Style Profile – Tammy Gunn

I met Tammy for the first time at a course I was taking, and immediately fell in love with her energy and zest for life.  She is amazing, inspiring and fun to be around.  I figured she’d be a perfect model for Fresh Collective, as her whole way of being embodies what Fresh Collective is all about, and as you can see from the pictures, she did an amazing job!  – Laura-Jean Bernhardson, Founder and CEO of Fresh Collective

Name: Tammy Gunn
Occupation: Owner/Instructor Fitness Company – Live Out Loud Movement
Age: 37
Lifestyle:  Healthy/Adventure

scaled_image (11)

Dress: Julie dress – Bionic, $99 (leopard)
Shoes: Ellie shoes – Miz Mooz, $ 155

Style Coach notes: Tammy LOVED this sassy little leopard number that fits and flatters in all the right places.  A perfect dress for date night, this also works for those occasions that she needs a business casual look.  With a tank or camisole under to tone down the low neck, and a cardigan or fitted blazer over, this look is perfect for teaching or an office environment.

What’s a typical day like for you? I fitness dance for about 5 hours a day!

What in your life is really important to you? Family/Fitness/Friends

 What would you like to be remembered for? Making a difference for others




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What role does fashion play in your life? Gotta be funky and fun ‘cuz that is who I am!

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?  Since being in the fitness industry for quite some time and aging along the way, I lost touch with what my “out of fitness clothes look” looked like.  I have been uncomfortable in putting on anything other than fitness gear.  What I love about shopping at Fresh Collective is the experience of the people working there along with the clothes.  Feeling comfortable enough to share with them how I have been feeling and to let them in on my personality had them support me in picking things out I never would have tried on but once I was wearing them….I never wanted to take them off! The clothes are comfortable, fashionable and the staff just make easy to have fun and find your groove and style. They listen.  Makes me want to dress up more often knowing there is awesome clothes out there for me!

scaled_image (10)

Dress: Venice dress – Studio Fresh, $169
Shoes: Ellie shoes – Miz Mooz, $155

Style coach notes: Many women don’t wear dresses and get stuck in a jeans and tee shirt rut because their lifestyle is casual, but a dress like this is even more comfortable and actually takes less effort to get ready for the day!  With a dress there is only one decision to make!

What do you have that you want to promote?   I am all about empowering women to have fun and have a great workout. Everyone should be able to feel great and have fun doing it.  That’s what my Zumba and Laughter Yoga classes are all about: empowering women to love every minute of their lives!   I want to promote my company and my classes: WWW.LIVEOUTLOUDMOVEMENT.COM.

scaled_image (7)

Dress: Drape 14 dress – Studio Fresh $179
Shoes: Ellie shoes – Miz Mooz, $ 155

Style Coach notes:  Aside from her fitness career, Tammy is a part-time Course Supervisor in a personal and professional training and development company.  She needs business casual clothes that still suit her personality for that role, and we had a lot of fun finding dresses that were comfortable, stylish, polished and professional, but still very “Tammy”!

 Is there anything else we should know about you?  I am super happy to be a part of this!  I also work in schools as well as empowering young women to love fitness!

scaled_image (8)

Top: Long sleeve batwing Tee – Yasmine Louis, $ 55
Jeans: High Rise Ankle Jeans, Yoga Jeans by Second Denim, $ 115
Necklace: Myka Jewellery, $199
Bracelet: Myka Jewellery, $ 189

Style coach notes: Tammy’s lifestyle is very casual, yet these orange jeans and fashionable tee-shirt, as well as the great shoes and jewellery elevate a casual and comfortable outfit to one that stands out and is stylish too.



Style Profile – Rebecca Eckler

Name: Rebecca Eckler
Occupation: Author/journalist/blogger
Age: I’m 20 + 10 + 5 + 2 + 3. You do the math!
Lifestyle: As laid back as I can be in constant mayhem!


Dress: Patsy Cline – Annie 50 $184
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $65
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in rose – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes: Rebecca wanted a fun and bold look for her book launch. This dress with the fun and vibrant floral pattern was just the number to have her looking and feeling great. This dress suits her style and her petite frame, and she loved it so much, she bought it plus the shoes after our photo shoot!

What’s a typical day like for you?

