks 01Kat Shura, the brains (and beauty) behind jewellery line Curious Oddities let out her inner bombshell in this Brenda Beddome dress.

lj 01

Of course it wouldn’t be a pinup shoot without our fearless leader Laura-Jean, who struck a perfect pose in this Annie 50 dress (paired with shoes from Hush Puppies and jewellery from Curious Oddities).

All of these great spring looks are available at Fresh Collective NOW! Swing by and snag your perfect spring wardrobe !


It’s MARCH and that means I get to start singing this song in my head to convince myself that the icy blast of winter is losing its power and soon I’ll be strutting around in a sundress and sandals. The next thought that comes to mind? I NEED NEW DRESSES AND SANDALS…
Uh oh…
Conveniently enough, pretty spring dresses, cropped pants, and sparkling spring jewels are arriving at Fresh Collective in full force!
Here’s another peek at what’s new!


Any woman who appreciates comfort, quality, versatility, and flattering cuts in her wardrobe. BRENDA BEDDOME designs garments for all women who care about how they look and how they wear clothing. They are women who want comfort and style, and clothes that fit and flatter their figure – whether a size 4 or a size 16. BRENDA BEDDOME’s designs add versatility to any wardrobe, particularly through convertible pieces which offer customers new options for how a piece can be worn.

address spring 2 address spring 3

Find BENDA BEDDOME on: Facebook



Inspired by the Fifties, the collections emphasize femininity and a flair for cuteness.  Often snug, cozy, and displaying classic designs of the era, the clothes attract a young crowd with a passion for Rock and Roll as much as a more mature crowd looking for originality and femininity.

address spring 5

Find Annie 50 on: Facebook



Apa Design is a Toronto based jewellery company owned and operated by principle designer Andrea Apa. Her beautiful pieces are delicate and radiant, and she specializes in custom work clients and helping their ideas come to light.

apa01 apa02

Find Apa Design on: Facebook

(Andrea is hosting an event to celebrate the launch of her spring line THURSDAY NIGHT at Fresh Collective Roncesvalles! 7:30 pm! Click here for more details!)



Since 1998, Toronto-based designer Mark Foreman has worked to create a brand that is unique with its combination of classically-styled elements and fashion forward design.

Creating a name for himself with Bionic, he is well known for his wrap dresses and bold patterned fabrics, Mark has successfully captured the wants and needs of women seeking a flattering cut and style.

Teaming with Kelly A. Blair, a successful designer in her own right, together they reach for the next level with the creation of Address Apparel. Innovative styles along with vibrant colours, comfort and quality make Address a timeless staple for both office or play.

address spring 1

address spring 4

Find Address Apparel on: Facebook


Are you as excited as I am? What is your must-have spring item that you just can’t wait to get out and snag for the season?
Let us know in the comments below!

Happy New You January Sales Event!

jan03 happy new you home slider

Hello FC Fans! We’re very pleased to let you know that many of our great Boxing Week deals are carrying on until the end of the month! At these discounted prices it’s easy to create a new wardrobe for a new year!

Happy New You Sales Event - 20%off

Things Aren’t So Terrible

Desserts & Skirts

Studio Fresh

Yoga Jeans

Happy New You Sales Event - 40%off


Fresh Baked Goods

Annie 50

Brenda Beddome

Mandala Design

Who will you be in 2013? Whoever that may be, let Fresh Collective help dress you for success! Stop by one of our three stores OR shop online right now to take advantage of these (and many other) savings!

Starting a business in style – with FC Ambassador Shannon Lee Simmons!

Our FC Ambassador Shannon Lee Simmons is a force! She’s sassy, smart, and stylish! Her web series Money Awesomeness (through CoralTV) is a great source of financial tips and tricks!

She’s currently in the midst of a 4 part series dedicated to starting a business and wearing tons of Fresh Collective goodies along the way! Check out parts 1 and 2 here (we’ll be sure to post other parts as they go live)!

Part 1:

Top: Desserts & Skirts :: Necklace: Sugar Rush

Part 2:

Dress: Annie 50

Doesn’t Shannon look stunning? We’re proud to have her as an FC Ambassador!

Percussionist Michelle Hwu falls for Fresh Collective!

One of our darling FC Ambassadors, Liz Parker recently took percussionist Michelle Hwu on a Shop & Walk tour and made a stop at Fresh Collective! Michelle had a great time trying on some of our great new fall finds (and somehow managed to look stunning in everything)!

Here are some great FC items on the lovely Michelle:

Michelle Hwu in Brenda Beddome

Dress by Brenda Beddome


Michelle Hwu in Fresh Baked Goods

Cardigan by Fresh Baked Goods


Michelle Hwu in Annie 50

Dress by Annie 50


Michelle Hwu in Michelle Carey

Dress by Michelle Carey

Michelle Hwu in Michelle Carey
Fabulous photos courtesy of Jeff Higgins Photography

Michelle, we hope you love the new additions to your wardrobe and we’re proud to have you rockin’ FC in the music world!
Contact an FC location near you to check availability on these gorgeous items!