Style Profile: Hollie Hoadley

Name: Hollie Hoadley
Occupation: President, Lead Strategist of Creative Solutions Consulting (Entrepreneur and Professional Problem Solver)
Age: Younger than Betty White and older than Justin Beiber. Just started seeing wrinkles but no grey hair.

hollie 2

Dress: Heidi -Mandala Design, $ 168; Necklace: Liberty & Love $ 32; Shoes: Amsterdam – The Art Company, $ 230


Lifestyle: Self-proclaimed hustler. Perfectionist. Networker. Blonde joke advocate. Loves bacon. Super sporty athlete but wants to eat tacos too.

What’s a typical day like for you? 8am alarm goes off. I hit snoozes every 9 mins while checking Twitter and Instagram in bed until just after 9am. 9:05am get pumped for the day ahead. Eat breakfast in front of computer while checking emails, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Work on the computer until I realize that food should probably happen…and soon. Shove food in. Repeat until supper. All of a sudden it is 12am and I should probably stop working now. I write a list of tasks for tomorrow right before a shower. And finally bedtime….but not before checking Instagram just one more time. And sometimes I even throw in meetings throughout the day, in which case I shower and get all dolled up.

 What in your life is really important to you? Family. It is the most important thing someone can have. Even if they aren’t biological, you adopt people into your life and they become your family. I am not sure what I would do without these jerks. Love you all.


Cardigan: Cardamine Cardigan – Jennifer Fukushima, $ 169; Top: Charlie Slouch Tee – Mandala Design, $ 58; Pants: Diamond Cropped Pant – Brenda Beddome $139; Bracelet: Leather Bracelet – BurfurtART, $58; Necklace: BurfurtART, $ 34; Purse: Moxy – Matt & Nat, regular price $96, now 20% off at 76.80

 What would you like to be remembered for? I used to think I wanted to be remembered for my butt. I realized that those things aren’t the most important things anymore. Now I want to be remembered for my laugh, my smile and how I make people feel when we interact. I hope to inspire people and leave my mark in some moment in their life. And hey…..if they remember my butt, then……bonus!

What role does fashion play in your life? I have gone through MANY style changes over the years. From tomboy to miniskirts and all the way to business suits. I never really knew my style. I knew what looked good on me and what colors brought out my baby blues but not a defined style. It has taken me a long time but I think I know who I am now. I don’t follow trends. I don’t spend thousands on brand name purses but I choose items that will stand the test of time. Fashionable items that are a bit different that are exactly me!

 What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love that they support local. They are in great locations and the staff are sooooo helpful! Great selection of quality clothes and accessories. And for doing things like this!


Dress: Patti Shirtdress- Mandala Design, $178; Bracelet: Leather Bracelet, BurfurtART, $58; Necklace: BurfurtART, $34; Shoes: April – Miz Mooz, $125

What do you have that you want to promote?  As an entrepreneur, I find it hard to have real connections with other business people. All of the networking events seem the same. Financial advisors, Multi Level Marketing reps, people only attending to get business or free food and drinks. They never attend to connect; to make actual, real connections. A colleague and I decided to start a Meetup group for those reasons. It’s called ‘Women Behind the Business”. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to replace your current board of directors (children, pets, family members) with people who are walking in your shoes, if you want to learn from the collective experiences and knowledge of this group, and show genuine support and respect for bold women like yourself, then this group is for you. Similar to a Mastermind group, we will be bringing people together with different experiences and ideas to collaborate, brainstorm, and provide support to help the participants overcome obstacles. For business owners Masterminding can help you model other successful entrepreneurs, make you accountable for achieving your goals, and provide you with your own personal experienced advisory group. Our meetups will be informational and focused yet lighthearted and fun.   First Meetup – April 21st

Is there anything else we should know about you? I genuinely love being an entrepreneur and helping other entrepreneurs. I love going for coffee and brainstorming business ideas. I love seeing those ideas come to fruition. And wait….did I mention I love bacon?

 Where can people find you on social media? EVERYWHERE!!!