Today, I got up at 7 a.m., woke up my daughter Rowan, age 10, to get her out of bed and get ready for school. Brought Holt, my son, 22 months, downstairs. Raced for personal training from 7:30 to 8 a.m. Went back home. Drove daughter to school. Head back to home office (trying to ignore the dozen 2 year-olds over because it’s my turn to host play group.) Spend about an hour procrastinating on Facebook. I pitched a couple of stories. They were accepted, which means I have to write them. Worked on story for Canadian Parents and also researching next book. Rush to pick up daughter at school and then usually she has a dance class or play practice (so I sit in my car and write!) Now, with The Mommy Mob about to launch, it’s a bit busier, doing press, and getting the word out there. Some days are busier than others. When I finally get home, it’s about reading to Holt before he goes to bed, and making sure my daughter gets her homework done (My life sounds so fun doesn’t it?). Then House of Cards! (And sometimes I get my Mommy On and party! SHH!)

What in your life is really important to you?

My children. My friends. Art. Music. Books. Reading. Fashion. My fiancé, Jordan. Jared Leto (who is not my fiancé.) Cheesecake. Beaches and sun!

1397674256426 (1)

Dress: Annette Dress – Studio Fresh $179
Boots and jewellery – Rebecca’s own

Style Coach Notes: This dress suits Rebecca’s boho style and we styled it with the slouchy boots Rebecca wore on the day of the shoot and her own jewellery. This dress is a perfect casual-yet-arty dress for a busy, cool mom-on-the-go like Rebecca. It’s got just enough shaping in the bodice to give it a flattering silhouette.  Although it suits Rebecca’s slender frame perfectly, it is just as lovely on larger ladies.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Now, that’s a tough one! Probably being a good mother. But I can tell you all the things I DON’T want to be remembered for!

But I think helping other women, who have read my books or blogs, to know that they are not alone, especially when it comes to Post Partum Depression or the right to have the option of what FEMALES want to do with their bodies, when it comes to birth. I would also liked to be remembered for my cooking. Which will never happen. Oh well.


Dress: Amy Dress in navy dots – Michelle Carey $198
Necklace: Ch-Ch-Chains belt (worn as a necklace) – BurfurtART $85
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $65
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in rose – Hush Puppies $100

Style Coach Notes: This fun and flirty dotted dress needed just a bit of edge to suit Rebecca’s style, so we went heavy metal with the chain necklace and bracelet. The shape accentuates an hourglass silhouette, and is a perfect dress for networking, a book launch or press interviews – or maybe, a well-deserved date night with her guy.


What role does fashion play in your life?

I love fashion. I love the Boho Chic look. My fiancé will tell you he likes me in a “slutty” look, so I always have to say, “You need to see it on me, not just on the hanger!” And then he always loves my fashion choices, which are NOT “slutty.” I like to be a little unique with fashion. I’m not into shopping at huge department stores.

I love boutiques, where you know you’re not going to be wearing the same thing as others! Fashion, like writing, is creative. So I always add something creative to my outfit, be it a funky bracelet, or necklace. I think Jennifer Aniston is my role model. She looks great in motorcycle boots and jeans, and she looks amazing on the red carpet. Also, I still have clothes that I’ve kept that are at least ten years old. I think that saying, “If you don’t wear it for a year, toss it!” is BS. Guess what? Fashion comes around again! (Even if it’s ten years later!) And now I’m noticing that my daughter has a better wardrobe than me! It was a sad parenting moment.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?

Well, I didn’t walk out of the store empty handed as you know! I think that says it all! That morning I stopped by [for the photo shoot] I was not planning to walk out with a new pair of pants, dress, and shoes! I just loved them so much that I couldn’t NOT buy them! I also love that the staff will help you put together an outfit if you’re not 100% sure about it. They’re not going to let you leave looking like crap! And I love that many of the pieces are really one-of-a-kind. It’s so awful of me, but I feel that Fresh Collective is somewhat of a secret find in Toronto. I kind of don’t want everyone to know about it! Kidding.


Dress: Alissa dress in pink and grey dots – Bionic $119
Bracelet: Ch-Ch-Chains – BurfurtART $45
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in black – Hush Puppies $100

 Style Coach Notes: This stunning dress is another winner for Rebecca. The print is fun and the cut is sophisticated with the body conscious shaping. The gathering at the hip creates subtle style and shaping to accentuate a waistline and flatter most figures. This is another fabulous, versatile style for Rebecca’s busy life and crazy schedule!


What do you have that you want to promote?

