Ms. Haselgrove’s Picks and Tips – Colleen Poitras

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Colleen Poitras Jewellery is an exciting new line for us at Fresh Collective!

Her tagline is “Pretty. Rocker. Chic. Accessories.” and I think she’s nailed it!  What I like about her jewellery is that it is very simple, clean and well constructed. She also adds little details like singeing the edges of some of the leather feather earrings so they curl up. She offers a great selection of leather and chain accessories that are work appropriate and have some edge.

Currently, it’s only being carried at Queen Street.  As part of our process to be sure we’re carrying what our customers will love, whenever we start with a new designer, we test out different styles and pieces at Queen Street.  If you’re the kind of fashion fan who likes the “newest of the new” of Canadian design, be sure to visit our Queen Street store often! Because of our testing process, you’re sure to find more experimental pieces there before the best sellers start to hit our other locations.

Colleen poitras

Product info:
Silver Leather Feather Earrings $36
Chain Necklace with Oxblood Leather detail: $55
Leather Cuff: $60

Only a few weeks in with this new line and so far the customers are LOVING the leather pieces by Colleen Pointras.  Personally, I love a bit of an edgy look, so I love the leather clasps holding the chain necklaces and the leather cuffs.  I also love the unexpected texture and feel of the leather feather earrings.

Come on in and see the Colleen Poitras collection at Fresh Collective Queen today!

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