Fresh DIY: Merlot and Gold Fall Manicure

I decided to experiment with my nails since nail art is through-the-roof on the trend scale right now. There are some awesome colours and trends for fall. Rich plums and burgundy, metallics and it seems, the crazier the nail art, the better!

I decided to try my hand at the classic french manicure, but with a fall twist! To do this I chose 2 of the seasons hottest colours, a metallic gold and a rich merlot.

Gold: Revlon Brilliant Strength Collection #110 – “Hypnotize”
Merlot: Revlon #570 – “Vixen”

STEP 1: Prep your nails with a thin, clear base coat to help keep the nail strong and to avoid staining your natural nail.

STEP 2: Paint one coat of gold. Allow that coat to dry for about 1 minute then add a second coat to amplify the gold colour. Allow to air until nails are dry to the touch (to avoid polish movement when you apply the tip colour).

STEP 3: CAREFULLY brush merlot colour from one side of tip to the other in a natural curve motion. Do not worry about getting colour on the finger – in fact, it’s easier if you do! Start at the very edge and work your way down until you get the shape you like. It’s much easier to add than remove so start small! Allow nails to become dry to the touch before the next steps!

STEP 4/5: Add a clear top coat to even out the polish surface and add shine. Then take a cotton swab, soak it in polish remover and remove the excess colour from fingers. I like to use 100% acetone because it requires less scrubbing and therefore less room for error, but BE CAREFUL not to touch the nail with it!

Merlot & Gold
 Dresses, Skirt and Cowl tee: Mandala Wrap Top: Melow Jeans: Yoga Jeans in Mustard & Merlot Boots: Miz Mooz Flats: Hush Puppies Jewellery: Odd Bird 

Beautiful Burgundy For Fall – FC Ambassador Guest Blog

Here’s another FC Ambassador Guest Blog by the lovely Nicole Wilson of

There’s always at least one trend each season that I fall head over heels for! In Spring/Summer 2012, it was the peplum that emptied my bank account and rocked my wardrobe. I also splurged on some embellished collars which took the accessories world by storm and they’re still going strong!

The Fall/Winter 2012 trend that has me in a fashion frenzy is hands down, the hottest colour of the season – BURGUNDY!

I absolutely adore this this colour and all variations of it: maroon, wine, berry, eggplant… OH AUBERGINE! It’s flattering to every skin tone, but I especially love the way it complements my fair skin and brings out the red in my hair!
This warm autumn colour first stole my heart on the fashion week runways, in light and dark variations and all kinds of textures: silk chiffon, tulle, lace, leather and even fur (faux for us, of course)! Swoon!

There’s no way I can afford couture (yet), but my wallet won’t be safe from this trend for long…burgundy is showing up EVERYWHERE! All of my favourite retailers are stocked up on burgundy for fall/winter, including Fresh Collective!

Fresh Collective Loves Burgundy

I recently purchased the Mandala Designs Serena Zig Zag Dress (far left); I love the burgundy paired with black and grey and the Missoni-like style!
All it takes is one trip to the mall and you’ll find burgundy jeans, dresses, blouses, handbags, shoes and more! Talk about temptation!

I love my burgundy skinny jeans this season and I have my eye on a pair of burgundy ankle booties too!

This stunning colour is compatible with a variety of other colours too – try it with gold, heather grey or cream for a neutral look or go bold and colour block with blue, purple or orange combinations! This trend also pairs well with some other fall trends:
Black & White is hot for fall/winter and burgundy is the ultimate complimentary colour for a classic and elegant look.
Geometric Prints stand out against this rich solid colour and give way to an exciting range of possibilities for edgy accessories too!
Animal Print in classic black and white Dalmatian or black and tan Leopard look great with burgundy, but you’ll also find sexy animal print jeans in burgundy – I recently saw a python print on a pair of burgundy skinnies and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since!
Leather is hot this season but full-on leather may not be for everyone. Never fear – there are some incredible leather accent pieces in-stores and stay on the look-out for coated/waxed denim. It’s comfortable and gives your basic skinny jeans a sexy leather look! I’ve seen them in burgundy and a variety of other jewel tones this season.
Go out and get some bargain burgundy for fall and splurge on a couple versatile and statement making burgundy accessories, like heels, handbags and jewellery.

The burgundy trend extends to beauty too! My must-have fall makeup includes a rich burgundy lip stick and lip gloss. These vampy deep red lips look amazing with clean, pale skin and minimal eye makeup for day or smoky brown/copper eye makeup for night. Picture these two runway looks combined…RAWR!

Some of my recent burgundy beauty buys include NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Rouge Tribal, MAC Crème Lipstick in Media and the Urban Decay Naked Palette to achieve that smoky brown eye.

Don’t delay ladies, get out there and shop the burgundy trend…it’s not going away anytime soon and items purchased for fall will transition beautifully to winter! Start your burgundy shopping spree at Fresh Collective at Queen West, Roncesvalles or Kensington Market!

Happy Shopping!