My ninth book, The Mommy Mob, is coming out at the end of the month! It’s a book for anyone who is a mother, plans to be one, or wonder what is it’s like to be a mother in the year 2014. Mothers have become so judgmental to each other, it is out of control. In The Mommy Mob, readers will get to see the hate mail and comments I receive, while I try to figure out when mothers became so vicious to one another. I’m really a very loyal, girl’s girl, so I can’t comprehend how vicious and outrageous and insane some mothers are when they disagree with some aspect of parenting. You can buy it here: order The Mommy Mob.

You WILL laugh so hard you might cry. The Mommy Mob shows what *some* mothers can be like. It’s like the scariest playground in the world, when it comes to mommy bloggers, which my book focuses on. You’ll read it and think, “Wow! And I thought I had a bad day. Look what Eckler has to go through!”

Is there anything else we should know about you? I want a puppy, just so I can name him/her “Raisin.” But I don’t think it’s going to happen. And I’m not very good at parking. At all.



Style Profile – Patty K

Patty is one of the most fabulous people in my life. We chat about makeup and men and then head out for trivia nights. Brainy and beautiful would be a limiting description of this woman. Patty captures her spunky energy in every way she styles herself; from fabulous nail art to creative accessories that all work for her lifestyle. Each outfit we chose accentuates Patty’s figure that she’s ready to show off after dropping over 100 pounds since 2012.

We’ve become great friends in short amount of time through our love of fashion. We stopped in at our local Kensington cafe – The Grind House – for a fun morning photo shoot. And to cheers to our friendship over our other love, coffee!  <3 Terri-Leigh

Name: Patty Kamarinos
Occupation: Makeup Artist + Esthetician + Beauty Blogger
Age: 30-something but who’s counting?
Lifestyle: one part Girl about town, two parts social butterfly with a sprinkle of introversion to recharge.


Dress: A-Line dress in red – Atelier B $175.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $26.00
Belt: Kimono belt in brown – Susana Erazo $160.00
Shoes: Lonna T in Black – Hush Puppies $100.00 


The A-line cut of this dress was perfect for Patty’s hourglass shape. I wanted to accent her curves without over emphasizing. The rule of thirds really helped in creating this – keeping the portions suitable to her height and figure. The belt also created a more defined waist and becomes a great accent piece.



What’s a typical day like for you?
Beautifying urban goddesses & satiating my adventurous curiosities with the help of copious amounts of caffeine.

What in your life is really important to you?
Being surrounded by amazing people whether it be family, friends, colleagues or clients. There’s a special place in my heart for my nephew, Niko, though. That kid is my sunshine.

What would you like to be remembered for?
Inspiring and allowing people to see the natural beauty they possess.


Dress: Calamity Jane dress in Black – Annie 50 $179.00
Bracelet: Rock Candy – BurfurtART $45.00


Patty is a bit of a rock star but still professional. The clean lines and knee length hem of the dress keep this outfit age appropriate without limiting her personality. Again, an accentuated waist helps to maintain proportions without distracting from her silhouette.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Fashion is the root of my inspiration as a makeup artist. The colours, the textures, the lines; it not only ignites inspiration for makeup ideas but invites a freedom of expression of how I want to present myself to the world.

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
I love that it is Toronto-centric and supports local designers.

What do you have that you want to promote?
I have been running my beauty blog, Inside The Makeup Case  for a few years now. It’s a great outlet for me to share looks, tips and my professional expertise with my audience and is the catalyst for allowing me to constantly research what new products, trends and techniques are out there.


Dress: Kladis wrap dress in Leopard -Bionic $119.00
Necklace: Rock Candy w Extender – BurfurtART $57.00
Shoes: Patty’s own


The sleeve length on this wrap dress was a happy discovery for us as we picked out necklines that Patty could move in. This dress can carry her from work with an added cropped jacket or cardigan (perfect for her waist height) and then removed for a night out. The leopard print shows off her energy without being too bold for her shape.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
Since making a huge lifestyle change that allowed me to lose 130 lbs last year, I also have a tumblr that focuses on clean recipes that are delicious and nutritious; a way for me to keep an online recipe box of sorts.

IG: whiplashes
Twitter: @whiplashes

Style Profile – Amanda Lee Caskie

In this style profile we feature Amanda Lee Caskie. I reached out to her to do a profile with us because she’s a local entrepreneur with a flair for fashion. Amanda, or Jubilee as I like to call her, plays roller derby with me and she’s one of my closest friends. I have had the pleasure of having her do my hair several times, and she’s always wowed me with her amazing techniques. If you’re looking for the best hair you’ve ever had, I suggest you see Amanda at The Joint Hair Salon!
– Jenna

Name: Amanda Lee Caskie
Occupation: Co Owner/ Stylist at The Joint Hair Salon
Age: 36
Lifestyle: Busy


Dress: Kladis leopard – Bionic by Mark Foreman $119.00
Shoes: Lonna T-bar in Black – Hush Puppies $100.00
Earrings: Curious Oddities $22.00
Necklace: Curious Oddities $30.00 



Amanda isn’t used to unleashing her inner pin up girl, yet she did it so well in this sassy leopard number! We went for neutral colours for all of her outfits so her pink hair would be the colour accent. This leopard dress with the curved bottom, curved sleeves, low neckline and fitted waist shows off Amanda’s lovely shape kept fit from all her roller derby.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I wake up, check my roller derby email (I am part of Toronto Roller Derby and have been involved with it for 8 years. I play on our all star team CN Power). It’s my second, unpaid job!! I am my league’s liaison with the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) and I also hold 3 jobs with them. Sheesh right? I then get ready for my real job and head to The Joint Hair Salon and do hair! I am there 5 days a week. Two days a week I add on an additional 3 hours and head up to Downsview for roller derby practice and at least once a week I do some strength training with my coach Ron at Then I head home and crash!

What in your life is really important to you?
My mom, my business, my family (blood, work and derby), roller derby, strength training, personal downtime and taking care of myself both physically and mentally.

What would you like to be remembered for?
My work, my business, my loyalty in friendship and life in general. My mark in the roller derby world.


Dress: Linen Shirt Dress – Atelier B $164.00
Belt: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chains Belt – BurfurtArt (also converts to necklace) $85.00
Tights and Boots: Amanda’s own 

The linen shirt dress is a minimal blank canvas, so we made it more “Amanda” by adding the chain belt. We styled the outfit with her own motorcycle boots. Again, a trim shape that shows off her waist works for Amanda, and the A-line skirt creates even more of an hourglass shape.

What role does fashion play in your life?
I have always enjoyed having my own sense of fashion. I’ve never had a ton of money to spend on clothes so I have become very good at mixing and matching! Being in the fashion industry with all things hair, I am always on the up and up with current hair and fashion trends. I like to represent as much as possible and inspire others.

What do you love about Fresh Collective?
FC really inspired me to bring out my inner “girly”. Wearing these dresses really brought something out in me. I’ve worked hard to get fit and the clothing at FC flattered me in a way I hadn’t really ever seen. I also love that FC carries local designer brands. Being a small business owner in the city, I love to support my fellow local artisans.

What do you have that you want to promote?
I would like to promote my business. The Joint Hair Salon. It’s an amalgamation of my old salon, The Third Floor Hair Boutique, and Pop Hair Design. We opened up in July and are going strong! Come by for all your hair and makeup needs!

Also my roller derby team CN Power and league Toronto Roller Derby. It takes up a lot of my time and has for years. I am passionate about the sport and am thankful to have been able to be part of it and it’s growth all of these years.


Dress: Frill Dress – Desserts and Skirts $165.00
Bracelet: Rock Candy – BurfurtArt (can be worn as a necklace with an extender piece) $45.00
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar in Rose – Hush Puppies $100.00 


This dress is very girly compared to much of what Amanda wears, and it works fabulously as a contrast to her more “rock ‘n’ roll” looks. With the frills and the very sweet girly shape, plus the demure longer skirt, this is an eye-catching look for Amanda that’s fun, flirty and sexy in a very subtle way. The tailoring – the waist darts and band that are a bit retro and very shapely – on this dress is perfect for Amanda’s figure.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I am originally from North Bay Ontario and love to go home as much as possible to visit my mom and breath the fresh northern air! I love being outdoors and am most happy if I’m near a beach.
I’ve played in bands most of my life and realized in the last 5 or more years that I love playing the drums! They are currently piled up in my living room as my busy lifestyle doesn’t allow any room for music at the moment but I am not finished with that part of my life yet!!
Also, I am travelling to the UK, for the first time ever with CN Power next week to participate in a tournament in London. I haven’t travelled a ton in my lifetime and this will be my first time overseas! Eeep!! Wish us luck!!



Style Profile – Jenna Cloughley

In our eighth style profile series, we feature Jenna Cloughley, the Marketing Director and Product Partner Coordinator at Fresh Collective. Read on as she shares about her life, her thoughts on fashion, and what she does after hours.

“Jenna Cloughley is our Marketing Director and Product Partner Coordinator and what that means is she creates a lot of magic around Fresh Collective!  She finds new designers to partner with us, creates exciting events and marketing campaigns and curates the initial collections that enter our stores.  Jenna is a fearless leader, thinks big and a she’s a lot of fun to boot!  I’m thrilled that she has been on our team for more than a year now, and know we have many happy years ahead creating and shaping this company with Jenna as part of our team.”

– xo LJ


Name: Jenna Cloughley
Occupation: Marketing and Product at Fresh Collective
Age: 33
Lifestyle: hard working roller girl seeks to make good in the world.



Dress: Shirt dress – Atelier B. $164.00
Brooch: Curious Oddities $24.00
Belt: Kimono Belt – Susanna Erazo $160.00
Shoes: Athena in cherry red by Miz Mooz $145.00


What’s a typical day like for you? None of my days are typical. If I’m not meeting with new designers, I’m organizing media opportunities or special partnerships for Fresh Collective, following up on emails and reviewing our social media conversations. I’m at fashion shows, networking events, or budget meetings. In the evenings, my schedule has some continuity. Sunday/Monday/Tuesday nights I can be found on my roller skates at the Bunker (home of Toronto Roller Derby) teaching our fresh meat or skating with CN Power, the Toronto All Star Team. Thursdays is a catch up on work night, and Friday/Saturday is date night with my hunky boyfriend.


What in your life is really important to you? My babe-a-licious boyfriend, my friends, my family and my teammates – at FC and in roller derby.



Shirt: Marilyn denim blouse – Monkova. $198.00
Necklace: Locket – Curious Oddities. $42.00
Dress: Marjorie – Melow. $184.00
Shoes: Athena in Black – Miz Mooz. $145.00


What would you like to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered for making a difference, and for being a stand for women around the world to find their power, create lives they love and become who they want to be!


What role does fashion play in your life? Fashion is my life! I spend my mornings on the TTC secretly looking at what women are wearing. Are they a FC customer? Do I think they would like the line I just looked at yesterday? Right now, I’m analyzing women’s winter boots. I find women in Toronto wear either a fashion boot (a stylish boot) or, they have on real, hard core winter boots with fluff out the top, like NO sign of winter is going to get into those boots. LOL. Looking at what they’re wearing and how they’re wearing it helps me to get clear about what kind of product we should be carrying at Fresh Collective.



Necklace: Soutache Necklace – Victoria Sorkin. $80.00
Shirt: Monique Wrap Top – Bionic.  $59.00
Skirt: Rue Vine Skirt – Mandala Design. $78.00
Shoes: Lonna T-Bar – Hush Puppies. $100.00


What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective? I love our designers. I LOVE our designers. They are so creative and make beautiful pieces for women who live busy lives. They make quality pieces that build wardrobes. I am so lucky to be surrounded by all of this talent and have the wondrous fortune that these creative people trust me to help them reach the next level. I am inspired and honoured by this trust!


What do you have that you want to promote? I want to promote that we at Fresh Collective are always on the lookout for new, hot Canadian designers. If you are a Canadian designer and would like to have your line carried at Fresh Collective, please go to this link and complete our designer application. And of course I want to promote my love for Toronto Roller Derby. My team, CN Power will be playing March 22/23 in a huge tournament hosted right here in Toronto. You can find all the details about our games and get tickets at


Is there anything else we should know about you? I have a mean knock out and draw back (come see roller derby if you want to know what that means!).



Style Profile – Jane

Our Style Profile series is where we feature some of our fabulous outfits in real life, on real women. In the fourth edition of our style profile series, our Regional Manager Jane, shows us what she’s up to on and off hours with Fresh Collective!

Style Profile

Name: Jane Haselgrove
Occupation: Regional Manager at Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne (you can order from her directly too! using the code 116072618)
Age: 28
Lifestyle: always on the go!
Jane Haselgrove - Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

Jane Haselgrove – Regional Manager for Fresh Collective and Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

What’s a typical day like for you?
A typical day looks like working at Fresh Collective all day from 11-7pm.  From there I either go out and work on my other business hosting parties, going to meetings or meeting with people for a drink. Three nights a week I also go Bouldering after work. It’s kind of like rock climbing but there are no ropes!
What in your life is really important to you?
Balance is very important to  me. I love to be busy doing things I love but I also don’t like to be controlled by my schedule. Scheduling my life so that it works for me is very important to staying positive and happy even when things don’t work out the way I planned.
Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties now $82.20

Wrap top: Melow. Skirt: Bionic (aka Address Apparel) (Both past seasons), Tights: Bootights $48, Shoes: Lonna Shooties by Hush Puppies now $82.20

What would you like to be remembered for?
Revolutionizing the indie fashion world!  I LOVE what I do at Fresh Collective. If I am remembered for being part of an institution that has made thriving careers for designers and stylists in Toronto and perhaps, world wide, my life would be well spent.
What role does fashion play in your life?
In the last two years I have really  embraced that I am a Fashion Professional. Style and fashion is my career and I love that I get to embrace self-expression through fashion every day. In other words, it plays a VITAL role in my daily life and my identity.
Calamity Jane Annie 50, $ 179; Ch-Ch-Chains necklace, Burfurtart, $45

Dress: Calamity Jane by Annie 50 $179.00; Necklace: Ch-Ch-Chains by Burfurtart $45.00

What do you love about shopping at Fresh Collective?
Many years ago I used  to be a designer myself. I get what it takes to do what our designers do. I love shopping at Fresh Collective because I get great, unique clothing (I love compliments on my outfits) and I love to support the careers of local designers.
What do you have that you want to promote? 
I would love to share that I am an all around Fashion and Style Professional. I can help you with your personal image from clothing to makeup because I also have another business I do on the side called Arbonne.
Is there anything else we should know about you?
I am under 5 ft tall; I am a boulderer; I am eloping this summer somewhere in Europe; I have worked at Fresh Collective for three years.
Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

Dress: Resort Dress by Diane Kroe $250.00. Necklace: (worn as a bracelet) Curious Oddities $45.00.

What to Wear Wednesday – Terrific in Teal

What to Wear Wednesday - Terrific in Teal

What to Wear Wednesday – Terrific in Teal by freshcollective

There are so many great spring dresses coming through the Fresh Collective doors these days, but with the winter chill still in the air it’s hard to wait… FEAR NOT! You don’t have to! Pair a great new dress with some warm tights and your favourite cardigan and you can start spring early!

Dress: Address Apparel (formally Bionic), Shoes: Hush Puppies, Earrings: Curious Oddities


It’s MARCH and that means I get to start singing this song in my head to convince myself that the icy blast of winter is losing its power and soon I’ll be strutting around in a sundress and sandals. The next thought that comes to mind? I NEED NEW DRESSES AND SANDALS…
Uh oh…
Conveniently enough, pretty spring dresses, cropped pants, and sparkling spring jewels are arriving at Fresh Collective in full force!
Here’s another peek at what’s new!


Any woman who appreciates comfort, quality, versatility, and flattering cuts in her wardrobe. BRENDA BEDDOME designs garments for all women who care about how they look and how they wear clothing. They are women who want comfort and style, and clothes that fit and flatter their figure – whether a size 4 or a size 16. BRENDA BEDDOME’s designs add versatility to any wardrobe, particularly through convertible pieces which offer customers new options for how a piece can be worn.

address spring 2 address spring 3

Find BENDA BEDDOME on: Facebook



Inspired by the Fifties, the collections emphasize femininity and a flair for cuteness.  Often snug, cozy, and displaying classic designs of the era, the clothes attract a young crowd with a passion for Rock and Roll as much as a more mature crowd looking for originality and femininity.

address spring 5

Find Annie 50 on: Facebook



Apa Design is a Toronto based jewellery company owned and operated by principle designer Andrea Apa. Her beautiful pieces are delicate and radiant, and she specializes in custom work clients and helping their ideas come to light.

apa01 apa02

Find Apa Design on: Facebook

(Andrea is hosting an event to celebrate the launch of her spring line THURSDAY NIGHT at Fresh Collective Roncesvalles! 7:30 pm! Click here for more details!)



Since 1998, Toronto-based designer Mark Foreman has worked to create a brand that is unique with its combination of classically-styled elements and fashion forward design.

Creating a name for himself with Bionic, he is well known for his wrap dresses and bold patterned fabrics, Mark has successfully captured the wants and needs of women seeking a flattering cut and style.

Teaming with Kelly A. Blair, a successful designer in her own right, together they reach for the next level with the creation of Address Apparel. Innovative styles along with vibrant colours, comfort and quality make Address a timeless staple for both office or play.

address spring 1

address spring 4

Find Address Apparel on: Facebook


Are you as excited as I am? What is your must-have spring item that you just can’t wait to get out and snag for the season?
Let us know in the comments below!

The Swagger Coach: CLOTHING: A Love Story

swagger coach

As many of you know, Fresh Collective is currently offering our HAPPY NEW YOU sale, which is allowing us to offer some of our best selling brands at ridiculously low prices. It got us thinking about the concept of creating a “new you” and how to go about presenting yourself in the best possible light. I’ve been thinking about really taking control over our image and how it reflects upon us.

Me, Fern and my best pals Rob and Corey at the WORN Fashion Journal's Black Cat Ball. Retro dresses and pin-up couture will NEVER go out of style!

Me, Fern and my best pals Rob and Corey at the WORN Fashion Journal’s Black Cat Ball. Retro dresses and pin-up couture will NEVER go out of style!

There are three types of clothing. Well, there’s a lot more than three actual kinds of clothing, but for all intents and purposes, for this argument, there are three kinds of clothing.

1) The kind of clothing which you love because they’re COMFORTABLE
2) The kind of clothing which you love because they make you LOOK GREAT
3) The kind of clothing which you DON’T love but they likely take up the majority of your closet. These are likely a size too big/small, a strange colour, or just not the right cut for you, but they’ve made their way into your closet due to hasty shopping decisions or a lack of purging.

Go to your closet and fill up a big bag with everything that falls under the third type. These items are the frienemies of your closet. They lurk in the shadows and may be regularly called upon, but they sabotage a good outfit and leave you feeling less than sensational about yourself. This bag should be donated to a worthy charity, organization, friend or family member who could really use them, and may have the perfect shape/colour for them. Toss in those shoes which are adorable but pinch/slide/squeeze. I promise, no matter how adorable they are, you’ll find something cuter, and with the right fit, before the snow melts.

I personally suggest reaching out within your community to see if there are any organizations which are in need of specific items or garments. Many shelters and women’s centers offer programs which provide women with job training, interview skills and even assist them in building a professional wardrobe for work. One shelter which I’ve donated to in the past expressed a need for plus size garments, while others are in need of petite-sized items for teens. Most desperately seek shoes, outerwear and new undergarments (those cute undies you’ve never taken the tags off and show through all your slinky work pants? Check).

 ...found these at a thrift shop. This means someone actually bought these at some point in time.

…found these at a thrift shop. This means someone actually bought these at some point in time.

Now, you’ve got two types of clothing left, and this likely amounts to about a third of your closet remaining.

“But Jamie, now I barely have any clothes left to wear! What do I do?”

You shop. You’d be shopping for new spring clothing anyways, but this time you should be shopping with purpose and seeking out items which truly contribute to your wardrobe, not just add volume to it. We’ve all heard that its not the quantity of an item that matters, but the quality, so ensure that your closet is curated with items specific to your body type, colouring, lifestyle and PERSONALITY. A customer came into my store here in Kensington Market and shared her shopping secrets with me, and I’ve got to say that I absolutely loved the way she communicated this. Her rules were simple: First, you MUST like what you’re trying on BETTER than what you came in wearing. If you’re not excited to wear the item, It’ll make its way to category #3, which is a no-no for your closet. You MUST be really drawn to the item, and you MUST take risks in trying on items you would not typically try on. You’ll often be surprised by what you like, and it will lead to a more exciting, playful range of outfits.

Secondly, You MUST have at least two coordinating pieces at home to create an outfit with. Basically, if the item you’re trying on right now is the ONLY thing you buy today, can you wear it tomorrow? Can you pair it with at least two other things currently sitting in your closet? If not, skip it. It’ll sit on a hanger for weeks until you find a matching skirt/pants/top/belt to wear it with. Basically, it’ll be a lovely piece of art for your room.

My friend Chantel and I modelling the Bionic Suki skirt at Fresh Collective Kensington Market. We LOVE the forgiving chevron pattern and the simple cut, not to mention the ultra-comfy stretch knit material!

My friend Chantel and I modelling the Bionic Suki skirt at Fresh Collective Kensington Market. We LOVE the forgiving chevron pattern and the simple cut, not to mention the ultra-comfy stretch knit material! (NOW ONLY $25 – SHOP ONLINE)

I’ve shopped using these two rules over the last couple of months, and have REALLY noticed a difference in how I shop, and am truly impressed with my own ability to say no to iffy items. I’ve saved a bundle! Not only that, but once I started purging my closet, and my only options were the pieces which made me feel and look amazing, I started getting compliments from total strangers! On a side note, keep the flattery coming. Its great.

The next step is to figure out how to make Type 1 and Type 2 one and the same. This means being unforgiving while selecting new items to be added to your wardrobe, and ensuring that each new addition is both comfortable AND flattering. Those too-big yoga pants are a great choice for a home-from-work-with-the-flu day, or for painting your living room. The “comfortable” but not “wearable” clothing should be kept to a minimum unless you work as a painter for a living. Comfortable clothing can be stylish, and stylish clothing can be extremely comfortable! Check out this shot of me in the Fresh Baked Goods jersey dresses and cardigan, which feel like nightclothes but look darling for springtime!

Check out my most recent Fresh Baked Goods buys! These are made from the comfiest bamboo jersey around, and feel like you're wearing yoga pants on your entire body. Look for styles that skim over your trouble spots and accentuate your best assets!

Check out my most recent Fresh Baked Goods buys! These are made from the comfiest bamboo jersey around, and feel like you’re wearing yoga pants on your entire body. Look for styles that skim over your trouble spots and accentuate your best assets!                           (SHOP FRESH BAKED GOODS ONLINE)

So, what do you look for when you start building your wardrobe? Look for pieces which play up your best assets (long legs, narrow waist, great posture) and gently disguise the areas which need a bit of extra TLC (ruching in the mid-section, using a belt to create or emphasize a waist, busy prints to create “visual confusion”). Look for items which have a bit of retro flair to them, which dates them less by skipping over the concept of ‘trendy”. Look for great shoes which are versatile, comfortable, but still fun and feminine. INVEST IN A GOOD HIGH-WAISTED BELT. Or two. Pick out something in a vibrant hue which brightens your complexion and boosts your mood. Try on anything which you think may be intriguing, even if you’re positive it’ll look ridiculous on. Buy a coloured bag, and wear it with shoes in a totally different shade. TAKE RISKS!

Banish the Little Black Dress! Stock up on interesting, figure-flattering pieces in fun prints and vivid colours!

Banish the Little Black Dress! Stock up on interesting, figure-flattering pieces in fun prints and vivid colours!

So, friends, I encourage you to sift through your closets and take a look at what your clothes say about you. Are they the clothes of a fashion-savvy lady who knows her body and brand well, or are they the garments of someone who doesn’t doesn’t really have much to say? Do they reflect a sassy, fun demeanor or do they remind you of items someone twenty years older than you would wear? Do they fit properly? Do they bring out the very best in you? Do they say “Hey world, I’m a fun, bold and fearless woman and YOU are my oyster!”? No? Then buh-bye. Off to their next life, where they can be cherished and loved the way you’ll love your new collection of specially-selected garments and accessories. Your body is a canvas, ladies! Create some artwork!

Need some help discovering your personal style? Want some pointers on how to play up your best features and get creative with fashion? Book a style consultation with our Swagger Coach by emailing  .

What to Wear Wednesday – Class & Comfort

What to Wear Wednesday - Class and Comfort

What to Wear Wednesday – Class and Comfort by freshcollective

Today’s WTWW outfit proves you can have it all. You can have a structured, professional, stylish look without feeling constrained, suffocated or uncomfortable. IT CAN BE DONE!

Today’s look:
Blazer by Brenda Beddome: I will admit, I might have a use for Blazers Anonymous. They are a must-have piece. Whether paired with slacks and a blouse for work or over jeans and a tank top with some sneakers they ALWAYS pull an oufit together. They create a waist, add structure and style and can go anywhere! (check it out in our online store)

Wrap Top by Bionic: I just bought this top yesterday in a floral pattern. It’s sleek and stylish but so comfortable in it’s soft jersey. We’ve got them in so many colours and the best part? They’ve just been marked down to $30! Snatch one up now! (online store)

Yoga Jeans: We love them – need we say more about them? I mean, jeans you can do yoga in? They have this wonderful memory stretch that just molds them to your figure perfectly without cutting you off and constricting you. Love at first pose?

Shoes by Hush Puppies: I just adore these little oxford-style shoes. They give a touch of vintage whimsy to any outfit and are at once comfortable and stylish, professional and fun! (online store)

Necklace by Blackjam: Objects of Designed Happenstance: The statement necklace is a staple piece. Get one. Get lots (like me)! This particular beauty is a one of a kind, hand beaded creation from designer Jennifer Morris.